Middle School Volleyball Team Prevents A Suicide Attempt

A 47-year-old woman was stopped from jumping off a bridge last Thursday thanks to members of a middle-school volleyball team. The boys had no formal training, yet they were all determined to keep the lady safe while waiting for help to come. Without them, terrible things could’ve happened.

Dealing with suicidal people is very difficult, especially with the pressure of the expectation to save someone’s life. That responsibility is a lot to deal with, and kids shouldn’t have to worry about these things. However, with the careful instruction of some adults, the boys of the volleyball team were able to perform an exceptional job in helping the lady off the edge.

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The boys at Kepler Neighbourhood School were jogging when they saw a woman on the Tuolumne Street Bridge, and she was ready to jump to the railroad tracks under her; the drop would’ve been a 100-feet fall. Their coach, Elliot Murray, instructed one of the members to call 911, and he told the others to chant reassuring things to the lady. Immediately, everyone was shouting things like, “stop, your life is worth it.” For 10 minutes, the boys were able to distract her from her original intentions, and the woman ended up climbing back onto the bridge by the time police arrived.

Authorities confirmed after the event that she was trying to commit suicide, so she was placed on a mental health evaluation hold for 72 hours. She will be evaluated by mental health workers, and she will be given the care needed determined by her assessment. The kids’ presence and words of encouragement were key to her decision to step away from the edge that day. She couldn’t bear to do something so awful in front of the children.

The players were glad they were able to distract her long enough for her to change her mind and the authorities to come. A suicidal woman is certainly one of the last things a middle-school volleyball team should see on their jog, but they were able to handle the situation well. Thanks to them, this woman has another chance at life.

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