How Meg & Har's Wedding Was Basically A Real-Life Disney Movie (15 Posts)

The spring/summer weather is finally in full effect and you know what that means? Wedding season. Yeah, you may think your wedding will be the talk of the town for months to come; though that may be true, it’s pretty safe to say that any wedding will be hard to top the Royal Wedding for the foreseeable future. On May 19th, 2018, the world was glued to their television screens as actress Meghan Markle wed Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, in a star-studded ceremony. Social media was in a frenzy, flooding their friends’ timelines with photos, reactions, and excitement. There’s no question that the royal wedding gave us the fairy tale feels so it’s only natural to compare the wedding to Disney; because, duh, Disney = happy endings. Here are 15 ways the royal wedding compared to our most beloved Disney films.

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15 "You Are My Sunshine"

The Royal Wedding took place on a beautiful spring afternoon at St. George’s Chapel at the Windsor Castle in Windsor, United Kingdom. Windsor is a town just west of London and London is not known for its bright, sunny weather. The weather in London is usually describes as gloomy, foggy, and rainy meaning that it was an abnormally perfect day for a wedding. Think about all the Disney movies you’ve watched. Of those movies think about how many had weddings. What was the weather like in those movies? Was there a cloud in sight? Nope. Disney weddings always take place on a perfect sunny day, flowers in bloom, birds chirping, and the whole town celebrating the union of two people. The superstitious would say the sunny day is a sign of bad luck. Photographers also say to avoid having a wedding on a sunny day as the photos may prove difficult to shoot with the over saturation of light. While a gloomy rainy day not only is optimal for wedding photos, rainy wedding as said to wash away any sadness and bad vibes and symbolizes a happy marriage and fertility. Maybe they were better off having a rainy wedding day.

14 Sanctuary!!!

As mentioned, Meghan and Prince Harry were hitched on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at St. George’s Chapel in front of their friends, loved ones, and the world. It’s obvious these are not the same building, but the chapel is reminiscent of the cathedral from Hunchback of Notre Dame. Both of these historical buildings have some striking similarities. St. George’s Chapel and the Notre-Dame Cathedral are huge, built hundreds of years ago, traditionally roman-catholic (St George is now Church of England denomination), and beautifully built in a gothic style. St George Chapel, established by King Edward III, sits on the site of the Windsor Castle. The Windsor Castle is also where Queen Elizabeth II (Prince Harry’s grandmother) resides. The royal wedding isn’t the only event held at St. George’s Chapel. Other ceremonies held at the chapel including funerals. Speaking of funerals, Queen Elizabeth’s funeral and burial is planned to take place at the St. George Chapel. If that’s the case, it’s curious that Markle essentially walked down the aisle of a graveyard. Did the thought cross her mind? Maybe. Though it is a morbid thought to have on your wedding day. The real question is, was Quasi hidden somewhere in the bell tower?

13 The Swirl

Meghan and Prince Harry’s interracial love definitely sparked some controversy over their courtship. But it’s 2018 and people seriously need to get over it. Of course, this is not the first time a black woman or any woman of color married into a royal family. There’s Ariana Austin who made headlines when it was revealed she met her now-husband (the prince of Ethiopia) at a club, Angela Gisela who married Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein in 2000, Cécile Irène Gelabale who married Christian Louis de Massy, the son of Princess Antoinette of Monaco, and Princess Charlette that proceeds Meghan by 257 years as Britain’s first black royal, just to name a few. Much like the royal couple, there was controversy surrounding the making of The Princess and the Frog.

Tiana is a black woman while her love interest, Price Naveen, is a non-black man.

Though Prince Naveen’s ethnicity has never been confirmed, it has been determined that he is not a black man. Markle herself is of mixed raced, her father being white and her mother being black while Harry is white. But Meghan and Prince Harry didn’t allow the naysayers or their racial differences deter them from tying the knot. What’s more, their wedding beautifully reflected those differences.

