10 Satisfyingly Organized Spaces That Will Make Marie Kondo Proud

Marie Kondo has written four books on organizing, including 2011’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This best-seller even inspired a Netflix series called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, which shows this author decluttering homes.

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Down below, there are 10 spaces that are so organized, we just know they would make Kondo proud! From the dreaded junk drawer and overflowing garages to color-coded shelves and drawers, these 10 images are full of happiness, joy, organization, and tidiness. Enjoy lusting over them all, and try to find some inspiration through them, since we probably all have areas in our houses that need decluttering.

10 This Pantry

Pantries are usually hidden behind closed doors, but they are still areas that we get into often. Whether we are cooking for loved ones or just grabbing a snack, we store foods, recipes and the tools needed to cook in these areas… and we wish ours looked like this. 

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Baskets hold small items and hide everything away. Labels point to where everything is kept. Books line the shelf in a decorative and useful way. This is a dream pantry! It functions in the best way possible, and it wouldn’t be an embarrassment to show off to guests.

9 This Closet

Marie Kondo’s method is all about getting rid of what we don’t need, and our closets are great places to start. Do we wear this? Does this fit? Will I ever mend this? Should I donate these? Do I even like these anymore? After we purge a space, we are then left with the things we really like and wear, and we can organize these belongings in a pretty way. Boxes, cubbies, hangers, and shelves help make this closet look like something out of the pages of an interior design magazine - and we can use similar things to have a closet like this!

8 These DVDs

We may not all have a media collection that is this big, but the point is this: Whatever we do own should be kept all neat and tidy. Why? Well, first off, we can navigate in a better way, finding the exact DVD that we want to watch. Secondly, it helps get rid of clutter, broken cases, old films and possessions we can donate. And last but not least, it looks so nice! This room is a cool and inviting one, which shows off a love of movies, while it could be sloppy and sort of frightening.

7 This Garage

Garages are sort of catch-all rooms, so they can get messy. From tools and sports equipment to gardening items and auto accessories, these rooms fill up quickly. That being said, there needs to be a method to how everything is stored. Just look here: The big gray units hide away tons of stuff, such as brooms or luggage. The clear boxes on the wall keep similar items together, like tools and cleaners. Floating shelves get things like watering cans up and off the floor. And just like that, this space looks, dare we say, pretty, as well as super organized.

6 This Small Closet

After we tackle the closet that holds our clothes, we should move on to other areas, like smaller closets and hall closets. This one here seems to hold children’s clothes plus much more. Perhaps this is in a hall, and these are off-season clothing items. Or maybe the baby’s nursery is also a guest room. Either way, these owners have been super smart when it comes to organizing this small closet, making half of it into an office of sorts! Those mini file cabinets alone could hold so many odds and ends, so we are loving this small space here.

5 These Toys

Speaking of kiddos, they come with so many possessions, from the things they need (like strollers, bottles, and diapers) to things they want (like all of those toys). Another image that would make Marie Kondo proud is this one. There is a long shelving unit in a fun color.

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There are lots of uniform-looking baskets, which are labeled. There are a few toys up top, which act like decor. Then, to top it all of, there is artwork here. If the kids don’t need it, donate it. Then, whatever is left will be extra special and will fit into these baskets.

4 This Junk Drawer

Oh, the dreaded junk drawer… We all have at least one! But why? Does it have to be that way? Is there a solution? Apparently there is - look at this one! There are stores and aisles dedicated to items like this one here, which organize objects big and small. Plus, they are cute. So grab a couple of organizers, go through that junk drawer, have a trash can nearby for all that tossing, and place the needed “junk” in a tidy way. We would actually be okay with having to go into this space, unlike now...

3 This Makeup

Remember: Marie Kondo says to get rid of things that don’t bring us joy. Does old makeup give us happy feelings? Do broken makeup brushes create positive vibes? Yeah, we should all probably go through our beauty products, tossing expired things and keeping just what we truly want and need. Then, we could even use a cool DIY organizer like this one, in order to show off our collection. This would help keep it tidy, and something small and on the wall like this would also help keep us from spending too much money on makeup and beauty products.

2 These Books

We had to include a photo like this one! We have all seen books sorted by color before. Some of us may have gone and done this to our collections. Some of us may have tried and not succeeded. And others of us may feel like we could never be this organized. Even if we do not own this many novels and even if we don’t color code our entire house, we should be inspired by this. What areas can we tidy up? Where can we get creative? How can we turn our junky areas into gorgeous ones like this?

1 This Kitchen

We are going back to the kitchen with this last image, which makes us super jealous. There are so many tools and pans and utensils and ingredients that good kitchens should be stocked up with, but it seems there is never enough room for it all. Well, exposed shelving is trending right now, and it seems helpful; with everything out in the open, we would be disciplined to keep it organized, we would be forced to get rid of unused or broken things, and we would be able to have a drool-worthy room like the one right here.

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