Marvel Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses (20 posts)

Avengers: Infinity War still has everyone talking! It has set box office records because of the amount of characters and the crossovers that a lot of people have been asking for.

One of my favourite moments in television or cinema is when there are crossovers. Like when Family Guy met The Simpsons. Or when the The Flash made an appearance in Supergirl. It’s something all fans love (when it's done correctly anyways), because it’s fascinating to think about how it would come together.

Now imagine this: what if the Avengers were students of Hogwarts? The possibilities of what could happen are endless!

Voldemort would probably be the equivalent of the Avengers’ Thanos, and the cast of Harry Potter and The Avengers would probably have to go hand in hand to defeat him. But more importantly, it’s interesting to think about what Houses the members of the Avengers would fit into!

It’s probably easier to sort it out when the traits of each Houses are made clear. So here's a brief rundown of the characteristics that make up the four houses of Hogwarts:

- Gryffindor: bravery, courageous, daring, self-righteous, stubborn, chivalrous.

- Ravenclaw: wisdom, intelligence, self-reliant, knowledgeable.

- Slytherin: cunning, ambitious, determined, resourceful.

- Hufflepuff: hardworking, loyal, friendly, patience.

And we'd like to make something quite clear: Slytherin does not automatically mean evil. Being a Slytherin just means you're quick on your feet, ambitious, and clever. It just so happens that a lot of dark wizards came from that House.

If you think about it, each Avenger actually fits quite nicely into each of these Houses. Fair enough, some characters could be in both, but their core belongs to one Hogwarts House.

So, I would like to officially welcome the Avengers to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Each Avenger must take a seat, put on the Sorting Hat and get sorted into their House. Good luck!

20 Thor – Gryffindor

Without having to think twice, Thor definitely comes across as a Gryffindor. He is the God of Thunder and Lightning, and is probably the most courageous and brash of all the Avengers. Even when he lost an eye, he kept fighting on. He puts up a good fight, can be really cocky and loud, and is basically a huge jock, which is kind of what Gryffindors are to Hogwarts.

Thor is also known more for his hammer, his strength, and his skill, rather than his brilliant thinking. This is definitely a Gryffindor trait – not being such a great student (save for Hermione Granger, of course). But aside from that, they are top students when it comes to acts of chivalry, having a competitive nature, and being risk-takers.

One of Thor’s qualities is that he is a skilled combatant and is brilliant at fighting alongside his allies in battle. This matches the greatest wizards of Hogwarts, i.e. Harry Potter who was brilliant at using his wand in combat.

So Thor is a Gryffindor. Although, it's somehow hard to imagine a tall and muscular Thor walking in the hallways of Hogwarts next to people like Ron Weasley. I also think everyone in the Gryffindor common room would love it if Thor would consider joining their quidditch team. I'm thinking that he'd be an excellent beater.

19 Iron Man – Ravenclaw

The hallmark of a Ravenclaw is someone that is intelligent, curious, and always searching for different ways to tackle a problem. There’s no one that is more like a Ravenclaw than Tony Stark.

Now, Iron Man is actually one of the few Avengers that could easily fit into any of the Houses, (except for Hufflepuff, though). One thing we know about Iron Man is that he is cunning and reacts to situations very quickly. This is definitely where his Slytherin side comes through.

On the other hand, he has a really good heart which you see whenever he mentors Spider-Man. However, he can also come across as arrogant a lot of the time and can sometimes be irrational and stubborn (no one tells Iron Man what to do!).

Despite all of this, it’s his Ravenclaw traits that come through the most. He hardly asks anyone for help and is very self-reliant, as he often goes off into combat on his own. But above all else, he is an inventor that likes to tinker with any piece of tech he can get his hands on. He loves taking them apart to see how they work, and then putting it back together with some added bits to improve it.

Taking all of this into consideration, the sorting hat officially puts Tony Stark into Ravenclaw.

18 Captain America – Gryffindor

I'm sure all of you saw this coming from a mile away. There isn't a more patriotic Avenger out there than someone who has their own country’s name in their alter ego's title. This is why Captain America is clearly a Gryffindor. The star spangled man with a plan is someone that just oozes bravery and chivalry. He's even accompanied by dramatic background music and slow motion edits whenever he's rescuing someone! Steve Rogers is excellent in hand to hand combat which has served him well on the battlefield, but his skill really shines through during his moments of leadership.

He's a great tactician that can inspire people and get them to take action.

