Meme Explained: Kanye West's 'Ye' Album Cover Art

The picture on the album was taken by Kanye himself. At least that's what his wife, Kim Kardashian-West told fans in a tweet. He supposedly took the photo of the Teton Range on his way to the listening party. And as a great artist would, he paired this natural landscape with bright green scribble, no doubt written with an iPhone stylus that read, "I hate being bi-polar. It's awesome."

This small sentence spoke a thousand words to the social media community. It was an odd choice of cover art in the first place, but to do a play on words about bipolar disorder sent through us for a loop. Is it artistic? Is he trying to say something? Is it funny? Or is Kanye just being Kanye? Whatever that may be. Whatever it is, it has inspired many other hilarious memes.


Mashable got the giggles like many Twitter users and shared the newest memes from this image.  Ye's cover art has been the inspiration to many other parodies. The people behind them have also used their own green words to express their contradictory sayings or personal opinions. Like this guy taking his side on the classic pineapple on pizza debate.

Or this user who is sick of the privacy policy and cookie updates that are popping on tons and tons of websites and apps.

The mountain background and simple font is now the perfect way to express thoughts. We have to believe that Kanye may have expected this to happen. Almost everything he does and says is scrutinized, why would this be any different? He had to know it would get a certain amount of attention.

West has never confirmed his own bipolar diagnosis. He did, however, say that he was diagnosed with a mental condition at the age of 39 (which would have been two years ago). This was also the time when rumors swirled that the Kardashian family was concerned about his erratic behavior. The album implies that these rumors are true.

West has been married to Kim Kardashian since 2013, and her family has been doing damage control for him ever since. This new seven-song album reveals some marital issues between the two all stemming from his controversial slavery comments but West has never shied from speaking the truth (at least his truth) on his own albums. The song "Wouldn't Leave" is about Kim's reactions to his latest comments and her refusal to give up on her man. West is really putting a lot out there.

This new meme definitely has us laughing. Who knew some pretty mountains and a short sentence could create such a frenzy? Kanye did, apparently.

What do you think of this meme? Or the real cover art? Let us know in the comments!


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