Meghan Markle's Ex-Husband: 15 Things To Know About Trevor Engelson

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three days, you know Prince Harry asked American actress, Meghan Markle, to be his wife. However, this wasn't the first time Meghan was asked that question. In fact, this isn’t even the first time she answered “yes.” The future Duchess of Sussex was previously married to tv producer, Trevor Engelson, before deciding to call it quits after only two years of marriage. And while the marriage itself was quite brief, the relationship lasted almost a decade, culminating with a nasty divorce that left Trevor feeling not too good about himself.

But who exactly is this guy, how did they meet, and why did it all end? Well, lucky for you, we have all the deets!

13 A Little Bit About His Background

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Trevor was born in a very small town in New York called Great Neck in 1976. Now, I’m not using the term “small town” lightly here. There is 9,989 people living in this town (to put this into perspective, New York has a population of 8,537,673), so, yeah, it’s small. This probably explains why a lot of news sites are writing “that not much is known about his life before he met Meghan.” Well, of course not, he was living in the middle of nowhere! (No offense to people from Great Neck--I’m sure the place is lovely. No need to get crazy on me.) As for what he’s up to now, well, according to IMDb, he’s a successful manager of screenwriters, actors, novelists, and film directors in Los Angeles, CA.

12 The Beginning Of Their Relationship

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Unfortunately, it is a mystery how these two met. There are no records of this anywhere on the Internet--and believe us, we looked-- but we do know they began dating in 2004, which means Meghan was 23 years old and Trevor was 28 when they began their romance. Now, if you’re thinking maybe they met in University you’d be wrong because Meghan graduated a year before they got together... and they didn’t even go to the same school (Meghan went to Northwestern University and Trevor went to University of Southern California.) So there goes that theory.

But regardless of when and how they got together, they dated for six years before he popped the question to a then 29-year-old Meghan. Their engagement lasted a year and they finally tied the knot on September 15, 2011. However, dating for so long did nothing for them because they ended up divorcing two years later.

Their Wedding

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The pair went to Ocho Rios--a town in Jamaica--to get hitched, and the celebration lasted four days. They ate like kings, partied until exhaustion and played drinking games on the beach. We also know for a fact Meghan wore a yellow bikini the day before the ceremony (see the picture above of her rocking the two-piece and looking pretty happy.)

Though the celebration was long, the ceremony itself lasted 12 minutes only and it was held in Jamaica Inn (a hotel located in Old Road Main Street, in case you were wondering.) According to numerous websites, a total of 102 guests were invited to witness the union and among the guests was Meghan’s mom, Doria Radlan, a yoga instructor and social worker, and her dad, Tom Markle, a former television lighting director.

11 Why The Marriage Ended

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These two are living proof that tying the knot after dating for a long time does not guarantee you’ll be together forever. Their marriage failed after only two years and by August 2013, they were happily divorced.

People close to the couple claim the relationship ended due “the pressure of Hollywood.” See, Meghan landed her role in Suits shortly after they got married so she spent most of her time in Toronto--where the show is filmed. Trevor, on the other hand, couldn’t move to Canada with her because his work was in L.A., and according to a source close the couple, who spoke to Women’s Day magazine, “they really battled with long distances.” Meghan’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr. agrees and speaking to DailyMail.com said: “I guess they just decided to go their separate ways. It’s a Hollywood thing, I guess.”

10 Can Their Previous Marriage Stop Meghan From Marrying Harry?

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Maybe in previous years this would’ve been an issue but nowadays there is nothing that says royals can’t marry nice-looking divorcees. However, this doesn’t mean Harry didn’t have to ask for the Queen’s permission. According to the BBC, the rules estipulate that “the first six people in line for the throne have to ask for the Queen’s permission to marry.” Since Harry is sixth in line, we’re assuming he consulted with his grandmother before popping the question. Lucky for the love-birds, it seems like the Queen said yes. And let’s be honest here, it’s not like she isn't lenient on the subject of divorce. After all, it was her son, Prince Charles, who divorced Harry’s mother, before marrying his now-wife Camila, who was also a divorcee!

9 Trevor Might Be Attending The Royal Wedding

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If history has taught us anything, it is very likely Trevor will get an invite to Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Apparently, it is kind of a British tradition that when royals get married, they do so with their former lovers and flings present. Take Kate Middleton for example, when she married Prince William, she invited two of her ex boyfriends--and William invited four ex-girlfriends! Camilla Parker also invited her ex-husband to her wedding to Prince Charles (and I’m sure Princess Diana would’ve been invited if she had been alive.)

Traditionally, royals only dated people from the European upper class so it made sense to want to stay in good terms with their exes. But now, our guess is they don’t want ex-lovers sharing “compromising information” with the media.

8 What People Are Saying About Their Divorce

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Considering there’s little or no information about the marriage, it’s kind of a miracle there’s info about Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson’s divorce at all. But lucky for us, there’s an ITV documentary called “Prince Harry and Meghan: Truly, Madly, Deeply” (talk about a cheesy title!), where Meghan’s friend, Abby Wathen, was filmed talking about Markle’s feelings after the marriage ended. Apparently the two ladies first became friends when Meghan was engaged to Trevor and they would talk about “married life,” since Abby was also married.

Then they would talk about divorce, since they separated from their respective husbands around the same time. “I was destroyed, but she was empowered,” Abby said to the cameras. “She took her power back. It wasn’t the relationship for her, so she moved on.”