Actually, now that I think about it, Cap is a tricky one for me to sort into a House. He can be a little bit arrogant at times, which is a Slytherin trait for sure. But on the other hand, his kind heartedness and loyalty puts him in good running to be a Hufflepuff. Overall, Cap's courage, chivalrous personality, and risk-taking ways overpower all the other traits of the other Houses. For all of these reasons, Captain America will make a perfect Gryffindor student.

17 Hulk – Slytherin

Bruce Banner is a gentle-natured guy, but he's got a serious anger management issue. Whenever he gets even a little irritated, he risks turning into The Incredible Hulk.

Whenever he's in this form, he confuses a lot of people in terms of whether his intentions are good or bad. In short, Hulk is a wildcard on the battlefield. When Banner Hulks out, there's no telling where or who he'll smash! This is a lot like the character, Severus Snape, who has a good heart, but is always under a cloud of suspiciousness.

Unfortunately, there's no in-between when it comes to putting people into a House at Hogwarts, otherwise Hulk would probably be a Slytherin-Ravenclaw hybrid! Otherwise popularly referred to as a "Slytherclaw."

In this instance, however, because the Hulk gets so aggressive and determined (to smash), he is most likely a Slytherin at heart. As Bruce Banner, he is most definitely a Ravenclaw for similar reasons that Iron Man is a Ravenclaw. They're both science bros!

Always busy with calculations and collaborating with Tony Stark, a sharp mind is one of his characteristics. However, because we know the Avenger to be more Hulk than Bruce Banner, Slytherin is probably the most appropriate house for this lean, mean, green machine.

16 Spider-Man – Hufflepuff

One of the most popular Avengers of all time to date, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man comes across as a Hufflepuff without a doubt. I mean, come on. He's even known as the “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man,” and the friendliest of all that Hogwarts Houses is Hufflepuff hands down. With his hardworking nature when it comes to photography, being a student, inventing web-shooters, AND being a crime fighting tough cookie, you can see why we'd slot him in with the black and yellow House. We imagine it'd be a little difficult for him to do any web-slinging since the Hufflepuff common room is located in the basement of the school. But we're sure he'd manage!

Spider-Man is also very loyal.

He’ll stop whatever he's doing to save a friend or support them in whatever situation they're in. He's showed his loyalty to Tony Stark time and again ever since we first met him Captain America: Civil War. Stark showed him kindness and respect, and in turn, Peter fought beside him without question. If we had to say, we think that Spider-Man would probably the most popular students in Hufflepuff. Can't you imagine him helping his fellow students carry their books through the castle while he swings from wall to wall or even messing with another house in the mess hall?

15 Black Panther – Gryffindor

I’m sure of it. Black Panther is probably more of a Gryffindor than Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger combined! If there's one thing everyone knows about Black Panther, it's that he's brave and intrepid.

T’Challa would go the extra mile and then some just to protect his people and his home. Like some of the other heroes we've already seen, he's has a bit of everything in him that can give reason to sort him into either of the Hogwarts Houses.

He's extremely intelligent and honorable, which is a mix of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. On the other hand, though, Black Panther is extremely resourceful and aggressive when he needs to be – which is a bit of Slytherin. As the leader of Wakanda, I guess it makes sense to have many characteristics and be as versatile as possible.

However, there are so many Gryffindor traits that Black Panther has which cannot be ignored. At the ceremony where he's being crowned as the King of Wakanda, M’Baku of the Jabari Tribe challenges him. As most of us know, T’Challa defeats him but spares his life. This is a typical action that can only be expected of a Gryffindor; T'Challa may have shown his enemy who the true ruler is, but in the end he wouldn’t want to hurt anyone to the point of death. The sorting hat puts Black Panther into Gryffindor!

14 Black Widow – Ravenclaw

Natasha Romanov is a bit of a mixed bag. She's extremely focused and graceful at everything that she does. She's cutthroat, harsh, and can be very cunning. I'll bet you thought we would've sorted her into Slytherin House, huh? Well, actually, we don't think that that would be the case. As cunning and witty as she is, she has a good heart under her mysterious exterior. One of the founding members of the Avengers, Romanov often goes undercover on the job. To go undercover, you have to be smart, strategic, and tactful – which leads us to understand why she is actually a Ravenclaw.

To top it all off, Romanov takes her time to figure out her obstacles before tackling them.

