McDonald's Monopoly Theft Gets Movie Deal With A-Listers

If you thought the Hamburglar was the only McDonald’s thief, think again. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, the Oscar-winning duo behind 1997’s Good Will Hunting, will adapt the true story behind the McDonald's Monopoly theft.

After failing to bring the Whitey Bulger biopic to the screen, Affleck and Damon, who were blindsided at the box office by Black Mass, decided to try another crime caper, this one with the burger chain at its center.

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Affleck is set to direct the film, while Damon will star. The screenplay is being penned by Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The Daily Beast article recounts how Michael Hoover claimed he had won the McDonald’s Monopoly game in 2001. The case was eventually investigated by the FBI and ended with Jacobson in jail.

According to Deadline, the thieves were eventually brought down by “a sting that began with a tip about an ‘Uncle Jerry,’” who sold stolen game pieces. The FBI investigation led to Jerry Jacobson, head of security for a Los Angeles company responsible for producing the game pieces. The massive conspiracy involved mobsters, psychic, strip-club owners, drug traffickers, and a Mormon family who said they had won over $24 million in cash and prizes. Hollywood couldn’t have imagined a better script.

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“The camera crew listened patiently to his rambling story, silently recognizing the inconsequential details found in stories told by liars,” the Daily Beast story reads. “They suspected that Hoover was not a lucky winner, but part of a major criminal conspiracy to defraud the fast-food chain of millions of dollars. The two men behind the camera were not from McDonald’s. They were undercover agents from the FBI. This was a McSting.”

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Though Affleck has been attached to other projects, such as a new adaptation of Witness for the Prosecution and an Afghanistan war drama with his brother, Casey, in the lead, this new McDonald’s project seems to have taken precedent. Damon, meanwhile, is wrapping up James Mangold's Ford vs. Ferrari, which should free him up for this film.

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