12 Prince(ss) Abubu

Like any high-profile event, there was some controversy leading up to the big royal wedding. From Markle being a black woman to the fact that this union would be her second marriage and that she was an actress and *gasp* American. Then the vexed topic of Markle being of non-royal blood began to circulate. Her black, American, single-parent upbringing, divorced, non-royal blood had the aristocrats clinching their pearls and spiking their tea to deal with such progression. This parallels to Princess Jasmine and Aladdin. Okay, okay let’s forget the whole “Aladdin lied about who is he and where he came from just to impress the princess” thing and focus on the point: Jasmine married a non-royal. Politely put, Aladdin comes from the streets, literally, while Jasmine grew up in luxury and heiress to the throne. She fell in love with Aladdin for who he was not, not a title held or money in his account. Not to say Markle is a “street rat” as she is far from it. She’s made an acting career for herself, her most notable role in USA’s Suits. She and Prince Harry met by chance after being set up through mutual friends (where are the well-connected friends at?!).

11 She Gets It From Her Mama

Speaking of Princess and The Frog, Meghan’s mother was just…beyond words. It was so apparent where Markle got her poise and class from. Her mama. Like Markle, Ms. Doria Ragland, oozed class and beauty from every cell in her body. Ms. Ragland is a social worker living in the sunny Los Angeles, California. After Ragland divorced Markle’s father, she became the prominent parental figure in Markle’s life.

I mean, the woman raised a future princess/duchess.

Among the many family members, close friends, and celebrities that were invited and appeared at the wedding, Ragland was the sole member of Markle’s family to show up to the wedding ceremony. Many speculated that Markle was riddled with family drama and plagued with estranged family relationships. In reality, who doesn’t have a little family mess floating around? In addition to Ragland’s undisputed style and grace, did you notice that she wore a similar hue of green as Tiana’s mother in The Princess and The Frog? Ragland showed the same joy and pride Eudora (Tiana’s mother) displayed when Tiana opened her own restaurant (give me all the beignets). Ragland is the realest of all the attendees. She came as she was: dreads, nose ring and pure fabulousness.

10 Dear Mama...

Okay, things are about to get a little dark for a second. If you just cannot, skip this point. Going once… going twice…you had your chance so let’s get into it. Disney movies always end on a happy ending, but the beginning of the films is an entirely different story. The start of Disney movies is usually pretty rocky and dark. Majority if not all Disney movies begin with a tragic passing. It may be a friend, loved one, or the protagonist’s parents, but someone is going to face some misfortune. Though the royal wedding was a joyous occasion to celebrate love, this fairy tale was no different. The huge, dark cloud of Princess Diana’s death lingered in the air. Princess Diana was Prince William and Prince Harry’s mother. She was hailed one of England’s most beloved and benevolent royals to ever walk the face of the earth. Princess Diana was known for her kindness and philanthropic ventures, especially for the HIV/AIDS causes/charities. Because of her selfless, kind acts, Princess Diana was dubbed “The People’s Princess”. Diana, Princess of Wales, died in Paris on August 31, 1997 at age 36. Though Markle’s family didn’t come to the wedding, she still had her mother beaming as she watched her daughter get married.

9 The Butler

Oh, you thought The royal wedding was only an internationally covered event between two lovebirds? Silly goose. The wedding doubled as a New York fashion week runway, serving you tea-time couture. There was an abundance of expensive, elegant dresses, crisp Sunday hats, and dapper suits. Queen Elizabeth II wore a two-piece neon green number made by Steward Parvin with a matching hat made by Angela Kelly. Prince Phillip wore a traditional tailored suit.

As traditional as his attire is, he looked like Edgar the Butler from the Artistocats.

Remember the Aristocats? You know, the movie with cats richer than you. This 1970 feature is about a family of cats (Duchess, the mother cat, and her three kittens, Berlioz, Marie and Toulouse) drugged and kidnapped by their owner’s, Madame Adelaide, butler, Edgar. Well that escalated quickly. Well, Edgar overheard a conversation between Madame Adelaide and her lawyer whilst preparing her will. She decided to leave her fortune to her cats and leave whatever’s left to Edgar. So naturally he had to get rid of the cats so he can come up on the money. But in true Disney style, Edgar’s plan didn’t work. Not saying Prince Philip looks like a cat-napper – just that he dresses like one.