With such a sharp mind, it's easy to see Romanov in the blue and bronze colours of the Ravenclaw House. She couldn’t be a Hufflepuff, since she's previously displayed disloyalty to Iron Man by assisting Captain America in Civil War. The fact that she's an assassin and spy means nothing to us. Anyone with a knack for strategizing and taking the time to figure out their problem and how to solve it doesn't belong anywhere but in Ravenclaw House. Ravenclaw would be lucky to have such a brilliant tactician such as Natasha Romanov in their ranks.

13 Ant-Man- Hufflepuff

The man behind Ant-Man is a criminal by the name of Scott Lang. If you thought that that would slot him in with Slytherin, then you'd be way off. Sure, Ant-Man broke the law a few times.

Once was to rescue his daughter, and another time was to expose corporate corruption. This clearly points out how cunning and sharp he is. He's able to tap into skills like sleuthing around and tricking people to get the job done, which is pretty Slytherin of him, sure. But he was only committing those crimes to help others. Dare we say.... that he was sticking up for the little guy?

Bottom line is he's honorable. And despite being imprisoned and being kicked while he was down several times, he got back up and worked hard to redeem himself.

This probably removes him from being a Slytherin altogether. In watching the Ant-Man film, you've probably noticed that he is not the most courageous of heroes to grace the big screen. To be fair, being a courageous ant sounds like it would be hard from the get go.

This brings us to the conclusion that he is well suited to being a Hufflepuff. Much like an ant, Ant-Man is quite hardworking which is the core of what it means to be a Hufflepuff. Lang is also loyal to his friends and allies. For these reasons, we think he's a perfect fit for this House!

12 Wanda Maximoff – Slytherin

Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch is off to a good start! She's got the word "witch" in her title which already places her as the Avenger who most naturally fits into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In terms of which House the sorting hat would put her in, we're going to say that it's most likely going to be Slytherin. She has a mysterious demeanor and she can be quite manipulative with her powers. In Captain America: Civil War, there were initial doubts as to whether or not her intentions were good or bad.

Anyone that can manipulate the mind would probably most easily fit into Slytherin.

This essentially underlies what it means to be cunning and calculated. Her peculiar romantic relationship with Vision often puzzles fans because of how different the characters are; it just makes it hard to picture them together. On the one hand, Vision is the definition of purity, loyalty and honor. On the other hand, Wanda is a witch with mysterious powers and very ambiguous intentions at times. The contrast between the two characters leads us to easily place Wanda as a Slytherin! Lucky for that house, because Scarlet Witch's powers are so vast.

11 Doctor Strange – Slytherin

Dr. Strange holds the title of “Sorcerer Supreme" which in layman’s term means that he's the master of the magic arts. Just like Scarlet Witch, he'd be a good fit at this school of magic. He's also very skillful with manipulating time, and mostly acts without thinking about the consequences. His general demeanor is arrogant and generally hates getting help from people.

He's always dressed up in mystical cloaks which grant him the ability to levitate, has the Book of Vishniti (book of magic) and also has a crystal ball which allows him to see into the future. So look out, Professor Trelawney!

Knowing that he's got all of these abilities, all Hogwarts Houses would love to have Dr. Strange join their ranks; we're sure that no one wants to be on the business end of his wand.

However, Dr. Strange is without a doubt a Slytherin. He is cunning enough to get himself out of any situation, he's showed great ambition when he was learning about the mystical arts, and is very sneaky. Just as you think something is going to happen to him, Dr. Strange always pulls out some trick from his book of spells to wriggle out of any problem.

10 Deadpool – Hufflepuff

Wade W. Wilson aka Deadpool is a Hufflepuff! Although his foul-mouth and erratic behaviour can be off-putting for most, deep down he's a good guy, which makes it easy to see him in the black and yellow colored garb of that badger-themed House. Now, the only reason why it might puzzle some people that Deadpool is a Hufflepuff is because of how he acts. He can be rude, vulgar, and often violent. But he also displays a lot of Hufflepuff-like qualities. Just in... unorthodox ways. He is loyal, patient, friendly, and hardworking.

I mean, did you see how much trouble he went through to track down Francis?!

He may get a lot of flack from a lot by his enemies and even good guys, but he keeps getting back up no matter what injury that he most definitely will sustain. Also, did you know that he's fluent in German, Spanish, ASL and Japanese? Learning all of those languages doesn't happen overnight, y'know. So although it may seem unlikely to some people to have this merc with a mouth in this House, we really think that Deadpool would make a great fit for Hufflepuff. Sorry, man. we know that red is your colour, but the sorting hat has spoken.

