Mentalist Moves Things With His Mind on 'America's Got Talent'...Sort Of

America's Got Talent viewers and judges had no idea what they were in for when mentalist Lioz Shem Tov took the stage. The Israeli performer, who strangely resembled actor Sam Neill, got on the stage and very dramatically explained that he was about to start moving things with his mind. Judge Mel B appeared to be very confused and looked more and more puzzled by his pronunciation of "telekinesis," the more dramatic his hand flourishes became.

"Do you think this is a million-dollar act?" judge Mel B asked him.

He suavely replied, "You are the judges."

Slowly but surely, he began winning over the audience.


Talk about stage presence! Talk about showmanship! No one quite knew what to expect, but it wasn't long before he was getting a whole lotta love from the audience and most of the judges.

"Look at him!" Brown said to co-judge Howie Mandel. "He's very ser…is he serious?"

Lioz brought out a child's ball toy shaped like an ice cream cone and, with appropriate magical hand-waving, very obviously activated a button to cause the ball to leap from the cone.

"Is this a joke?" Simon Cowell wanted to know.

Then came the measuring tape. You know the kind in the metal case? He pulled up the tape…it went back down. Then, he activated the lock so that it would stay up, very dramatically pretending he had done it with his mind, and letting the audience in on the joke as his act transitioned into comedy. The audience began pouring out the love.

As entertaining as he was, his effect on the judges was hilarious as well. Mel B was quickly becoming a fan. Heidi Klum head-butted her reject buzzer. Simon Cowell looked as though he wasn't sure what reality he was inhabiting at the moment. Howie Mandell had a difficult-to-read, but open expression, and eventually got to his feet to applaud.

You can watch the full (hilarious) performance here:

Lioz also blew kids' soap bubbles and used a hula hoop to demonstrate there were no strings. Then he grabbed one and presto! He opened his hand and it was gone! Magic!

Whether you want to spend three minutes checking out a pretty cool, original act or witness some hilariously authentic responses from the judges, Lioz telekinetic performance is seriously one you need to check out.

Did you catch these hilarious moments on AGT? Let us know what you thought in the comments!


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