10 Marvel Heroes Everyone Forgot Could Wield Mjolnir (And 10 Who Never Could)

One of the biggest events of the year is undoubtedly Avengers: Endgame. With the culmination of the MCU’s first major story arc, The Infinity Saga, coming to a close and the film becoming one of the biggest films at the box office, it’s easy to see why it’s such a hit. Now if you haven’t seen the film yet, you may want to look away from this next sentence so Spoiler Alert, but one of the biggest moments in the film came when Captain America wielded Mjolnir and fought Thanos head on with the weapon along with his shield.

Although the MCU previously made a big deal about Mjolnir being Thor's signature weapon, even tying it into his personal character arc, people often forget Thor isn’t the only one worthy of the hammer, especially when it comes to the comics. Here are ten heroes who have wielded the hammer, and ten that never could.

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20 Could: Jane Foster

via Reddit.com

One of the first mentions we have to make comes from the incredible run of Thor comics in recent years that saw none other than Jane Foster become the first female Thor, wielding Mjolnir and becoming truly worthy of the mantle. The hammer allowed her to showcase her heroic nature.

19 Couldn’t: Deadpool

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While everyone loves the Merc with a Mouth, its no secret that Wade Wilson is nowhere close to being worthy enough of wielding the hammer of Thor. Despite Loki once making an Asgardian weapon similar to Mjolnir, the funniest mercenary in the Marvel Universe is not worthy of the hammer.

18 Could: Beta Ray Bill

via NERDBOT.com

One of the comics' most highly anticipated characters who ever wielded Mjolnir has to be Beta Ray Bill. An alien from an alien race known as the Korbinites, Beta Ray Bill is the people’s champion, is granted his own hammer called Stormbreaker, and leads the heroes countless times into battle.

17 Couldn’t: The Punisher

via ComicBook.com

While the heartbreaking story of Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, is something audiences have connected with over recent years, the sad truth is his act of violence and execution of his enemies make him unworthy of the hammer. He is a man fueled by vengeance, and isn’t worthy of Mjolnir.

16 Could: The Vision

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One of the most popular characters of the Marvel universe, especially in recent years, is The Vision. An android created by Ultron who fought his maker and became a hero, the Vision’s heroics were so great that his introduction into the MCU showed him easily wielding Mjolnir and handing it to Thor.

15 Couldn’t: Blade

via Polygon.com

The half human, half vampire hero also known as Blade is the greatest defense against the vampire hordes that often threaten to overrun the comic side of the Marvel Universe. Yet his dark supernatural power and ruthless nature against the forces of the undead don’t allow him to be worthy of the hammer.

14 Could: Valkyrie

via SlashFilm.com

One of the best characters both in the comics and the MCU to come out of the Asgard/Thor storyline has to be Valkyrie. A sword wielding and powerful Asgardian warrior, she has since joined the Avengers, and in the Ultimate Universe was worthy enough of Thor’s Hammer after his passing.

13 Couldn’t: Moon Knight

via GeekTyrant.com

Moon Knight is another vigilante hero who sadly cannot wield the hammer. Despite his heroics, he takes much more permanent approaches to crime fighting, using his experience as a mercenary along with his connection to the god Khonsu to take out his enemies. This brand of vigilante heroics isn’t worthy.

12 Could: Black Widow

via geektyrant.com

The hero who both in the comics and the MCU has helped the Avengers stop the worst threats possible, Black Widow once held Mjolnir in her hands in an alternate universe. There, Thor fell and Ragnarok went unstopped, threatening the universe. Visiting Thor’s grave, she was able to lift Mjolnir.

11 Couldn’t: Wolverine

via Inverse.com

While he may be the best at what he does, Wolverine is definitely not the kind of hero worthy of the hammer of Thor. He is a brutal fighter and is often taken over by a feral and violent nature that leaves carnage in his wake, making him completely unworthy.

10 Could: Silver Surfer

via ScreenRant.com

One of the coolest moments in the Marvel Comics universe had to be when the Silver Surfer spent millions of years becoming worthy of Thor’s hammer. This led into the Thanos storyline in which Thanos conquered the universe, but Silver Surfer arrived and nearly defeated the Mad Titan using Mjolnir.

9 Couldn’t: Quicksilver

via ScreenRant.com

He may be the fastest mutant and hero in the Marvel Universe, but sadly Pietro Maximoff is a bit too flawed to be able to carry the hammer of Thor. He is overprotective to the point of possessive of his sister Wanda, and is too often self-serving in his heroics.

8 Could: Storm

via ScreenRant.com

A powerful mutant who wields the power of a goddess herself, the weather manipulating Storm once held Thor’s hammer, albeit with him also grabbing it. Giving it to her, she was able to use the hammer to destroy the device Loki gave her that controlled her actions for a time.

7 Couldn’t: Iron Man

via Newsweek.com

While the MCU version of Tony Stark proved in his final outing that he is worthy of the hammer for sure, not only had he never held the hammer, but his comic book counterpart has a bad case of arrogance that makes him a poor choice to hold the hammer.

6 Could: Squirrel Girl

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After an evil clone of the hero Squirrel Girl starts beating up the Marvel Universe in the comics, the real Squirrel Girl is nearly defeated. However, Mjolnir is nearby, and she is able to pick it up and become even more powerful than she already is, allowing her to defeat her clone.

5 Couldn’t: Ant-Man (Hank Pym)

via SyfyWire.com

While he may be a founding member of the Avengers, Hank Pym is one truly flawed hero in the comics. Not only have there been controversies over his relationship with Janet Van Dyne, but he helped create the villain Ultron and has had several villainous turns himself over the years.

4 Could: Hulk

via ComicVine.com

The constant battle in the comics has always been who is the strongest Avenger: Hulk or Thor. To truly test this out, Thor asked his father to remove the enchantment of worthiness from the hammer temporarily so that Thor didn’t have that advantage, and Hulk was able to lift it.

3 Couldn’t: Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)

via ComicBook.com

Before the modern day fan favorite Robbie Reyes took over as the Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze entered the scene. A daredevil stuntman who made a deal with the devil, he became the spirit of vengeance, but that demonic heroic power he had makes him unable to hold onto the hammer himself.

2 Could: Captain America (Steve Rodgers)

via Inverse.com

One thing that was not only a big deal in the comics, but more recently became a fan favorite event in the MCU, was the moment Steve Rodgers, aka Captain America, wielded Mjolnir in battle. The hero is the definition of worthy, and proved it when he held the hammer.

1 Couldn’t: Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacey)

via Time.com

One fan favorite new character in recent years has to be Gwen Stacey of Earth-65. Her guilt over the loss of Peter Parker, her vigilante heroics, and her battle with darkness as the Venom symbiote nearly corrupted her sadly means she cannot be worthy of Thor’s hammer. Perhaps in another life.

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