15 MCU Relationships That Don't Make Any Sense

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a wondrous place. It opens up the imagination and allows us to see into the lives of these famous and vividly colorful comic book characters. There are some movies and shows that got it right (The Avengers, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Luke Cage to name just a few) and some that got it horribly wrong (Iron Fist, Hulk, the Punisher, Fantastic Four). And a lot of what makes the good movies actually good has a lot to do with casting and chemistry along with decent writing.

In the MCU, it tends to be hit or miss when it comes to attempting to pair off characters romantically in order to stay true to the comic books. And while producers get it right most of the time, there are some occasions where they need to go back in time and rearrange their train of thought.

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15 Thor and Jane Foster


Two beautiful people, two amazing actors – what could possibly go wrong?? Um, well, for starters EVERYTHING. First of all, producers made Jane one dimensional and boring when THEY HAD NATALIE PORTMAN IN THE ROLE. Hopefully, they get it right when Portman becomes female Thor. Just know, she doesn’t have to be set up with anyone.

14 Vision and the Scarlet Witch


Because most of their relationship had developed off camera, I don’t get the sense of any chemistry going on here between these two characters. It seems like they brought them together in order to give audiences something to root for in Infinity War and then, ultimately, feel bad for when Thanos forces the Scarlet Witch to end the man she loves.

13 Stephen Strange and Christine Palmer


Here we have a very arrogant superhero falling in love with a woman he simply can’t stop being cruel to. Christine Palmer is a highly-skilled doctor and he just can’t help but belittle her every chance he got, so why should SHE be romantically attracted to him? Most say that this pairing off was the worst in the entire MCU, and we can’t blame them.

12 Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter

The Mary Sue

Talk about super inappropriate and just plain weird. The two characters met in Captain America: Winter Solider and had a mild flirtation going. But when Civil War rolled around, it turned straight-up romantic. And THEN they revealed that Carter is the grand-niece of Peggy Carter -the love of Captain America’s life. Okay, how about ICK!

11 Phil Coulson and Rosalind Price

The AV Club

Producers usually find that the best route to take when dealing with a man and woman who bicker is the “Sam and Diane” route: that there’s a thin line between love and hate so the two people HAVE to get together. This is what they did with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Phil Coulson and Rosalind Price. It just didn’t make sense.

10 The Hulk and the Black Widow

Movie Web

Here we have a case of two attractive and talented actors in the same frame so producers are like “LET’S MAKE THEM FALL IN LOVE!” which didn’t work out all too well. Not only did Bruce Banner and Natasha’s romance fall flat on its face, but they tiptoe around the fall out in later Avengers movies. This was just a very Beauty and the Beast sort of move.

9 Tony Stark and Pepper Potts


I know I will get slack for this since Tony Stark and Pepper Potts are supposed to the “IT” MCU couple considering they supposedly have chemistry that stems from them being so close for so many years before the romance started. I don’t see it. And I don’t feel it in Tony’s final moments either. He has more chemistry with Peter Parker than Pepper.

8 Liz Toomes and Peter Parker


There are hardly any flaws in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies, especially when he was introduced in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Except one: Peter Parker and Liz Toomes. So, they go on one date and we’re supposed to care about them as a couple? Okay, that’s not how it works. He has a crush on her and then says bye when her dad turns out to be evil?

7 Matt Murdock and Karen Page


Karen Page started out as Matt Murdock’s (aka Daredevil) office manager at Nelson and Murdock and their flirtation turned into this supposed giant romantic adventure. Only thing was – it wasn’t an adventure to audiences. The relationship quickly dissolved and then producers decided to pair her up (possibly) with Frank Castle.

6 Trish Walker and Will Simpson


If we’re being honest here, the only real chemistry in Netflix’s Jessica Jones is that between Jessica (Krysten Ritter) and Trish (Racheal Taylor)…and Jessica and Luke Cage (Mike Colter), so when the producers stuck Trish with good cop turned bad Will Simpson, it was odd and felt just wrong. Especially due to him going all crazy.

5 Colleen Wing and Danny Rand


We can all agree that Netflix’s Iron Fist was a huge disaster, right? One of the key aspects to its downfall was producers trying to pair up two strong leads just because…what, they were in close proximity with each other? Colleen was WAY too good for Danny and everyone knows it so the pairing seems far-fetched.

4 Bruce Banner and Betty Ross


Liv Tyler is a great actress. Edward Norton is a great actor. But pairing them off as Betty Ross and the Hulk and expecting everyone to just buy them as a couple? Giant fail. The thing is, barely anyone remembers this couple because of how dull producers made their romance in The Incredible Hulk. I mean, even that kiss in the rain didn’t do much for the couple.

3 Kilgrave and Jessica Jones


Okay, so Kilgrave was a super bad guy who was using mind control to keep Jessica Jones, the woman he was supposedly in love with, by his side. We understand he’s the villain from the get-go, but when he has Jessica under his control, it straight up demonic. He thinks he has normal “romantic” feelings like your average Joe, but in reality, he’s just sick.

2 Hawkeye and Laura Barton


Ah yes, the desperate 11th-hour attempt to make Hawkeye seem like a decent character when it’s revealed that he has a family living on some farm in the middle of Nowheresville. But it also hurts him in that his decision making is completely askew – he should want to be WITH his family and protecting them not out trying to kick down death’s door every six seconds.

1 Jessica Jones and Erik


Leave it to Jessica Jones to fall for the dude she met at a bar who she has a one-night stand with. Only this time, this particular gentleman has powers himself – when he’s next to someone “evil” he gets a migraine. While this pairing off might seem like a good idea, the chemistry between the two isn’t off the charts and feels forced. Also, we really miss Luke.

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