McDonalds In Sweden To Turn Roadside Billboards Into ‘Honeybee Hotels’

McDonalds has built “honeybee hotels” into their billboards to help the dwindling bee population in Sweden. The fast food giant revealed the project in a video, and the response by people in the community has been positive. With their project, the company is leading the business world in green, eco-friendly innovation.

There are dozens of billboards on highways and city roads. These unused spaces have the potential to be turned into homes for various wildlife. Just as people have learned to live inside steel or concrete structures, animals can live in man-made structures so that they can adapt to their changing landscape. People have taken up a lot of their spaces, so we need to provide solutions if we want to keep the planet alive. While we can’t live inside billboards, thousands of bees can.

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McDonalds has decided to use their billboards for more than just marketing. The move is still a good choice for publicity, but the fact remains that they do help the environment. Any billboard they build in the country can double as a home for bees. On top of that, they partnered with the advertising firm JCDecaux so that they can build bee hotels behind unused roadside billboards. With more places to settle-in, Sweden can hopefully get their pollinator population up again.

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This isn’t the first time the fast food giant made efforts towards the protection of bees. Back in May, award-winning designer Nicklas Nilsson created the “McHive:” a fully functioning beehive build inside of the “world’s smallest McDonalds.” It was auctioned and sold for more than $10,000. The proceeds were donated to charities dedicated to bee conservation.

In their video, McDonalds highlights how our food is reliant on the bees. They pollinate plants and keep them healthy, so without them, it will be hard to grow food. In this light, food manufacturers, restaurants, and all companies selling food need to invest in protecting the pollinators. Without their help, they won’t be able to do business. The bees will keep both their business and our planet alive, so it makes sense that big food companies should be at the forefront of bee conservation efforts.

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