Meghan Markle Wears 6-Year-Old's Homemade Necklace & Kickstarts His Business

Aside from being a world-famous actress and member of the British Royal family, Meghan Markle is also an established fashion icon. Her wardrobe choices frequently sell out within minutes of being unveiled and are snapped up by fashionistas around the world. Markle’s latest accessory is further proof that the Duchess can spark a trend for just about anything after a homemade macaroni necklace went viral.

Harry and Meghan are wrapping up their 15-day Royal Tour of the South Pacific, where fans from around the region have been lining the streets to get a glimpse of the soon-to-be parents and offer them gifts. As CBC News reports, it appears Markle took a special liking to one gift in particular: a gold, hand-painted macaroni necklace made by 6-year-old Gavin Hazelwood.

Their trip has featured several heart-warming moments that are typical of the down-to-earth royal couple, who announced their exciting baby news just before setting off. Hazelwood met the mom-to-be while the pair were in Melbourne. After taking the day off school, the young designer spent the morning creating his masterpiece for Markle. He even dressed the part for the occasion, sporting a Quantas pilot uniform and proudly displaying a sign that was decorated with hearts and read, “I made you a necklace.”

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The necklace is made with dinosaur-shaped macaroni, gold paint, and a black ribbon. Touched by the personalized gift, the Duchess immediately donned her new accessory and wore it for the remainder of the outing, a move fans were quick to pick up on.

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Since then, Hazelwood has been getting masses of attention online from Meghan’s dedicated followers, who want in on the bespoke creation. His mom, Rowan Hazelwood, saw the potential behind Gavin’s newfound fame and encouraged him to run with it.

"We had a lot of people saying to Gavin, you should make more, you'll make lots of money from this, everybody will want to buy her necklace," she told Network 10.

The family has since built a website to take orders for the adorable necklaces, and he has had requests from Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. As well as his entrepreneurial spirit, Hazelwood also has a philanthropic side and is donating all the profits from his necklaces to charity.

The $20 he receives from each order will go towards a charity that specializes in stillborn research. It is a cause close to the Hazelwood family’s heart. They lost a baby girl, an event that still impacts the family today.

"She's a part of our lives still, even for the kids, and they talk to her every day," Rowan said.

Much like the Duchess herself, Gavin clearly knows a good cause when he sees one and is using his viral fame to make a difference.

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