Marvel Fan Accidentally Spends The Day At The Avengers Compound

One lucky Marvel fan's trip to a ceramics exhibition got a lot more exciting when he realized it was being held inside of Avengers HQ.

For the most part, the days when fans could watch movies and pick out where in the world scenes are being filmed are gone. Unless those scenes are purposefully being filmed somewhere instantly recognizable such as Times Square or London's Tower Bridge. Even in those situations, chances are the area has been touched up incessantly using CGI.

That's why the last thing Mark Tranter will have been expecting when he made his way to a ceramics exhibition in Norwich, England was to see a building that was integral to Avengers Infinity War and Endgame. Tranter was visiting his sister after flying over from Denmark and his sibling suggested spending the day at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

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via Bored Panda

Being a self-professed Marvel fan, it didn't take long for Tranter to realize that ceramics would be way down on his list of priorities during this special day trip, reports Bored Panda. Turns out the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts is one of the buildings Disney and Marvel used to act as the Avengers compound in Infinity War and Endgame. From that point on, Tranter was attending the exhibition as a Marvel fan, not a ceramics aficionado.

via Bored Panda

As you can see from side-by-side photos, the building might look very different day-to-day than it does when Thor and Iron Man call it home, but it is undoubtedly the building Tranter believed it to be. Perhaps the most shocking part of all is that the room in which most of the HQ scenes were filmed doubles as a run of the mill cafeteria.

As great and unexpected a day as Tranter had at Avengers HQ, he admitted that he had just one regret. Normally, when he knows he will be paying a movie set a visit, he brings lego figurines along with him so he can recreate iconic scenes, just in case you were wondering exactly how much of a hardcore fan he is. At least he knows where to go now so when he visits again, he can bring a couple of Lego Avengers along with him.

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