Rumour Has It That Matthew McConaughey Is Being Eyed To Play Two-Face/Harvey Dent In New Batman Movie


Latest headlines suggest Matthew McConaughey is being eyed to play the iconic Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

The Dallas Buyers Club legend and award-winning actor has been tipped to finally make his mark on the world of superhero movies. With Robert Pattinson confirmed to get behind the cape for Matt Reeves’ The Batman, there’s been a flurry of casting news when it comes to upcoming comic book caper. As well as Zoë Kravitz cracking her whip as Catwoman, Westworld‘s Jeffrey Wright will portray Commissioner Gordon in the first part of Reeves’ planned trilogy.

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Some reports suggest Reeves could include up to five villains in his first entry, and according to We Got This Covered, 50-year-old McConaughey could be Gotham City’s newest unhinged District Attorney and long-running nemesis of the Dark Knight. The site has been spot on with most of The Batman‘s casting so far. It reiterates that McConaughey is currently top of Reeves’ wish list, but he’s far from being locked in as Two-Face. Apparently, John David Washington’s name has also been thrown into the mix.

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It seems so far that Matt Reeves’ plan is to create a whole Batman universe with different sequels and The Batman will only be the introduction to a series of characters who will each have their own movies. For that reason, if Matthew McConaughey ends up signing up for the part, we would only see him for a tiny moment and only as Harvey Dent, not actually in his emblematic transformation. The idea is to show him as the District Attorney before becoming the villainous crime boss of Gotham City, something we would see in his own movie.

Two-Face was introduced in 1942’s Detective Comics #66 and is one of Batman’s most memorable foes. Billy Dee Williams played a pre-disfigured Dent in Tim Burton’s Batman. Elsewhere, Tommy Lee Jones suited up as the coin-flipping psycho in Batman Forever, while Aaron Eckhart played both sides of Dent for Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed The Dark Knight.

The Oscar-winning actor would definitely add a sense of star power to The Batman‘s already impressive plethora of stars.

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