Michael Scott Would Definitely Approve Of This “Office”-Themed Bridal Shower

In what is officially the best bridal shower of all time, one bride chose her theme to be based on one of the most rewatchable shows everThe Office. The results are absolutely amazing.

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Along with plenty of "That's what she said" jokes, there was a make-your-own-Stanley-pretzel station, cookies shaped and decorated with popular phrases and objects from the show, and plenty of basic paper decorations that look like Angela herself picked them out. "Serenity by Jan" candles made by the bride herself were the party favors. However, the best part of the shower? The Meredith-themed mimosa bar because obviously, it just had to be.

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Via Kayleighkill

The attention to detail is so fun, and you can tell that her friends and family really went all out to give the bride what she wanted. Bride-to-be Kayleigh Brown is a huge fan of The Office and so are all of her bridesmaids so they decided as a group that the shower should be Office-themed. They didn't disappoint.

Via Kayleighkill

The Huffington Post shared this bridal shower that we believe will go down in history because let's be real, some of those bridal showers aren't the most fun. This one, on the other hand, definitely was.

In an email, Kayleigh told the HuffPost, “The Office is my favorite show. It’s constantly on at my house. I rewatch episodes as background noise.”

Same, Kayleigh, same.

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Bride-to-be Kayleigh Brown Via Kayleighkill

Outfitted with a "World's Best Bride" mug (to match Michael's Wold's Best Boss"), Kayleigh was impressed and taken away by all the decorations and detail just like all of us.

"Everything else was a beautiful shock to me when I arrived," she told Huffpost. "They did an amazing job and I’m so grateful to have them in my life.”

The Office has remained a popular show since it aired its last episode six years ago. Thanks to all seasons being on Netflix, Office super fans can watch and re-watch the show whenever they want. There are so many popular jokes and references that now that we think about it, Office themed parties should be all the rage.

Do you like The Office? What do you think of this shower? Does this give you any inspiration to jazz up any future showers? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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