Man Sneaks Ring Into Pics Of Girlfriend For Months Before Proposing

We’ve all seen unique wedding proposals – people proposing at another couple’s wedding, on the jumbotron at a sports game and even midair while skydiving, yet in my humble opinion, Edi Okoro has them all beat.

While trying to decide how to propose to his girlfriend, Cally, he kept the ring in a box in his pocket. He carried around the ring for months waiting for the perfect moment. In the meantime, however, he decided to have some fun.

He began photographing his girlfriend in everyday situations with the ring appearing slightly out of her view. His experiment has naturally gone viral after he posted the pics on Facebook, but given how close he played it, it’s amazing that she was never the wiser.

"You want to propose in a way that speaks to you as a person and couple," Edi wrote in the Facebook post where he showed the pictures. "Some plan a flash mob, a fancy meal, or even arrange a marry me sign. I couldn't do this because 'Edi doesn't plan'... I'm a spontaneous improviser!"

I can finally put this out there 😂 ... So this was how I proposed to Cally, the other story! 😅 Those who have gone...

Posted by Edi Okoro on Monday, August 26, 2019

"After a month or so of waiting for the right moment," he added, "I was sitting on the sofa admiring 'my precious' (yes I became very attached to this ring by this point). Cally almost caught me staring at the ring, and it hit me! ... Cally doesn't know I have the ring!! I should just start documenting these moments!"

The result is both heartwarming and hilarious. Edi’s love for his girlfriend shines through in the pictures that also show his innate sense of humor. The ring went everywhere – shopping, on vacation, to dinner, yet Cally remained oblivious. Edi even left the ring alongside her other items of jewelry for two days, yet she never noticed it.

The couple originally met while competing in athletics together and they immediately hit it off. "We both competed at a very high level and traveled to competitions together... I knew she was the one after I realized our conversation didn't dry up and we bounced off each other."

Edi’s competitive nature is apparent in the photos since he appears to be challenging himself to bring the ring closer and closer to Cally’s line of sight without getting caught. As viewers, we have the feeling that she could turn around at any moment and the jig would be up. Also, given that we’ve seen so many mishaps with expensive engagement rings getting lost, it’s incredible that this ring survived for months in Edi’s pocket.

So we did end up getting engaged, and no I didn’t get caught 😉.....but how I did it is a story for another time 🤣 stay...

Posted by Edi Okoro on Saturday, August 31, 2019

The most unbelievable picture, without a doubt, is the one where Edi photographs his bride-to-be sleeping with the ring ever so gently resting in her hand. He admits that there were a few times he could have gotten caught, like the time Cally was looking through a pair of binoculars and he placed the ring directly above her field of vision, or the many times he bumped into her with the ring box in his pocket.

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Eventually, the game came to an end and Edi popped the question, though he won’t reveal how. "So we did end up getting engaged, and no I didn't get caught...but how I did it is a story for another time. We took this photo not long after she said YES," he wrote on Facebook.

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