The 25 Richest MCU And DC Actors (And How Much They Are Worth)

Back in the early-2000s, the superhero movie genre was a niche in the industry and was seen as a big risk for actors which could end careers if the film would bomb. Since Iron Man became the first franchise-building success in the genre, the superhero genre is now the dream for any actor to land in. We’ve seen actors make global names out of themselves when they weren’t even known to anyone before. Celebrities like Karen Gillan, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Danai Guirrera, Gal Gadot, and a whole lot more weren’t known to the worldwide audience before their big roles in the MCU or DCEU franchises.

Both these franchises are the largest shared universes out there, and neither of them have an expiration date. The best thing about landing a role in these films for the actors, is garnering that much-needed exposure to elevate themselves into the celebrity stratosphere. Starring in superhero films open doors for newer roles and more money-making opportunities. And we’re all here to make money, aren’t we? These film stars sure have cashed in their checks big for their work in the DC and Marvel universe movies, and you’ll be shocked to see how much they’re making.

Of course, not all of them make money purely from their franchises, but this doesn’t make their net worths any less interesting to know. So, if you’d like to learn how rich you could get from being in a superhero movie, then here are 25 of the richest MCU and DCEU actors for you to check out.

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Gal Gadot
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25 Gal Gadot ($10 Million)

Gal Gadot
via complex.com

While she’s slaying it as Wonder Woman in the DCEU, Gal Gadot is at the bottom of this list despite being the only leading lady from this franchise. It’s not the fault of the DCEU, though, but because she only recently joined the franchise.

Before Wonder Woman, Gal was best-known for being in The Fast and the Furious series where, let’s be honest, she wasn’t cast for her acting ability. She’s done remarkable work as Wonder Women, however, and she’s sure to rise up with her earnings in the coming years.

24 Margot Robbie ($12 Million)

Margot Robbie
via foxnews.com

Like Gal, Margot also first became popular for being a very attractive figure, with her role in The Wolf of Wall Street popping a whole lot of eyeballs. However, Margot has since upped her acting game considerably, and she’s been nominated for an Oscar as well.

Due to this, the Harley Quinn of the DCEU has racked up a fortune of $12 million, and she’s only 29-years-old. Look for Margot to be in the upper echelon as the years go by, and as Harley Quinn becomes a leading lady in Birds of Prey.

23 Jason Momoa ($14 Million)

Jason Mamoa
via chicagotribune.com

Aquaman racked up over $1 billion at the box office and became the highest-grossing DCEU film ever released; it’s a surprise, then, why Jason isn’t that rich considering this success. That would be because Aquaman only recently became a bona fide leading hero, and Jason is enjoying the spoils with his fortune now landing at $14 million.

His earnings were already up there thanks to his role in Game of Thrones, but it’s understandable why he isn’t richer seeing as Drago and Aquaman are both recent role.

22 Henry Cavill ($20 Million)

via nme.com

Okay, even we have to agree here with this surprising figure, as Henry Cavill has “only” $20 million to his name as of the last net worth count. It’s unexpected because Henry’s been in not one, not two, but three feature-length films as Superman, with him being the leading man in two of them.

He was also the main antagonist of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, which makes his estimated figure all the more hard to believe. Still, he’s got a long life to live and the money he has right now is more than most of us will ever see.

21 Paul Rudd ($30 Million)

via popsugar.com

Paul’s been active in the industry for three decades now, so one would expect he’d been in big numbers as far as his personal fortune is concerned. That’s not quite the case, as Paul is much lower than almost all of his Avengers co-stars.

The funnyman must not have made all that much when he was solely starring in comedies, but he’s picked up the pace with his net worth recently thanks to being the lead in the Ant-Man films.

20 Mark Ruffalo ($30 Million)

via time.com

He may play the angriest creature in the universe in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Mark Ruffalo is also the sweetest and caring celebrity alive today. He’s been very active in charity efforts across the globe, which makes his relatively low net worth of $30 million understandable.

He’s also been active in superhero films since 2012, and we hope to see more of him as the Incredible Hulk now that Avengers: Endgame has been released. Maybe starring in another one of these movies will enlarge the bank account some more.

19 Chris Pratt ($40 Million)

Chris Pratt
via gq.com.au

You better believe starring as Star-Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies has made Chris Pratt much richer in the recent years. He was a supporting actor in Parks and Recreations before his explosive performance in the MCU, and his star has only shined brighter since then.

Chris is also the leading man in the Jurassic World movies (which tend to rival the Avengers movies in box office grosses), and we’ll be seeing him become a lot richer by the time Jurassic World 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 roll out.

