Michelle Obama Interrupts Her Book Tour To Officiate A Chicago Wedding

Michelle Obama took a very special detour back home to Chicago last weekend, midway through traveling the country for her book tour, to officiate her friends’ wedding.

It is no secret that the former First Lady is a woman of many talents, but until now, officiating weddings was not listed among them. The secret of her important role was unveiled when a star-struck wedding guest posted a video of the altar scene on Instagram.

USA Today reported the story about the Chicago native, who returned to home for Stephanie Rivkin and Joel Sircus' wedding, at the Theater on the Lake.

The Instagram story has now been removed, but not before it caused a storm on social media and created a buzz among the press. The guests was clearly surprised by Mrs. Obama’s appearance, writing, “Holy Moly … That moment when Michelle Obama officiated at your (cousin’s) wedding!”


Due to the private nature of the arrangement, it is not clear exactly what Obama’s role at the wedding was, but the clip is reported to have shown her reciting vows into a microphone while the bride repeated them.

The wedding was quite the event for the city of Chicago. Aside from the presence of one of America’s most-loved icons, the bride also has some rather high-profile parents. Stephanie Rivkin is the daughter of Chicago’s deputy mayor, Robert S. Rivkin, and Cindy Moelis, the president of a Chicago foundation run by Penny Pritzker, long-time friend to the Obamas and former Secretary of Commerce in the Obama administration.

It is a reflection of Michelle Obama’s caring character that she took the time to assume this special role. She is currently traveling the country to sold-out arenas to sell her hotly-anticipated book, Becoming.

The tour will take Obama to ten cities in the country as she launches Becoming, with some ticket prices reaching $3000 for a meet-and-greet package before the show.

Becoming is a memoir featuring deep reflections and storytelling from the first African-American First Lady, with tales from her childhood on the south side of Chicago through to her time in the White House.

The book launch tour is said to include candid conversations between Mrs. Obama and yet-to-be-announced moderators. Upon seeing the incredible popularity of the tour and how quickly tickets were selling, Obama tweeted that she was, “truly humbled by the response.”

In true Obama fashion, ten percent of ticket sales are to be set aside for local charities, schools, and community groups.

The long-awaited book is part of a joint agreement with Penguin Random House which will also include a book by her husband, although no date has been scheduled for Mr. Obama's memoir. The deal is said to be of over $30 million.

The book will be published in 24 languages, such is the global reach of Mrs. Obama’s popularity. It will likely be promoted overseas as well, although probably without the wedding side-hustles.


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