These Millie Bobby Brown Stranger Things Quotes Are Too Wonderful

We may have an unannounced amount of time to wait until season three of Stranger Things, but let these Millie Bobby Brown quotes tide you over for now.

Netflix is currently churning out TV series after TV series and with the sheer amount of content they create some of it is going to be terrific and some other shows, well perhaps not so good. One Netflix Original that is very much towards the terrific end of that scale is Stranger Things. The town folk of the fictional Hawkins, Indiana have very much captured the hearts of Netflix subscribers around the world.

So far we have seen two seasons of the Netflix hit, and unfortunately the highly anticipated third season has been delayed slightly. Rumor has it though we could still get it by the end of 2018. Right now that probably still seems like an awful long time to wait to find out what Eleven and the gang will be faced with next from The Upside Down.

Lucky for you the actress who plays Eleven, Millie Bobby Brown, recently participated in a podcast roundtable about the show that was put together by Variety, which provided some fantastic quotes from the star. Unlike her character, Brown is very excited about the addition of Max (Sadie Sink) to the show and hopes that the two of them can forge a relationship.

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"Most of all I want a relationship with Max. [Mike will] need to take a seat, because best friends come first… Eleven needs to have real fun and needs some sense of normal in her life," Brown revealed during the podcast. So far on the show, Max and Eleven haven't exactly gotten along as both of them have feelings for Mike. Hopefully they will see past that though as Max becomes a more integral part of the show, and more importantly their small circle of friends.

Unfortunately, we will not know if Eleven and Max can get along for a while yet as mentioned above the earliest release date for Stranger Things season three won't be until at least the end of this year, possibly not until early 2019. When it does return, it will include new cast members such as Maya Hawke, the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, whose role in the show at this time is still unknown.

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