8 Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

The royal wedding was much more than any ol’ regular wedding ceremony. Besides it being royal and all, a lot of our favorite celebrities made an appearance. Of those celebrities, none struck a chord like Tom Hardy. Yes, Tom Hardy. Hear me out. Hardy arrived at the wedding sporting a Professor X bald head, which alone set the internet on fire, and wore a simple well-tailored navy suit. Did you notice who the Venom star really is? No? Okay, I’ll tell you: The Magic Mirror from Snow White. The Magic Mirror is owned by the Evil Queen. Every morning before the Evil Queen left her castle before work (because being evil and a queen is a job) she would ask The Mirror “…who’s the fairest of them all?” to which The Mirror replies “Snow White, duh.” In turn, The Evil Queen hated Snow White solely because she’s deemed the most beautiful woman in all the land. You think Tom Hardy told Markle she’s the fairest of them all? Let’s go with yes. Also, take note that during the royal ceremony, Tom Hardy was caught on camera looking as though he was hungover in his 8am chemistry class. Same Tom, same.

7 The Dress

Via: Daily Mail

It’s no surprise that Meghan was going to be the epitome of glamor and class on her big day. What made the interwebs collectively flail their arms about like a wacky waving inflatable tube man is how much her dress favored Cinderella’s. The dress is a simple long-sleeved slightly off the shoulder number made by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy. Meanwhile, Cinderella’s dress was made by magic from her fairy god mother. Markle’s dress was accompanied by the most beautiful tiara. The tiara, made in 1932, was lent to Markle by the Queen which belonged to Queen Mary. Basically, the tiara is valuable and old af. She also wore the longest veil ever. Pretty certain that veil could wrap around the earth twice.

Actually, Markle’s dress IS Cinderella’s dress and you can’t convince the true Disney fans otherwise.

To our delight, Markle wore a second dress to the royal wedding reception. This dress, a crisp white like the dress she wore during the ceremony, a high-neck, sleeveless, silk gown made by Stella McCartney. Frankly, I wish we (the millions that watched the ceremony) got just a little glimpse of the reception, but alas, we’ll take what we can get. *insert deep dramatic sigh*

6 Mama, There's A Girl In The Castle

There were two precious gems that held Markle’s train as she walked down the aisle. One of those wee lads, who the internet named Train Face Boy, was the son of her good from Jessica Mulroney and he stole the show. When the car carrying Markle and her page boys arrived closer to the chapel, they are seen waving at the crowds and living their best life. Train Face Boy’s excitement mirrored what we all felt especially when Markle finally arrived at the chapel ready to walk down the aisle. Standing behind her with train in hand, Train Face Boy came into view and he instantly turned into a meme. Did he remind you of anyone? Under his endearing missing-tooth smile, all I could hear was Chip from Beauty and the Beast. Chip was one of the characters from the film that was cursed to live out his days as a house hold item, a Chipped tea cup. When we are introduced to Chip, he is running, err, hopping to his mother Mrs. Potts to let her know there’s a girl in the castle (Belle). Train Face Boy is just as excited to have a girl in the castle as Chip.

5 Wow

How did you imagine the morning of the Royal Wedding to be? I imagined the morning to be exciting for the pair. Prince Harry with his brother and best mates relaxing, maybe had a nice brunch. Meghan’s on the other hand may have been a bit more chaotic. From hair to makeup to getting dressed, there was not even a moment to spare that morning. But her morning of pampering and stress was completely worth it as she looked gorgeous! And Prince Harry’s reaction is goals and priceless. When Meghan finally stood beside Prince Harry, he took the moment to whisper sweet nothings to her.

The camera caught the moment and with expert lip readers on call, Prince Harry is seen saying how beautiful she looks and how lucky he is.

Be still my heart. Flattery gets you everywhere, take note fellas. Anyway, this was reminiscent to the scene in Tangled: Ever After during Rapunzel’s wedding. When she comes down the aisle to marry Flynn (Eugene), his reaction is a simple “Wow”. This scene was especially satisfying given how Rapunzel and Flynn relationship began. There’s no parallel to their relationship with that of Meghan’s and Prince Harry, just commenting on their reactions to their beautiful brides.

