Martin Truex Jr. Loses Championship Over Tires Put On Backwards

After dominating the first half of the season ending Ford Ecoboost 400 at Hamstead-Miami, Martin Truex Jr saw his hopes for a race and championship win fade away when his tires were put on backwards.

After leading 98 of the first 120 laps of the race, the mistake caused him to have to come back in the pits to correct the problem putting him a lap back from the new leader.

3 Championship Run

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Martin Truex Jr. was on pace to win not only the race, but the championship. Along with eventual winner and champion Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, and Denny Hamlin were challenging for the championship title.

This race was the deciding race for the championship. Kyle Busch's win is his second NASCAR championship.

2 Random Error

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Autoweek reports the Joe Gibbs Racing team's crew chief saying that nothing had changed in their tire changing process and chalks the switch up to rare team error.

The tires for the left and right were swapped, causing the car to be unbalanced. They were able to catch the problem almost immediately but not in time to prevent Truex from retaking the track, forcing the extra pit stop.

1 Come From Behind

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While the error put Truex down a lap he was able to catch a lucky break and regain the lost lap under a caution. From there he fought his way back to the front of the pack, working his way back up to second but was unable to close the gap on Busch by the time the checkered flag. That left Truex five points behind Busch and the 2019 championship.

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