Metallica Has Donated $100,000 To Californian Wildfire Relief Using Their Own Charitable Foundation

Recently, the popular band Metallica announced that they had donated $100,000 to the wildfire relief efforts in California, through their foundation called All Within My Hands. The heavy metal band also encouraged all of their fans to help out and support the people who are in need after the devastations of the wildfire as well as the first responders to the disaster.

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In a statement, the foundation said that both the Northern and the Southern parts of California had wildfires and that communities in both parts were devastated. The band, via the foundation also stated that they made $50,000 donations to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation as well as the North Valley Community Foundation, making a total of $100,000. Both of these foundations are working hard to help and service the victims in the communities that are now placed in evacuation centers and give them all the aid that they need.

Furthermore, the band also encouraged their fans to join them in their support of the people who are in need by donating to the two foundations, whether that be money, any clothing or non-perishable food items or any other supplies that the people may need. They also encouraged their fans to join the foundations by donating their time and helping the victims by becoming volunteers themselves, or even by providing some temporary accommodation for the people in need, because everything helps in these situations.

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The onslaught of wildfires around the northern and the southern parts of California so far have claimed at least 63 lives, and ruined hundreds of thousands of acres of the land. According to some reports, there are still over 600 people who are missing in the aftermath. This Camp Fire that happened in the northern parts of California is one of the most destructive and deadliest in all of the recorded history of the country.

The band also shared a video of a live acoustic performance from a recent All Within My Hands benefit concert, which raised $1.3 million for the foundation and was held at San Francisco's The Masonic, at the beginning of November.

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