18 Jeremy Renner ($50 Million)

Jeremy Renner
via theverge.com

Not too shabby for someone considered as the weakest Avenger, is it? Jeremy Renner’s certainly doing very good for himself by reaching halfway toward the century mark of millionaires, and it should come as no surprise if you look at his filmography.

Along with being Hawkeye, Jeremy’s starred in the Mission: Impossible movies and been the lead in the Bourne franchise as well. He’s also been nominated for major awards like the Oscars, making him a sought-after actor in the industry.

17 Amy Adams ($60 Million)

Amy Adams
via spokesman.com

Amy’s seen as the ultimate loser where the Academy Awards are considered, after six out six defeats spanning a number of years. However, she’s a winner through and through as an actress, with her net worth being an amazing $60 million.

Despite being nominated as a supporting actress five times, she’s starred in the lead role in several films as well. This level of productivity was bound to reflect on her income, and with Amy now having ventured into television as well (starring in Sharp Objects), she can only aim higher.

16 Gwyneth Paltrow ($60 Million)

Gwyneth Paltrow
via wsj.com

Hard as it is to believe, this figure is nothing compared to how much Gwyneth Paltrow used to be worth. She would’ve placed about 7-8 positions higher on this list before she lost a considerable amount of her fortune.

Gwyneth was worth $140 million, but lost more than half due to risky investments into her company, Goop. Although that’s a hefty sum to lose, she’s still $60 million richer than most of the world; so it’s not all bad news for her.

15 Robin Wright ($65 Million)

Robin Wright
via theknotnews.com

The newer generation might find it hard to believe that the actress who plays Wonder Woman’s mother could be six times richer than Wonder Woman herself, but Robin Wright was a complete A-lister in her time, and remains that way even today.

With decades worth of experience in the industry, Robin was bound to find herself being enormously rich. It’s unlikely her DCEU paycheck has made much difference to how much she has now compared to before being cast, since her role is that of a minor supporting one.

14 Chris Evans ($70 Million)

Chris Evans
via ew.com

Yes, the guy with that dopey smile in the above picture is worth a whopping amount; he did earn every bit of it fair and square. The real Marvel legend is Chris Evans, as the actor has been with the brand since 2004’s Fantastic Four.

After making his MCU debut in Captain America: The First Avenger, Chris has continued being a Marvel staple, with him having the most appearances in the MCU. All this naturally means he’s been getting paid very handsomely for his efforts, and his net worth attests to it.

13 Ryan Reynolds ($75 Million)

via gq.com

If there was ever an actor more deserving of having the level of fame and stability he has today, it is Ryan Reynolds. The guy struggled for over a decade to find his footing, with roles in Two Guys and a Girl, Blade: Trinity, and (who could forget?) Green Lantern all showing his quality, but never measuring p in commercial success.

He’s finally found his groove with Deadpool, and the actor’s business ventures into creating his own brand called Aviation Gin has meant his estate has grown to being quite enormous considering how many times the guy failed to get there.

12 Chris Hemsworth ($90 Million)

via collider.com

One of the two youngest actors in the top twelve list at 35, Chris Hemsworth hasn’t set the stage on fire in roles outside of the MCU, but he’s been paid top dollar for his appearances alone. He’s set to expand his earnings in due course, as MIB: International and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be released soon.

Chris has also been smarter with his money by moving out of expensive USA, and heading back to his native Australia. He’s also chosen the odd supporting role that has showcased his comedic skills, or highlighted his niche acting ability, thereby ensuring he keeps getting new work.

11 Russell Crowe ($95 Million)

Russell Crowe
via time.com

The younger generation will know Russell mainly as Jor-El in Man of Steel, or the one good thing about 2017’s The Mummy, but Russell has earned almost a century worth of millions due to being the A-list leading man in the industry at the beginning of the century.

He won the Oscar for Gladiator and set the awards ceremonies alight the following year with A Beautiful Mind. His financial interest in the Rugby team, South Sydney Rabbitohs, has given Russell another mode of earning, too.

10 Bradley Cooper ($100 Million)

Bradley Cooper
via sheknows.com

Oh my! The Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy is the first actor in this list to show a mind boggling $100 million fortune. Cooper was under the radar for a couple years before returning with a blast in A Star is Born, and capturing many awards.

He must not have any need for steady work, which would explain the minor hiatus he was on. He’s been a reliable leading and supporting man for years by now, and has been featured as a producer on films and TV series’ – most recently appearing and producing Limitless. Combining his riches with partner Irina Shayk's own means that this is one rich household.

