Mattel Released A New Line Of Gender Inclusive Dolls

Toymaker Mattel is launching a new line of gender-inclusive dolls. These gender non-conforming dolls were made as a result of changing trends. There was a need that Mattel filled.

These dolls are being marketed as a Creatable World collection because children can customize their doll to whatever gender they choose. Each doll has short har but comes with a long hair option and a variety of clothes to choose from including pants, skirts, dresses, and more. Mattel promises that kids can make over 100 style combinations with each Creatable World original kit and they can pick an change their doll's gender identify however they like.

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Creatable World Doll Kit Via Mattel

There are six different doll kits to choose from and each one will retail for about $30. These will be available online only to start with the idea of getting them in stores in the next few months.

In a press release, Mattel not only introduced the line but revealed that the dolls were created with a specific purpose. The toy giant worked with a team of parent, physicians, and kids, some of whom identify as trans, gender non-binary, or gender fluid. Upon completion, the doll kits were tested with 250 families. A handful of those families had children who identified as gender-neutral.

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Kim Culmone, the Senior Vice President of Mattel Fashion Doll Design said in a statement, "Toys are a reflection of culture and as the world continues to celebrate the positive impact of inclusivity, we felt it was time to create a doll line free of labels." Kids are wanting gender neutral dolls.

Mattel is well known for its very famous Barbie dolls and the huge world they have created in that realm. In recent years, Mattel has shown their feminist support by giving Barbie more empowering jobs and roles. Treating children as gender neutral without labels isn't new. Some stores, notably Target, have stopped having "boy" and "girl" aisles as to protest labels. All toys are for all children and its important for boys and girls to know they can both play with balls, dolls, kitchens, and superheroes. Disney has also stopped labeling their costumes by gender.

These dolls are the first of their kind and were made with the idea that every child needs to be represented. There are many benefits to doll play and seeing yourself in dolls as a child is important. Children, and adults for that matter, all want to fit in. Mattel also makes dolls of all colors and with disabilities.

The Creatable World kits are available online at Amazon, Walmart, and Target. What do you think of this line? Will you be buying one?

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