18 Memes That Show What Gamer Guys Really Want

Life as a gamer can be so incredibly hard at times. There's parents worrying we're wasting our lives, friends saying they don't see us often enough, teachers or bosses who complain and say we're not applying ourselves... what do these people know about conquering new worlds and collecting rare weaponry anyway?

Then there's the fact that there never seem to be enough hours in a day for us to get real-life stuff done as well as leveling up. Not to mention having to save up money to upgrade our computers and swiping the credit card to get that absolute must-have DLC.

Surely life was never meant to be this difficult? Here are 18 memes that show what gamers really want in life.

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18 More Hours In A day

via Pic Deer

We've all been there, sitting down for an hour to play the new game we bought, or our old favorite game, for that matter. Then, as if by magic, that one hour has turned into a gaming session that's lasted the entire night. And we all know it won't be the last time it'll happen.

17 A Gamer Girl

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The meme really says it all, doesn't it? While there are plenty of stories of misogyny from the gamer world, most gamers would love to have a girlfriend who's into games as much as they are. Especially a girl who has a respectable collection of quality games. You know you'd love to find her.

16 A Fair Price

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Every gamer who's ever set foot in GameStop knows that they're not exactly willing to offer a fair price for used games. Sure, we know they have to make money to pay their employees, rent, and other bills, but the money GameStop usually offers is beyond ridiculous - we don't even think it's worth our time, and would rather just post an ad when it's time to sell.

15 Recognition

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Just like with everything else in life, when we put in countless hours and strive to be as good as we possibly can be at what we do, gamers would love some recognition for their gaming efforts. This is part of why streaming has become such a massive industry. Just remember to keep a pen on you at all times so you can sign autographs.

14 We Want To Win

via Haha Humor

Perhaps with the exception of motorsports, no one has more excuses for their loss than gamers do. It's never because the opponent was better! It's because the controller stopped working, lag, terrible internet connection, or our personal favorite: Cheating! Of course, it just makes sense that some people are better at a game, but any true gamer always wants to be the best.

13 Just One More Game

via Narwhal Tiger-Twitter

We've already established that there aren't enough hours in a day when gaming. However, any real gamer will always find time for just one more round. And most likely one more game after that. And then another one. The way we see it, the gaming isn't the problem here, the problem is that we have to do other things in life as well.

12 Keanu Reeves Telling Us We're Loved

via Instagram

Come on now, who wouldn't want Keanu to tell them that they're loved? Keanu is one of the coolest people to ever walk the earth, and from what we've heard, he's also one of the nicest people in Hollywood. We would gladly trade everything we love - except our gaming equipment - for him to tell us that.

11 More Gamer Buddies

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We've all been there. Teaming up with some random person, kicking butt and taking names, just for them to sign off after a couple of missions, never to be heard from again. It sucks! However, every once in a while we do meet them again, and it can turn into a real friendship... based on gaming!

10 Great Singleplayer Games

via Daily Lol Pics

For some reason, the gaming industry has chosen to focus mainly on multiplayer games. Fine, a lot of people love playing those games, teaming up with their friends and conquering the online world, but that doesn't mean there's no room for singleplayer games. We love a great singleplayer game with an amazing storyline more than anything.

9 Alone Time

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It's easy to get carried away and spend an insane amount of time playing a newly acquired video game, pretty much being isolated from society until we can literally feel our social skills withering away. While that's clearly taking things too far, we do want some alone time where we can just exist in our gaming world though.

8 The Best Rig Possible

via Hashtagaty

What's better than a quick computer? An insanely fast computer! Is that too much to ask for? Sure, there's the constant need for upgrades in order for us to stay on top of our game - literally - but it's just so satisfying to have a computer that can handle anything we throw at it. At least for a while.

7 Unity And Peace

via Reddit

While us gamers probably won't ever agree on certain things, we should be united by the fact that we're all gamers. It doesn't matter what games we're into, whether we play on a PC or a console, gender or age - we all enjoy games, that's the important thing. Luckily, these days the world is less likely to see all gamers as sad nerds living in their mother's basement.

6 Less Work

via Lets Get Paid To Play

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to get up early to go to school or work? Strangely, once we get back home we once again feel energized and ready for another late-night gaming session... Which leads to being even more tired the following day. Energy drinks exist for a reason!

5 The Return Of Finished Games

via Pix Zing

There used to be a time when you'd buy a game, and everything was already included. It was incredible! We don't hate DLC, it can be a great way to extend a game. However, when it's being used to push unfinished games onto the market and items that are necessary to enjoy said game need to be purchased separately, we do not approve!

4 Fair Play... Or Not

via The Gamer

All gamers want to win, but some are willing to go to extreme lengths to do so. It's one thing if someone wants to enter a cheat code while playing in single-player mode. It's entirely different if they cheat while playing against other people online. Cheaters are the worst and we want nothing to do with them!

3 A World Without Waiting

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It's one of the most annoying things in the world... at least when it comes to online gaming. We are of course talking about having to wait for that one person who is seemingly incapable of smashing a button so we can get started. Instead, we're left waiting for what feels like an eternity.

2 Cheaper Upgrades

via Game Skinny

We can probably all agree that it can be expensive to be a gamer at times. While we don't have to constantly upgrade our computers or buy a new console every month - or even year - it can get ridiculously expensive when we do need to make those big purchases. Having spent all our disposable income on DLC certainly doesn't make life any easier.

1 An End To The Ridiculousness

via Bored Panda

Some people have decided that certain acts of violence happen due to video games. However, there are no scientific studies that back up those claims. It's a bit like how rock and rap music got blamed for the decline of society a few decades ago. Just leave the gamers alone.

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