20 Marvel Characters Reimagined As Dragons Just Because

Did anyone here know that it seems to actually be a pretty popular thing to take a much loved Marvel Comic character and then, for whatever reason, just because, turn them into a... DRAGON!? Yeah, that's right! There is a contingent of people out there who seem to love nothing more than to take awesome superheroes and turn them into even more awesome dragons.

To be fair, though, some of these characters are turned into cutesy and adorable little dragons (which is hilarious) but, for the most part, these heroes are just turned into something even more epic than they already were. Imagine Wolverine's adamantium build... but as a DRAGON! So let's soar with the dragons... just because.

20 Deadpool


This is just a perfect way to depict Deadpool as a dragon. Cutesy and ridiculous. That is pretty much the only way. Deadpool is one of those characters who is made better by being even more ridiculous. The artist who drew this dragon Deadpool knew just that and gave him all the attitude and hilarity in one swoop.

19 The Cap


Well, the shield on the tail does seem a little much and maybe it would have been better to just have the symbol on the chest and leave it be (or some sort of shell on the back) but either way, this is a pretty obvious and well-done rendition of Cap as a dragon.

18 Winter Soldier


We are so glad that the Winter Soldier comics and film did not consist of Bucky Barnes turning into a dragon. Especially one with ice breath. Cap already spent decades under water, encased in ice, surely he would get some sort of PTSD, seeing Bucky spewing ice all over the place.

17 Thor


Well, this just looks adorable. We have to point out how hilarious it is that Dragon Thor's tail is his hammer. That's got to pull him down a lot during flight, no? Oh well, he is a god right? So he should be able to just turn himself into a dragon whenever he pleases.

16 The Hulk


The glasses left by his front paws... perfect. And the fact that The Hulk's wings are purple? Great throwback to what would have been his shorts (in old school Hulk images). The hairy tail is a bit strange, but I guess this dragon really doesn't need to be anything more than green and mean... though it's pretty cute.

15 Star-Lord & Baby Groot


Two for one in this image. Sure, we get Star-Lord dragon, which is pretty cool— that mask on a dragon is sweet— but then we get little Baby Groot dragon up above and that is just too adorable. Little Groot doesn't really seem to know what to do as a dragon at all!

14 Spider-Man


Well, what is interesting here is that Spider-Man doesn't need actually need to crawl along walls anymore or sling web. Why? Because he's a DRAGON! While I appreciate the commitment to the original character and the original costume design in this image, it does seem silly that he's climbing walls.

13 Rhino


It is interesting to see Rhino as an even more devastating creature... while feeling like he would actually do less harm as a dragon. We are pretty sure this is because the artist, with this one, didn't even give Rhino any wings (poor thing). And he looks so cute in this piece... though we're sure he's still a tank.

12 Nightcrawler


This is one of the coolest and creepiest of all the dragons on this list. Nightcrawler is not exactly the most popular of the Marvel characters here and he has sometimes been a little questionable in his methods, but he just looks downright mean and ready to kick into high gear.

11 Nick Fury


It's hard to take an already fairly bland character and turn him into a really cool dragon. We are pretty sure this artist was aware of that and that is why Fury ended up with some pretty bland shapes and coloring. The eye patch is still there though, and that is pretty much what counts.

10 Loki


Sure, he's a villain, he's a hero but also now... he's a DRAGON! Loki as a dragon seems like a scary thing, but also not out of the realm of possibility since he often takes on the guise of so many other people and things. It just seems like a no-brainer for him to do this at one point or another.

9 Iron Man


This is great. Imagine a Power Rangers cartoon and then add Iron Man to it... and his whole dino form is a dragon! We can totally see this as a thing. It would have been a far more acceptable thing in the 90s but we think it could still fly. So long as we got RDJ to voice the Iron Ranger!

8 Hawkeye


Alright, in truth, this is pretty silly. We think it's probably way cooler if the Hawkeye dragon didn't have a bow to fire, but hey, we didn't draw this. The arrows on the tail are a pretty cool touch. But does he have to pull from his tail every time he wants to fire off a shot?

7 Green Goblin


This is certainly creepy. If we didn't already think the Green Goblin was super creepy (especially after being played by Willem Dafoe), this would definitely take the cake when it comes to what hits our nightmares first. This is not a dragon anyone wants going after them, especially not Spider-Man!

6 Wolverine


As much as we absolutely love this picture, we have to admit that it is pretty frightening. There is something off putting about Wolverine (who is already almost unstoppable) taking dragon form. Look at those claws. And that face does not really scream "hero" anymore... it looks like he's turned bad in this one.

5 Ghost Rider


Alright, so he's more based on the Dragon Born from Skyrim than a full on dragon. It's true. But it's still very much dragon-like; dragon-inspired, and that is good enough for us. And besides, this version of Ghost Rider certainly beat the ridiculous Nicholas Cage version. Right!? He looks like a pretty epic demon...

4 Dr. Strange


This is pretty cool. If someone didn't already think that a dragon was dangerous enough, what about a dragon that can just appear wherever it wants to and bend reality to its will? Sounds like a pretty scary thing to us. It's a pretty good thing that Dr. Strange is on the good side of things.

3 Black Widow


Well, this is not as alluring or as attractive as we think anyone would have guessed this should be but that doesn't change the fact that it is pretty easy to tell which hero this dragon represents. We also guess that it would be sort of difficult to make a dragon Black Widow truly alluring like Scar Jo.

2 Venom


So, this is actually a comic. This is a Marvel comic in which Venom has become a dragon. Don't ask us much more than that. We sort of stopped at the point VENOM BECAME A LITERAL DRAGON... and then we left it well enough alone. This character was already one of the most intense in the Spider-verse.

1 Carnage


Oh, man. This is one of the best on this whole list. One, because Carnage is one of the best Marvel villains of all time. He just is truly intense and vile. But two, the fact that he is made to be so darn cute in this image just negates any worry we could have for the future of humanity with a Carnage Dragon!

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