Millions Of Wildflowers Will Be Planted Across The UK To Boost Bee Population

Despite an increase in attention on the matter, a lot of people still don't realize just how important bees are to our ecosystem. They may appear to be a nuisance and getting stung by one can hurt (or be deadly, if you're allergic to bee venom), but they're still important. Yet as the number of bees continues to decline, our ecosystem can and will continue to suffer as a result.

With all that in mind, others are doing whatever they can to increase the bee population. Over in the United Kingdom, families are coming together to plant about 15 million wildflower seeds across the country. This is set to take place over the next few weeks- which is good because this is one initiative that's going to take a ton of time to pull off!

Since this past July, over 330 000 seeds have been handed out to families in the U.K. This is all thanks to The Food Warehouse, as well as branches of Iceland supermarket. It's going to be part of what's known as the Backyard Nature campaign.

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This initiative to increase the bee population across the U.K. came from the Eco Emeralds, a group of young activists based out of Liverpool, England. They did this to address the decline of bee populations in the U.K., which is actually a big problem. According to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, 97 percent of the country's wildflower meadows have disappeared over the last 80 years. The initiative was then launched by Semble, which is known as a platform for community projects.

"At its core, Backyard Nature is about inspiring young environmentalists to get their hands dirty and start to engage directly with accessible nature activities," explained the co-founder of Semble, Mark Shearer. "Having thousands of 'Backyard Nature Guardians' come together to plant 15 million wildflower seeds will create a real environmental impact across the UK."

The Backyard Nature campaign is being funded by the Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation. It's also being supported by several non-profit organizations: the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, The National Trust, The Wildlife Trusts and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). It's also being funded by a family activity app known as Hoop. Needless to say, it looks as though this campaign will be a success!

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