His Career

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After graduating from University of Southern California, Trevor started working as a production assistant on Safe Men and then on Deep Blue Sea. Later on he became a producer himself when he founded a production company which he titled “Underground” and participated on films like Zoom, Alien Outpost and Remember Me--this last one is especially relevant to us because his then-girlfriend, Meghan, played a small role in this movie. Now, when we say small, we mean small. She has one line, which funnily enough is: “Do. Not. Speak.” but, hey, at least she says it to the lead in the movie, Robert Pattinson.

Anyway, according to my sources, Trevor is also “a manger for screenwriters, actors, novelists, and film directors,” and he’s on Hollywood Reporter’s Next Gen Top 35 list, so, all in all, we say he’s doing pretty well for himself.

7 His Latest Project That Has People Pissed Off

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Apparently Trevor is making a new show that hits a little too close to home and people are really upset about it. It’s about a divorced couple where the ex-wife marries a prince and the guy is left to share custody of the children with the royal family. The idea apparently came from a conversation Trevor had with a friend about how different his life would be if he had kids with Meghan--since she’s marrying Prince Harry and all. So he decided to pitch the idea to Fox, and the network loved it. Now, personally, I don’t understand why people are so upset about this. He’s living in Meghan’s shadow right now, so he might as well profit from it. I mean, we all know how awkward running into an ex can be. Now imagine having to see them everywhere you go! Life gave him sh*tty lemons, and he’s just adding vodka. Nothing wrong with that!

6 What The Media Is Saying About His New Show

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Despite Trevor saying the lead character of his new show is not based on his ex-wife, the media is calling him “a petty man” and saying “he betrayed Meghan.” I mean, yes, the show is inspired by his life and a “what if” situation where he imagined himself sharing custody of his hypothetical kids with his ex, but that doesn’t mean he “betrayed her.” People need to calm down! Are you all forgetting this is his life too? It may just be a juicy story for us, but for him, this is real. It is his ex-wife, who he spent 9 years of his life with, who’s marrying a Prince. That can’t be an easy pill to swallow. And it’s good tv! We are all going to watch it--let’s not pretend otherwise!

5 He Will Spend A Big Chunk Of His Life In Meghan’s Shadow

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On one hand, Trevor got a show out of his ex-wife marrying Prince Harry, but on the other, he’s going to live in her shadow for a very long time. What makes us say this, you ask? Well, just google this guy’s name! He went from being a ‘tv producer’ to ‘Meghan Markle’s ex-husband.’ Since Meghan announced her engagement to Prince Harry, he’s been followed by paparazzi 24/7, bombarded with questions like: “How do you feel about Meghan’s engagement?” “What was it like to be married to Meghan?” “Is your show a way to get back at her?” Clearly, questions that every person wants to be asked about their ex! As if it wasn’t enough she is getting re-married, but she had to chose a Prince!

4 He’s a Scorpio

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Apparently, this makes him a very passionate guy. Emotions are important for Scorpio men (or so the internet says) which means he is fierce, sensual and swarthy. However, these traits come with their set of troubles as they make men highly obsessive, compulsive and even jealous! We wonder if his jealousy is what ended his relationship with Markle, especially after she moved to Toronto when she joined the Suit’s cast and started getting famous. I mean, friends of the couple say it was the long distance what made these two break things off, but jealousy might have had something to do with it too. I mean, it couldn’t have been easy for him being away from Meghan while she was surrounded by all of her attractive co-stars.

3 He’s Better Looking Now Than He Was Back Then

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Now, to be totally fair, this isn’t so much a fact as it is my humble opinion. But looking at the picture of him then (left) and him now (right), side by side, you can’t tell me you disagree. I mean, you can, but I won’t believe you. Can we at least agree on how awful the long hair looks on him (and I say this with utmost respect.) It makes his forehead look even bigger than it is! Not that there’s anything wrong with having a big forehead, mmkay? (I can already see people getting offended by this. Jeez, we’re not talking about you, this is about Trevor.) And isn’t it better to say he looks better now than he did back then? Let’s give him this win, people. His ex-wife is getting married to royalty. He needs this.

2 Who He’s Dating Now

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After his split with Meghan, Trevor started seeing Charlotte McKinney, the model who played “Julia” in the movie Baywatch. However, that didn’t last very long. Lucky for him, he was later introduced to his current girlfriend, a woman named Tracy, who’s a health and nutrition expert. It seems like they’ve been together for quite some time now, since, according to the DailyMail, a friend thanked them on Facebook for hosting him in L.A. in December of last year.

They apparently have also been to Italy together, so that’s something! And she may not be part of the British Royal family but she did intern at some point in her career at Twelfth Street, the fashion house Pippa Middleton seems to be crazy about. Close enough, right?

1 Why He’s Kept Quiet About Meghan

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Honestly, we don’t know, but that won’t stop us from speculating! Our guess is that the moment Markle and Harry’s relationship got serious, someone from the Royal family’s PR team reached out to him to get him to sign a legal contract preventing him from saying anything about his ex wife. But your guess is as good as ours. We just find it strange that he hasn’t made any comments about Meghan. But perhaps he’s just waiting for the right time, or maybe he’s just a classy guy. There’s really not a lot about him on the Internet and he doesn’t seem to have social media accounts, so maybe he’s just a private guy who likes to keep to himself. Well, something tells us that is about to change.

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