Man Somehow Accidentally Steals A Car And Now Wants To Find Its Owner 21 Years Later

Man Somehow Accidentally Steals A Car And Now Wants To Find Its Owner 21 Years Later

After accidentally stealing a car 21 years ago, a Canadian man wants to find the owner to set the record straight.

Social media is both a terrible and wonderful thing. On the one hand, nobody has any privacy and any embarrassing gaffe that makes it onto the internet stays there literally forever. On the other hand, it’s super easy to track down people with the help of both technology and word of mouth.

That’s what Kevin Freedman, 38, wants to do. He’s hoping to track down the person whose car he still 21 years ago.

Accidentally stole, mind you.

"I wanted to reach out to the police to let them know what happened [at the time] and I was talked out of it because it was pretty much, no harm no foul," Freedman told to the CBC as to why he wanted 21 years to enact his plan.

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In what must have been a very cathartic Tweet-storm, Freedman explained the whole sordid tale.

Way back in the summer of ‘98, Freedman was 18 and working at the Sargent Park Pool (now known as the Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre). He had to go take care of a parking ticket at city hall and asked to borrow a co-workers car to drive there in between a split work shift.

She told him she drove a light-colored Ford Taurus, which was a very common car in the late ‘90s. There we several in the parking lot that day, so Freedman hopped into the first Taurus he saw. It had a leopard-print interior and a pair of enormous sunglasses on the dash, which very much reminded him of his co-worker, so he assumed he had the right car.

The car didn’t start the first time he tried turning the key, but it did start the second time. This was also fairly common of Ford Tauruses from the era.


However, after he returned from City Hall, he was aghast to learn that the Ford Taurus he drove actually didn’t belong to his co-worker, and the real owner had already reported it as stolen.

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Freedman carefully returned the car to the exact parking space where he took it from, made sure there was no damage, and left it there. The actual owner returned with the police the following morning, and both were stunned to find the Taurus there, safe and sound.

Now, 21 years later, Freedman wants to find that owner and tell her that she wasn’t crazy and that her car was actually stolen, although briefly.

"I've wondered [what it would be] like to hear the other side of the story. What story she tells her friends, or if she's too embarrassed to tell anybody because she thinks that it wasn't really stolen."

So far, Kevin has received many replies, but no leads on where that wayward owner might be.


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