9 Ben Affleck ($130 Million)

Ben Affleck
via theinnersane.com

Ben Affleck’s inclusion in the DCEU played the trick of elevating the franchise into higher levels. He was easily the biggest name attached to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

Affleck’s numerous successes across film genres have seen him amass an incredible net worth that far exceeds most of Hollywood. In addition to his earnings as an actor, he also makes money from his work as a director, writer, and producer of films. Affleck has also been notorious for being a professional gambler, with one establishment even asking him to leave because he was winning too much that night!

8 Scarlett Johansson ($140 Million)

Scarlett Johansson
via etonline.com

The final film woman on this list, and the one who far outstrips a majority of the men, too. Scarlet’s huge sum of earning have been possible due to her many ventures beyond acting. She’s a model, an endorser, a campaigner, and even a singer.

Whatever course she’s taken in has turned into gold, and she headlines campaigns for brands like Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klien, L’Oreal, and overseas products as well. As far as her MCU role is considered, she’s one of the longest tenured actors, and has been featured in ten films.

7 Anthony Hopkins ($160 Million)

Anthony Hopkins
via thedailybeast.com

Odin didn’t have nearly as large a role in the Thor series as compared to his comic books counterpart, but Anthony Hopkins has been raking in the big bucks for too long to worry about his character not having enough screentime.

Hopkins has reaped the benefits of royalty money from franchises like The Silence of the Lambs and Transformers. The children born when Hopkins began acting are now in their retirement ages, so you can guesstimate how much money he’s made since then.

6 Vin Diesel ($200 Million)

Vin Diesel
via scoopwhoop.com

Vin Diesel doesn’t have half the filmography of the people on this list, yet he’s so far ahead of them all it’s kind of ridiculous. You see, Vin’s discovered the key to remaining wealthy, and that is by repeating one blockbuster flick after another.

The Fast and the Furious series is hit bread and butter, and he’s milked almost all he can out of it. He’s also the star of the Chronicles of Riddick series, along with other big-budget films he makes. The royalties he makes from Fast franchise movies must be sky high. But his role as Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy films also spell easy money.

5 Samuel L. Jackson ($220 Million)

Samuel L. Jackson
via foxnews.com

It’ll take you an entire life to watch through every Sam Jackson film that’s been made, and the list just keeps growing and growing. He’s the highest-grossing actor ever at the box office, with Jackson being the main selling point when his appearance is listed in the films.

His gigantic wealth doesn’t surprise us, though, since he works pretty much every day for it. He’s signed a nine-picture deal with the MCU back in 2008, and outstripped that figure by now with no sings of stopping as Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters.

4 The Rock ($280 Million)

The Rock
via elpasotimes.com

The only actor who can beat Sam Jackson in the work horse department is The Rock. He was WWE’s biggest star in his younger days, and achieved everything there was in that field before he’d even turned 30.

He’s ruled Hollywood since starring in Fast Five, with The Rock now having so many blockbuster franchises to his name that we can’t even list all of them. He’s set to join the DCEU with a Black Adam solo film; the developers will definitely also be using him in Shazam! 2. The $280 million figure seems small when put into contest how much The Rock works.

3 Michael Douglas ($300 Million)

Michael Douglas
via people.com

Michael Douglas has a supporting role in the Ant-Man films, and even then he’s front and center of the film’s happenings. The man has always been an A-lister given his pedigree, and his net worth is tied for first place.

Douglas has is a multi-time Oscar winner, with one of them being for his directorial work, which should tell you just how much he must earn as a producer and director. He was a leading man well into the 2000s despite his growing age, and the result has been Douglas being $300 million richer.

2 Will Smith ($300 Million)

Will Smith
via variety.com

Most people would become complacent after achieving the level of success Will Smith has, but the entertainer himself never stops entertaining. He started out as a rapper, and has expanded into every territory possible.

He’s been a comedy actor, an action star, a stand-up comedian, and is now a legit YouTuber. He became the second biggest name to sign into the DCEU with Suicide Squad and was billed top for it. We don’t know when we’ll see him back in the DCEU, but we know he’s still going to be successful no matter where he lands.

1 Robert Downey Jr. ($300 Million)

Robert Downey Jr.
via wrmf.com

The granddaddy of the MCU has to be in top place and nowhere else. He was down in the dumps before landing the lead in Iron Man, for which he was paid a small fraction of what he made in Avengers: Endgame after his star power reached its zenith, and he now rules the roost.

Robert has capitalized the most out of the MCU than any other actor, and has made himself into a global icon – he’s more popular than Iron Man if we’re being honest. $300 million is still less considering the billions Disney has made thanks to Robert being attached with the MCU.

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