9 Loki – Slytherin

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Loki is the God of Mischief. So what Hogwarts House do you think he belongs in? That’s obviously a rhetorical question because the power-hungry and cunning Loki obviously belongs in Slytherin! He is also kind of like Snape, wherein he appears to be evil but also has a good side to him. This leaves viewers confused and on their toes. You never know which side Loki is going to pick! However, there is no doubt that he is a Slytherin. He will connive his way to be the ruler of Asgard and is willing to even betray his brother Thor to do so.

He wants to be popular with people, or perhaps just wants to be feared – but his cunning nature never allows that.

It comes down to intentions once again. So while Loki sometimes does things that appears to be good, he is actually just power hungry with ambitions to rule whatever world he finds himself on. He has betrayed Thor far too many times to his own detriment. It’s not hard to imagine Loki as a member of Slytherin House. Maybe he'd even be head boy! Luckily, he's already wearing the House colours, so it'll save him a trip to Diagon Alley

8 Falcon – Gryffindor

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Sam Wilson aka Falcon is one of those know-it-all, super bright and good at everything kind of people. It helps that he was the number one graduate from S.H.I.E.L.D. He may have impressed Stark, but that doesn't automatically make him a Ravenclaw.

Falcon’s suit is sleek and savvy and he's always ready to go out into battle and risk his life for his friends and allies. This sways him towards being a Gryffindor because he acts first out of bravery and thinks with his immediate instincts rather than thinking things through.

Sam Wilson grew up on the streets of Harlem, and both his parents passed on – kind of has a Harry Potter feel to him already, right? Despite this, he worked his way up the ranks in the US Air Force and also made his way to becoming one of the main characters of the Avengers.

That's a recurring theme of a Gryffindor – someone that's been dealt the harshest of situations, but faces their fears head on and challenges them right back rather than bow out. Because of all this, we think that Falcon would make an excellent Gryffindor. No doubt he and Cap will be competitive with each other.

7 The Wasp – Hufflepuff

A college student by the name of Janet Van Dyne, she's one of members that helped found the Avengers in the comics. That’s already a mighty impressive mark to have on your resume! Besides being one of the founders, she has devastating powers. The first being the most obvious which is in her name. She can reduce her size to that of an insect in an instant and still have super strength and speed. she also has the ability to fly around with agility and sneak past her enemies. Wasps also have the ability to sting people and this is one of Janet’s most powerful traits.

She can provide electrical stings to her enemies, and she also possesses the ability of growing to huge heights.

What we're getting at here is that her dexterity, determination and abilities make her one of the busiest and most hardworking superheroes on this list, which is why she's a Hufflepuff. You can bet that she worked hard to get the skills and sharp mind that she has now. At her core, she's very loyal and is always willing to help others out which is one of her most endearing qualities. Coincidentally, she's already got the colours down.

6 Quicksilver – Slytherin

Quicksilver aka Pietro Maximoff is the twin brother of Scarlet Witch. Unfortunately, he was only in Avengers: Age of Ultron (we're not taking into consideration the X-Men Days of Future Past Quicksilver). But just based on that one appearance, you can already see that he belongs in Slytherin house.

He just has a certain slyness, coldness and a lack of empathy in his character that would make him one of the most formidable students in Slytherin House. He and Loki would probably butt heads for sure.

He is by far the fastest Avenger which makes it easy for him to sneak past people, mess with them, or get ahead of the game.

This is not only in the way he moves, but in every other aspect of his personality, too. He has the ability to think fast, compute large amounts of information in mere seconds and he's able to react to anything at the speed of light.

Despite all of these cool qualities, Pietro is quite an arrogant character. He’ll act out of anger right from the start. He acts before he thinks which is why he is much more of a Slytherin than any other House. Go on and join your sister, you slick fellow.

5 Hawkeye – Hufflepuff

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Clint Barton aka Hawkeye definitely belongs in Hufflepuff if we look at all facts. If you just think about Clint’s abilities, it's clear that he's a Hufflepuff. His bow and arrow alone weigh about 250lbs which already goes to show you how hardworking he is. To carry that around without complaining, then you you have to be a Hufflepuff. Put that on a shirt. He is also someone that prioritizes patience and loyalty to the core when it comes to planning his attacks. Of course, Barton would never stray in terms of what's required of him.

He's also proven to be very loyal to his allies and especially to his friends.

