25 Marvel Action Figures That Are Impossible To Find (And How Much They’re Worth)

Marvel is known for producing some of the best character designs in the business. It's only natural for toys based on their characters to feature that signature style that just captures our eyes. Sure, most toys are disposable plastic figurines that kids outgrow, but not Marvel toys though. These toys separate themselves from the rest with their sheer quality. In fact, most Marvel figures look like they've jumped straight out of the comic books and into reality! The level of detail in some of these figures is just so staggering that some can even be considered as art.

However, looking like their comic book counterpart is one thing, playing like the characters they're based on is another. Fortunately, Marvel toys aren't just about looking awesome, they're all about action too! Marvel toys basically put the action in figures by giving them functioning accessories and full articulation. Given Marvel's enormous fan-base, toys based on their characters usually don't stay on the shelves for long. This only causes their market value to skyrocket into astronomical proportions!

Of course, some figures are just more valuable than others since they're either no longer being produced or come in extremely limited quantities. This is exactly why collectors exchange ridiculous amounts of money for chunks of plastic. It's no exaggeration to say that some Marvel toys cost even more than jewelry! The question now is, could you be hiding a highly-coveted Marvel treasure in your closet? Let's find out as we bring you 25 highly elusive Marvel action figures that also come with a hefty price tag.

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25 Red Skull Chase ($80)

via Ebay.com

The Marvel Legends line-up by Toy Biz undoubtedly has some of the most highly-coveted action figures. These toys are known for having exceptional articulation and uncanny detail. One of these is the rare Red Skull Chase variant.

This figure's availability has a notoriety that rivals that of Red Skull's.

While it's already difficult to find the figure itself, it's even harder to find one that's still intact and unopened. The price of one that's still inside its box can go as high as $70 on eBay!

24 Spiral Golden Variant ($100)

via Ebay.com

The Marvel Legends series 6 line-up has some interesting figures such as the multi-armed warrior Spiral. The figure typically comes with a silver coating but there's a rare golden variant that's quite tricky to find. An out-of-the-box figure can already go as high as $80.

Fans hoping to nab a completely pristine version should be prepared to pay over $100 for it. Who would've thought that obtaining a golden Spiral is just as much of a handful as her character design?

23 Mecha Hulk ($350)

via Ebay.com

The menacing Mecha Hulk figure by Toy Biz shows what it's like if Hulk and The Terminator had a baby. This massive piece of plastic comes with an imposing expression, excellent detail, and even working missile accessories. The only thing missing is, well, the figure itself!

Figures of this magnitude usually sell like pancakes, so finding a sealed one won't be easy. An unopened copy can retail for as much as a hulking $350. Now, if only its availability was as generous as the space it takes up.

22 Captain Marvel Tonner Doll ($400)

via Youtube.com

Tonner Doll's 16-inch Captain Marvel figure comes with a price that's as stunning as its looks. The price of an unopened and untouched figure can reach a staggering $400 online. However, getting one would be a marvelous feat since they're no longer being made.

Little miss Marvel loves playing hard-to-get.

According to Bleedingcool, the company who made these dolls just closed their doors recently. To make matters worse, the success of the Captain Marvel film just might catapult its value even higher.

21 Hawkeye Closed-Bow Variant ($100)

via Ebay.com

Even a tiny detail change can make an action figure rare and extra special. Such is the case with the Marvel Legends series 7 Hawkeye. The modern version of this figure typically comes with a recurve bow that has an open handle.

Collectors who have one that comes with a closed handle bow basically have something that's worth almost $100. Finding a brand new one is a long-shot though, even for Hawkeye. Most ads for this variant are either expired or sold out.

20 Gray X-Force Deadpool ($250)

via Youtube.com

Deadpool fans would love to get their hands on the gray-costumed X-Force Deadpool by Hasbro. This 6-inch figure is the definitive version of the character. It comes with major improvements over the Marvel Legends version such as better articulation, color-scheme, and more accessories.

Its price can be as crazy as Deadpool himself.

The thing is, it was a HasCon exclusive, which makes it extremely limited and relatively harder to find. There's a good reason why it's being priced at $250 in online stores.

19 Transforming Super Skrull ($500)

via Ebay.com

Finding a Transforming Super Skrull action figure is as tough as spotting a Skrull that's disguised as a human. This Toy Biz figure comes in different versions, each with varying prices. There's the normal version, the fiery chase variant, and the clear variant.

Unfortunately, they're always sold in limited quantities and are often unavailable. The clear version sells for over $80 while the red chase variant goes for over $100. Ironically, the regular version can even reach to a whopping $500 on sites like Amazon.

