Meet Pitzush, the Most Glamorous Kitty in History

Meet Pitzush. She was rescued by her owner 8 years ago. At the time she was just a kitten and was in terrible shape. With infected teeth, she was taken to the vet immediately. 8 Years later Pitzush is not only healthy, she's an Instagram star. And like all celebrities, she's just like us (right?)!

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10 Here is a pic of Pitzush just lounging around the house

From a stray to a self-proclaimed fashionista, Pitzush proves that anyone can look glam if they want to. Living with owner, Roxana Dulama, in Romania, Dulama dresses Pitzush in the most elegant cat fashions you've ever seen. From ornate jewelry, to ballgowns fit for royalty, Pitzush is, hands down, the most glamorous cat on the internet.

(Don't worry, the fake eyelashes are added with Photoshop).

Check out Pitzush photographed in some of her most glamorous outfits below.

9 Roxana really likes to add fake eyelashes

The pink and purple silk bow is beautiful, but those pink eyelashes really steal the show. This is one majestic kitty.

8 This time green eyelashes!

The eyelashes have to match the outfit, of course. This time, Roxana is pulling out all the stops. With a gold sweater, statement jewel necklace, and bright green fake eyelashes, Pitzush is looking chic AF.

7 The floral goddess (and again, more fake eyelashes)

Cat lady-like, eyes deep and bright! #catsofinstagram

A post shared by Puss In Glam Pitzush & Shaya (@pussinglam) on

This girly look accomplished with lots of lace and floral patterns makes Pitzush fit for the runway. Those eyes (+ the pale pink eyelashes) are absolutely hypnotizing.

6 Channeling Frida Kahlo

In a pink silky dress and gorgeous pearl necklace, Pitzush looks like royalty. And that giant pink flower crown is seriously giving me some Frida Kahlo vibes.

5 Living the life of luxury

Pitzush is basically Marie Antoinette in this picture. Cozily draped over flowers and luxury fabrics, Pitzush is just chilling (18th century aristocracy-style, of course).

4 Rocking the ski chic look

Fabulous in any occasion! #catsofinstagram #adventurecats

A post shared by Puss In Glam Pitzush & Shaya (@pussinglam) on

Even with giant ski goggles on her head, she still manages to look fashion forward!  That pink scarf matches her purple ski goggles perfectly. Time to hit the slopes, Pitzush! Or strut down the runaway... whichever comes first.

3 Roxana also really likes to put her in necklaces, like this ballerina-inspired necklace below...

This statement piece is perfect for high tea, a summer garden party, or even a wedding. I love the mix of pearls, crystals, and pale pink roses. She is the perfect ballerina.

2 And this triple beaded necklace

I woke up like this! No makeup day! #catsofinstagram

A post shared by Puss In Glam Pitzush & Shaya (@pussinglam) on

Is Pitzush on her way to the Oscars? No? Oh, right I forgot this is just a normal day in the life for Pitzush. Glamming it up with this triple beaded necklace, Pitzush looks stunning basking in the sunlight.

1 But in the end, Pitzush is just a kitty like any other kitty

Napping, eating, and playing with her tail are all in a day's work for Pitzush (when she's not off at a photoshoot, that is). Seriously though, Pitzush is just like any other cat. And her and her owner, Roxana have a deep connection unlike anything else.

To check out Pitzush's official Instagram page, "Puss in Glam," click here.

Sources: buzzfeed.com, dailymail.co.uk

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