Hulk Smash: 18 Marvel Ladies Bruce Banner Has Dated

Throughout the years, the Hulk and Bruce Banner have gotten around quite a bit. Some women are turned on by his big, raging greenness, while others fall for the aloof, genius, weakling scientist. Some are even intrigued by the combination of the two. For whatever the reason, Bruce/Hulk has had his fair share of flings and relationships in the Marvel universe.

And it's not that far-fetched, seeing as that the Hulk was first introduced in 1962. It would make sense that he’s had tons of women since he’s been around for 57 years! He had one true love at the beginning of his story, and he’s had a whirlwind of passionate relationships besides her, too.

Let’s take a look at 18 women the Hulk has smashed.

18 Zarda The Power Princess

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Zarda, or the Power Princess, looks strangely like Wonder Woman, and in “Ultimate Hulk Annual” #1, she fights with the Hulk over a totally mundane desire: the Hulk wanted pancakes. They get into a tiff about pants (Hulk has no pants to go get pancakes, and if Zarda has to wear pants, so does the Hulk) before Zarda punches him in the junk. They eventually get their pancakes and find the bedroom.

17 Caiera Oldstrong

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As a lieutenant of the Red King, Caiera Oldstrong is one of the Shadow People and the second strongest combatant on Sakaar next to the Hulk. In “Planet Hulk,” she stays by his side and the Hulk abruptly asks him to be his queen, and she accepts. Their union is consummated with The Shadow Ceremony. Even though she apparently dies at the end of “Planet Hulk,” she first gives birth to Skaar, the Son of Hulk.

16 Jarella

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In “The Incredible Hulk” #140, Hulk is shrunk down into the subatomic world of K’Ai, where he falls in love with Jarella, the princess of the subatomic kingdom. Jarella consents to be his wife, but before things can get going, Psyklop brings Hulk out of his micro-verse. Later on, Hulk and Jarella date on and off, splitting their time between universes. At one point, Bruce and Hulk both claim that they prefer Jarella over Betty, because she loves every aspect of him.

15 Umar

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Umar is the sister of Dormammu, and in “Defenders” #3 she manages to enslave the Hulk and make him her personal consort. Umar the Unrelenting, as she’s known, is truly that, as she plans to turn Hulk into her sex slave for eternity. The first time, the Hulk lasts six minutes in what is some of the roughest few minutes of his life. Meanwhile, Silver Surfer senses a shift in space-time during their marathon—apparently they went so hard that they bent reality!

14 She-Hulk

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In a bizarre twist involving his cousin Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, the two bumped uglies during the “Old Man Logan” arc. As an elderly, demented Bruce who was suffering from long-term radiation poisoning put it, “But who else was I gonna mate with besides my first cousin? Jenny She-Hulk was the only woman out there who could take the damn pace!” Eww.

13 Marlo Chandler-Jones

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In “The Incredible Hulk” #347, Hulk adopted the personality of Mr. Joe Fixit, a gray gangster who operated as a mob enforcer in Las Vegas. During that time, his boss’ wife sets him up with Marlo Chandler, an aerobics instructor. After their first date, we see Marlo clinging to a lamp pole and grinning, while saying, “I’m . . . fine.” She ends up marrying Hulk’s close friend, Rick Jones.

12 Bereet

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Techno artist filmmaker Bereet managed to turn footage of the Hulk’s destructive behavior into successful art films on her home planet of Krylor. Upon her return to Earth, she and the Hulk briefly dated. She also tried her hand at filmmaking on Earth, and produced “The Life and Times of the Incredible Hulk,” which humanized the Hulk to the public. Bereet was just a fling, as the Hulk put it during their first kiss: “If you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you’re with.”

11 Alice Steinfeld

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In “The Hulk!” #15, Bruce Banner is caught in a library trying to find a cure, when he stumbles upon Alice Steinfeld, who finds him sweet. He escapes, and the two later kiss, but Bruce is forced to escape again before he inadvertently transforms into the jolly green giant and accidentally destroys her.