When Black Widow sided with Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War, and Hawkeye sided with Captain America, they still remained friends. When Black Widow asked "are we still friends?" Hawkeye responded with an easygoing and witty comment, showing that he wasn't going to let this clash change his mind about their friendship. Because of this, Hawkeye definitely belongs in Hufflepuff. We doubt that he and Natasha will become distant over this separation of Houses, but there'll definitely be some friendly rivalry between the two.

4 Hank Pym – Ravenclaw

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An entomologist and physicist by trade, Hank Pym is certainly a Ravenclaw! Pym is perhaps one of the smartest characters in the Avenger series. Although he's most famous for developing the Ant-Man and Wasp suits, he's also a pivotal member of S.H.I.E.L.D.

He definitely has the patience of a Hufflepuff – having studied ants all his life and concentrated on their every move so that he could accurately developed the Ant-Man suit. But it's his intelligence that shines through the strongest in terms of the intricacies and fine tuning that was required to build the suits. At one point, Pym himself used the suit and fought some battles. The original Ant-Man!

Most importantly, he can sometimes come off as a bit distant which Ravenclaws can sometimes be because of how self-reliant they are. Also because of their preference to keep a distance and observe a situation. On the odd occasion, he shows that he has a Gryffindor side because when it comes to issues with his family, he can get very defensive.

Mitchell Carson of S.H.I.E.L.D taunted him for not being able to protect his wife (aka the first Wasp) at which point Hank retaliated by breaking Carson’s nose. However, that does not overshadow what he is most admired for. His attention to detail and his observation and studious nature make him a fitting Ravenclaw.

3 Okoye – Hufflepuff

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The name Okoye strikes several emotions into our hearts, but the most prominent one is that she is ‘fierce’. This may lead many to automatically assume that she is a Gryffindor because of her fearlessness and head-on attitude for a lot of things. However, context plays a key role here. There is a reason she is so fierce after all, which leads us to place her in Hufflepuff House. She is the head of the armed forces for Wakanda and also T’Challa’s right hand general and she always makes her decisions along the lines of loyalty.

Okoye’s only loyalty always lies to the kingdom of Wakanda and to the royal Wakandan family. 

This is why she is a Hufflepuff. Fierce loyalty is her most noble and outstanding quality. As an example of this, she sides with T’Challa when Erik Killmonger took over as the new ruler of Wakanda. She is a master with the spear and also has an equally sharp tongue. Okoye protects her country by standing in front of a herd of rhinoceros which were running full-steam towards them to tackle M’Baku. She’d easily stand out as one of the best Hufflepuff students without a doubt. We just wonder how conflicted she'd feel since T'Challa was sorted into Gryffindor.

2 War Machine – Ravenclaw

Hearing James Rhodes speak immediately tells you that he's someone that has two overall qualities which define him: pride and intelligence. It’s no coincidence that his best friend since childhood is none other than Tony Stark who is also a Ravenclaw.

The absolute pride that Rhodes walks around with stems from being friends with an arrogant Iron Man. We're sure Tony rubbed off on him at least a little. Regardless, Rhodes is certainly a lot more level-headed than him. Even so, Rhodes can come off as a bit arrogant at times.

He is able to fly and has strong resistance, but his suit is not equipped with the greatest of weapons which might explain why his personality is less arrogant than Iron Man's because of his fewer capabilities.

War Machine is very knowledgeable about a lot of things, too. His US army background knowledge is clear when we see how he chooses to run operations. His direction is clear, he follows a chain of control and sticks to protocol. He is intelligent, professional and tactful, and because of these qualities he’ll be joining Stark in Ravenclaw house.

1 Nick Fury – Slytherin

Similar to Black Widow, Agent Nick Fury has had training in the art of assassination and survival. He's got a keen and strategic mind that's able to think of solutions on the fly. He's done (and continues to do) some of the dirty work that S.H.I.E.L.D. tasks him with and continuously deceives the Avengers, tricking them into doing what he wants them to do. Although he is a natural leader, Fury doesn't always come across as noble. First of all, his demeanor is very cold and can come off as uncaring which makes it hard for people to read him and figure out his intentions.

This means that Fury can be very manipulative, but he uses his cunning nature to get things done.

He also told Captain America that he ‘does not trust easily’ to his face. To sum up Nick Fury, he is kind of the opposite of Captain America – who follows the book and believes in nobility. Fury is willing to do the dirty work that most people aren't willing to do themselves to get the job done for the greater good. He's often is involved in illegal activities to help others, and will also cause harm to his own people if that's what's necessary. In short, his course of action might not be good, but he'll do what has to be done to get results. Given the above, it is clear the Fury is a Slytherin.

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