McDonald's Poster Prank May Set Record For Lasting More Than 50 Days (& Counting!)

Two guys in Houston, Texas played a prank on their local McDonald's and as far as we know, it has yet to come to an end.

If you have been to a McDonald's restaurant anywhere in the world, aside from a few small differences, most of them are pretty much the same. Sure, a few of the menu items differ from place to place, mostly due to cultural differences, but if you're ever feeling homesick on the other side of the world then nothing will make you feel like you're back home like stepping into a McDonald's.

As well as the universal menu, there's also the same decor in McDonald's restaurants around the world. Most of them are decked out with candid photos of people enjoying the worldwide company's products. It's not how we picture ourselves when we eat from there, but it certainly makes for a nicer atmosphere than simply having blank walls to stare out while you wolf down a McFlurry.


Two gentlemen visiting their local McDonald's in Houston, Texas noticed something about the photos in the restaurant, though, as reported by BBC. That absolutely none of them featured any Asian people. One of the men, Jevh Maravilla who is of Filipino heritage, decided to do something about this. He and his friend Christian Toledo created their own McDonald's portrait, featuring themselves, and hung it up in the restaurant completely undetected.

While hilarious, the operation was not as simple as it sounds. Jevh and Christian posed for the photo featuring the two of them casually enjoying McDonald's products, edited it to look like the rest in the restaurant, and then ordered it. When it arrived is when the real work began. Jevh posed as a McDonald's employee, complete with uniform, while Christian and his friends pretended to be customers. They then waited for the opportune time and when it came, applied the portrait to the blank wall using adhesive.

That all went down on July 13th, 2018. Here we are almost two months later and as far as we know, the picture remains on the restaurant wall completely unbeknownst to the staff that it isn't supposed to be there. Jevh posted on Twitter on September 2nd, 2018, that the picture was still there and had been in place for 51 days, complete with photographic evidence. As of right now, the tweet has been liked more than 1 million times.


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