18 Build-A-Figure Galactus Complete Set ($170)

via Ebay.com

Galactus is definitely one of Marvel's most frightening villains but building his Marvel Legends figure can be just as intimidating. Collectors would first have to build the infamous world-eater by collecting every character in the series 9 line-up individually. This is enough to make some fans give up.

It hungers, for your wallet.

Those who do find a complete version would also have to deal with its cosmic price, which often goes beyond $170. Finding an unopened complete set means paying even more. Hoping to build this figure from scratch just might be as futile as feeding Galactus' insatiable appetite.

17 BAF Apocalypse Black Variant ($100+)

via Youtube.com

Building the regular version of Apocalypse out of every Marvel Legends series 12 figure is hard enough as it is. Finding its rare black variant only makes things even harder. Fans would first have to find the rare version of each piece separately.

An incomplete version that's not even in mint condition can already go for as much as $100. In fact, even a single part can cost over $50 each! At that price, this unique variant should've been renamed to bank apocalypse instead.

16 Silver Luke Cage ($200)

via marvellegends.info

Luke Cage is known for his striking yellow raiment Although not all Luke Cage action figures are created equal. Some feature the indomitable Power Man wearing a shiny silver shirt instead!

This elusive silver Luke Cage variant ranges from $90 all the way to $200 depending on its condition, according to action figure price guide Dash. The problem is, it's so scarce that there's barely any being sold online. Fans would have better luck at getting inside an actual shiny silver cage than getting their hands on one of these.

15 SDCC Fall Of Archangel Set ($400)

via Ebay.com

San Diego Comic-Con is home to a lot of rare action figures, which includes the exclusive The Fall Of Archangel Marvel Legends set. The set contains Wolverine, Psylocke, and of course, Archangel himself. It's notoriously difficult to find a complete one that's still intact.

Fans mostly stumble upon the regular single-pack Archangel or an incomplete package of this SDCC exclusive. A mint package will burn a $400 bill right through a collector's pocket. That being said, buying this set just might feel like taking a fall, a really steep one too.

14 McFarlane Spider-Man ($340)

via Youtube.com

There are literally dozens of action figure iterations of Spider-Man. However, there's one version in particular that stands out from the rest, and that's the McFarlane Spider-Man by Toy Biz. This figure boasts superior articulation and is basically the closest a toy can be to the real thing!

With great power comes even greater prices.

Given the plethora of poses it can do, fans usually end up playing with the figure, which only decreases its value. Collectors will usually find one being sold in terrible condition, if any at all. Nabbing a completely unblemished package will net fans about $340.

13 Secret Wars Wolverine Black Claws ($250)

via Ebay.com

The Secret Wars Wolverine action figure is certainly a blast from the past. It was released way back in 1984 by Mattel. It's not easy for fans to find a regular version of this vintage figure, which includes a set of silver claws.

While a normal version is already hard to find, there's also a black claw variant that's even more elusive. It's only natural for a relic like this to fetch a high price. A pristine copy values at around $250 in online stores. That is, of course, if any are still available.

12 Archangel & Warpath Minimates Set ($250)

via minimatescentral.ipower.com

Minimates are awesome miniature versions of our favorite Marvel heroes but one particular set is considered more popular than most. The TRU Exclusive X-Force Archangel and Warpath combo is highly-coveted by fans of the series. There are extremely limited quantities of this figure pack despite fans clamoring for more.

It's unclear if Diamond Select Toys will ever reissue this Minimates set. Collectors won't have much luck finding one online either since most are sold out. The last listing of it on eBay was being sold for $250. That's not so miniature of a price, isn't it?

11 Spider-Man Classic Clashes Set ($500)

via eBay.com

What's better than one McFarlane Spider-Man action figure? Why, it plus another action figure, of course! This is the idea behind the Classic Clashes set by Toy Biz. This package pits the popular super-poseable McFarlane Spider-Man with villains like Doctor Octopus and Venom.

However, most sets from this line-up are nowhere to be found online. The only ones available are quite scarce and costly too. An unopened one featuring Absorbing Man already costs $195 while a mint condition of Spider-Man vs. the more popular Abomination costs a whopping $500!

10 Mego Incredible Hulk ($900)

via eBay.com

Vintage toys are always expensive so expect one that's based on the colossal Incredible Hulk to cost even more! The 1979 8-inch Hulk action figure by Mego features neat cloth accessories and some impressive articulation, for a toy of this era. It usually values at over $100, depending on its condition.

On the other hand, a fully-intact mint condition package of a figure that's this old is virtually impossible to find. Most copies being sold online will likely have some signs of aging. Limited edition versions can cost an incredible $900, even in poor packaging.