10 Angela Lipscombe

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Angela Lipscombe first appears in “The Incredible Hulk” #12, where she slaps Bruce in the face when he shows up at her door one night. She’s angry about how they left things years ago, which leads us to believe romance is involved. Bruce tells her he’s dying, and he came to her because she’s a neurologist. They became friends, and then more than friends, and she was around for quite a few comics.

9 Cary St. Lawrence

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Colonel Cary St. Lawrence is a West Point graduate who finished third in her class. She was first tasked by the US Government to take custody of the Hulk. In “The Incredible Hulk” #453, alternative-universe Hulk grabs St. Lawrence at one point and gives her a kiss, then says, “Later, lover,” and jumps away, leaving her shaken.

8 Dawn Michaels

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In “The Hulk!” #10, we’re introduced to Dawn Michaels, a girl who works at the Daily Bugle. She finds the Hulk after one of his rampages in the wilderness, passed out, and she takes him in. She also helps him get a job at the Wolman Mines, but it’s discovered that Dawn is a reporter trying to expose illegal activity at the mines. She is killed for what she knows, but not before making out with Bruce to “seal” her secret with a “binding agreement.”

7 Glazier

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Glazier has the ability to turn living things into glass with her touch, and she claims to have gotten the power after her heart was broken by a man. She found Bruce Banner unconscious on the shore in “The Incredible Hulk” #262, and she kisses him trying to turn him into glass, but his transformation into the Hulk deters the transformation. She eventually touched herself and was turned into a glass statue on the sea bed.

6 Kate Waynesboro

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S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist Katherine Waynesboro was tasked with monitoring Banner’s condition after the mind of Banner appeared to take permanent control of the Hulk. In “The Incredible Hulk” #293, Kate was taken by The Abomination, and Hulk saved her. She then resigned as a scientist for S.H.I.E.L.D. and pursued a romantic relationship with Banner, but he was unnerved by the fact that she was originally sent to spy on him. That still didn’t stop him from hooking up with her though.

5 Susan Jacobson

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Susan Jacobson appears in “The Incredible Hulk” #377 as a college sweetheart of Bruce Banner’s. After he couldn’t express his feelings for her, she broke off the relationship. In the midst of one of their make-out sessions, she notices he’s detached and says, “Look Bruce, are you interested in doing this or not? You’re a twenty year old guy and you act like your hormones are stuck in neutral.” He says some stupid stuff about germs and what’s the point, and the rest is history.

4 Thundra

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In “Hulk: Raging Thunder” #1, Bruce is being pursued by the military in Utah, and two centuries in the future Thundra is leading her Sisterhood against a faction of male warriors. After defeating the men, she makes a time jump in order to battle the strongest man of that era. The two discover they are evenly matched, and she kisses him and returns to her own era with his DNA sample (scraped from inside his mouth), which they use to impregnate Thundra to give birth to a daughter who is as strong as she is.

3 Monica Rappaccini

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On a different universe (Earth-58163), Monica Rappaccini worked alongside Scorpion and the Hulk to overthrow Governor Exodus’ fascist mutant government. Hulk became Australia’s new leader, while Monica found herself stranded with him. She became his consort and had sex (but no kissing), finding that she felt “As if… I’ve known you longer than the few weeks we’ve been together.”

2 Nadia Blonsky

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Nadia Blonsky married Emil Blonsky before he became The Abomination, and she originally agreed to help the Home Base capture Bruce Banner, in “Hulk” #50. She seduced Bruce but wasn’t able to turn him over, and eventually confessed the plan to him. She then developed romantic feelings for him, as she saw him as a gentle, respectful man—the polar opposite of her evil husband Emil—and Bruce reciprocated those feelings.

1 Betty Ross

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Betty Ross was Bruce Banner’s original girlfriend, and the only woman who could calm him during his fits of green rage. She always remained devoted to Bruce, even when it became known that he was the Hulk. Eventually, when Betty believed Bruce had found another woman, she fell in love and married Major Glenn Talbot, and when he supposedly died, she suffered a nervous breakdown.

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