4 *Insert Zesty Genie Quote Here*

The African American church is a staple in the black community. Sundays are filled with waking up early for first service, dressing in your best garments, sitting through hours of the word, and indulging in refreshments after service concluded. To the black community’s delight, Meghan and Prince Harry had Bishop Michael Curry of the Episcopal Church in New York, New York deliver a word during their wedding ceremony.

Like our beloved pageboy, Train Face Boy, Bishop Curry was truly the best part of the wedding.

I’m pretty sure a few people left the wedding saved and sanctified. If you aren’t privy to or curious about how things go down in black churches, well there you go. Bishop Curry had the energy and charisma that draws you in, demands your attention, and leave you wanting more of the word. His presence is similar to the Genie from Aladdin. We were first introduced to Genie in the Cave of Wonders where the disguised Jafar tricked Aladdin to enter then left him there to die; Genie to the show-tune rescue. Bishop Curry brought life to an event that would otherwise be more on the quiet and conservative side.

3 We Are The Muses

Via: Elle/ Pinterest

The Royal Wedding overflowed with melanin, black excellence and soul. Sheku Kanneh-Mason serenaded us with his beautiful cello skills.  After seeing (read:hearing) Mason play, he was hand picked by Meghan and Prince Harry to play on their special day. And if you thought it wasn’t going to get any more shea butter and cocoa dreams, it did and it was everything!

The Kingdom Choir came in to shut it down and frankly, they are the real-life, live-action Muses from Hercules.

Yes, even the men. The group gave up soulful gospel hymns that further put us in the upper room. The Kingdom Choir sang the classic song, “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King. The Kingdom Choir is described as a Christian gospel choir and hails from the South-East of England. Seriously, the royal family didn’t know what do to with all that soul, melanin, natural hair styles and all in one place. In Hercules, The Muses’ were the best part of the movie (let’s argue). Their melodies set the tone for each scene in the movie. Like The Muses, The Kingdom Choir set the tone as Meghan and Prince Harry left the church as not only the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but as husband and wife.

2 The Priest

In The Little Mermaid, Ariel rescued blue-eyed babe Prince Eric from the storm-ridden sea after his ship wrecked. He was able to save his crew and dog, Max, and in the chaos, forgot to save himself. Ariel was able to swim Eric to dry land. She then gently caressed his head and sang to him until she was rudely interrupted by Max running down the beach toward Eric. Essentially, Ariel fell for a good-looking guy and Eric fell for a voice, because Disney. Enter Ursula, the sea witch. Ariel confided in Ursula and told her how head-over-heels she was with a guy she didn’t even know. Ursula basically said “hey, I can give you a pair of legs but you gotta give up that voice of yours.” So, Ursula used Ariel’s voice to seduce Prince Eric which almost worked. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were wed by Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who holds the most senior cleric in the Church of England. The priest that almost married Prince Eric and Ursula in disguise is based on the Archbishop. That’s obviously not true but one can dream. Clearly, Meghan or Prince Harry isn’t a sea witch in disguise or wearing a seashell necklace holding a 16-year girl’s voice. Hopefully the Archbishop would’ve been more observant and recognized if one of them were.

1 It All Started With A Kiss

Via: Daily Mail

A first kiss can be an awkward experience for anyone. Do you remember your first kiss? No? You sure? Yeah right. Imagine a first kiss scene from a classic '80s movie (or from which ever decade you prefer). Got the image? Cool. Okay, now imagine one of the parties has braces and the other parties' lip gets caught in said braces making this moment both awkward and painful. What if that tragedy of a kiss was in front of the whole world?

Obviously, the royal kiss was nothing short of perfect.

Surely, this isn't Meghan and Prince Harry's first rodeo but sharing such an intimate moment in front of millions of people was probably a bit nerve wrecking. Meghan and Prince Harry shared their first kiss as husband and wife (and Markle's first kiss as Duchess of Sussex) before their friends, family, and the world. Aside from exchanging vows, having that first kiss is what really solidifies the union and puts the icing on the expensive cake. In true Disney fashion, our viewership ended in their kiss and carriage ride through the crowds. Let’s hope the Duke and Duchess of Sussex live happily ever after and give us tons of royal babies.

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