9 NYCC Captain America Minifigure ($900)

via eBay.com

Just when we thought miniature versions of our beloved Marvel characters couldn't get any more expensive, this exclusive NYCC Captain America Minifig comes along. Only a handful of these were made and were only featured during the Lego Toy Fair in New York.

The detail on this tiny Cap is still pretty impressive though, as far as Legos are concerned. Of course, that doesn't mean it comes with a price that resembles its minute stature. A listing of it on eBay amounts to a not-at-all-miniature price of $900.

8 DST The Watcher ($270)

via Youtube.com

The mysterious Marvel character Uatu, otherwise known as The Watcher, has an equally enigmatic action figure courtesy of Diamond Select Toys. The 9-inch The Watcher figure is frequently being sought out by collectors. It's so popular that fans are clamoring for more to be produced.

Unfortunately, plans of The Watcher being reissued have been canceled, according to Marveltoysnews. This only made the quantities of this bald-headed alien figure extremely scarce. Good luck finding one in mint packaging, an opened one already costs as much as $270.

7 Cable Brown Suit Variant ($200)

via Ebay.com

Fans know Cable's iconic get-up usually features his signature X-Men blue and yellow colors. That's also the case in his Marvel Legends series 6 Toy Biz figure. Except of course, when it comes to the rare Cable variant that features a unique brown costume instead.

Spotting one is as complicated as Cable's time-traveling conundrum.

The brown variant is hard to come by especially since the regular version is not so easy to find in the first place. If one happens to pop up online, they're usually sold for a little under $200. All that for a fresh coat of paint.

6 Iron Man Mk 3 Gunmetal Exclusive ($3000)

via Ebay.com

Regular action figures from Hot Toys can be ridiculously expensive but limited edition versions of these are off the charts. The Iron Man Mk 3 Gunmetal Comic-Con exclusive version is one of these and its price averages at over $1,000! Open box versions are already expensive enough as it is, so finding a sealed copy is like stumbling upon the holy grail.

A pre-owned boxless version goes for about $1,800 on online stores. However, There's a far more rare variant, known as the Gunmetal Silly Thing edition, that costs $3,000! At that price, it is quite silly.

5 Mego Captain America ($2000)

via Ebay.com

How much are fans willing to pay to own a vintage figure of the very first Avenger? If they answered $2,000, then they've hit the jackpot since that's how much a 1972 Mego Captain America usually goes for! Mego toys often have to fight with father time before they can be sold for a pretty penny.

It's expected that these toys won't be sold in pristine condition. If a mint package somehow manages to find its way to online stores, be prepared to spend way more than $2,000 for it.

4 Flying Annihilus ($???)

via worthpoint.com

Super villain Annihilus has quite a mythical action figure. While he may have numerous action figure iterations, the Flying Annihilus toy is basically an urban legend. This Toy Biz figure was supposedly part of the 2005 Fantastic Four movie toy line-up.

However, Annihilus never appeared in the film so his toy was left in limbo. According to Dash, it usually retails at just $10. The thing is, there might only be a handful of people who own a pristine copy. Based on its nonexistent presence on the market, it doesn't seem like owners would be selling theirs anytime soon.

3 Iron Man Mk 6 Joint Promo Edition ($10,000)

via Youtube.com

Every Hot Toys figure costs a lot of money but the Iron Man Mk 6 Joint Promo Edition takes toy prices to another level. According to Hot Toys, only 16 of these special variants were made. To say that these figures are scarce is quite an understatement!

One does not simply own one without spending like Mr. Stark himself.

They're usually valued at beyond $10,000. Of course, most online retailers don't have this particular variant for sale. Whenever they happen to feature one, it's usually sold out faster than Iron Man blasting himself into orbit.

2 Psylocke Crimson Dawn Variant ($2500)

via Ebay.com

One of the rarest Marvel toys has got to be the Crimson Dawn Psylocke from Toy Biz' Marvel Legends series 14. The regular version features Psylocke's signature blue get-up while the rare variant showcases her donning a darker Crimson Dawn look. Apparently, the total number of these highly elusive variants in existence are only in the double digits.

Nabbing an unblemished package online means paying up to $2,500, if it's even available, that is. Only extreme Marvel fans and seasoned collectors are able to own this ravishing edition. The question is, how much of a Psylocke fan are you?

1 The Blue Wasp Variant ($20,000)

via Ebay.com

The Wasp just got herself a wardrobe change and now she's looking a whole lot more pricey! Regular Marvel Legends series 16 The Wasp rocks her usual black and yellow suit. The special variant ditched her iconic color scheme and went blue. She's now being sold online for a ludicrous $20,000!

The price of this Wasp stings as hard as its insect counterpart.

What makes this rare blue Wasp special is that, it was never released in the Western market. Those lucky enough to own one are now considered to be among the most opulent of collectors.

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