Miranda Kerr Vs. Candice Swanepoel: 20 Pics Of Who Wore Pregnancy Better

When it comes to maternity fashion, celebrities often tend to break the rules and inspire pregnant women worldwide to be even braver and go for that bold look they never dared to. Today we're going to compare some maternity fashion from two of our favorite supermodels, Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel. Both ladies have two sons, and while Miranda is definitely the classier fashionista out of the two, Candice clearly prefers casual and boho looks. To be completely honest, we believe that picking whose maternity look is better is extremely difficult in this case, so we'll just leave that to the reader.

Now let's move on to the photos — here are 20 pics of supermodels Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel serving us some fabulous maternity looks!

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20 Miranda Loves Some Bold Patterns

Via: pinterest.com

Let's kick things off with this photo of Miranda Kerr wearing a skintight floral midi dress. Of course, the model can pull off anything at any time, but this dress definitely manages to perfectly accentuate her baby bump. Miranda knows that a busy dress calls for simple hair, so she pulled hers back into a sleek bun and finished the look off with some vibrant red lips.

19 While Candice Is Definitely More Into Monochromatic Looks

Via: dailymail.co.uk

One thing you'll notice is that when it comes to maternity looks, supermodel Candice Swanepoel likes to keep things more casual while Miranda Kerr loves dressing up. Now don't get us wrong she might wear looks that seem comfier, but Candice somehow manages to still look absolutely stunning — like in this stripey wrap dress.

18 The Easiest And Most Comfy Piece Of Maternity Clothing

Via: pinterest.com

Here's Miranda in a similar type of dress, yet — true to her signature style — she dressed it up a bit more. While she kept the shoes casual and comfy by wearing white sneakers, she accessorized the look with an oversized coat, a couple of dainty necklaces and some very cool sunglasses.

17 Isn't Candice Ultra-Cool In This Edgy Maternity Bodysuit?

Via: gettyimages.com

Now a bodysuit is really something we don't see too often on pregnant women — probably because it's so difficult to use the restroom with it. But one thing is for sure, it definitely looks super sleek and edgy, and Candice clearly knows the bathroom sacrifice is worth it. We totally love this look on the pregnant model!

16 Miranda Is All About The Skin-Tight Dresses

Via: popsugar.com

How stunning does Miranda look in this black cheetah print number? The model sure knows how to perfectly flaunt her body, and we absolutely love seeing her in these sleek yet fun looks. Somehow the model manages to combine elegant and classy looks with a dash of youthfulness and boldness — and it works every time!

15 And Candice Is Often Seen In Laid-Back Maternity Looks

Via: pinterest.com

We love seeing these pregnant ladies pull of pants during their pregnancies. Of course, dresses are always the easiest (and most comfy) way to go, but there's just something about seeing a pregnant lady still wear the pants that makes them look so boss. Candice combined her dark red leggings with a black top, a beanie and some cool shades.

14 Miranda Does Glam Perfectly Even When Pregnant

Via: instyle.com

Miranda Kerr is certainly the queen of maternity glam. Just look at this photo of her wearing a gorgeous pale pink gown super long, almost cape-like sleeves. The dress itself is stunning, but Miranda's pregnancy belly, the side-swept hair, gorgeous dangly earring, and bold red lipstick the whole look to the next level.

13 And Candice Is Just As Stylish Running Errands

Via: pinterest.com

Here's Candice, once again in pants, running errands, proving that pregnant women can still get things done. The model is rocking darker colors making the whole look seem super put-together, even though she may have only had five minutes to pick it. We love a mom serving us some fresh everyday maternity looks.

12 Now, How Cute Is This Look Miranda Gave Us?

Via: hellomagazine.com

While Miranda can do casual as well, she somehow seems to always gravitate towards more classy and girly looks. And nothing says classy casual like a gorgeous old-school polka-dotted dress. She paired it with some very fashionable see-through heels, an oversized denim jacket and her signature red lips. Once again, she proved she knows how to perfectly play the fashion game — even when pregnant.

11 Candice Always Manages To Look So Effortlessly Put-Together

Via: pinterest.com

Here's a pregnant Candice roaming around the streets of New York City in a white, summery, off-the-shoulders, maxi dress. Somehow the model always manages to look amazing, even though it seems as if she put minimal time into picking her outfit. She paired the dress with some brown cowboy boots, a small white bag and of course, a pair of big sunglasses.

10 And Miranda Loves To Serve Us Dramatic Maternity Looks 

Via: dailymail.com

Heres another quite dramatic maternity red carpet look Miranda Kerr gave us — and for once, there are no red lips to be seen. Instead, the model opted for a rather natural lipstick color, making sure all of our attention goes to the gorgeous, floor-length black gown with intricate lace detailing.

9 Both Supermodels Are Clearly Fans Of Simple Summery Dresses

Via: pinterest.com

A breathable wrap dress is a pregnant woman's best friend — and both Candice and Miranda know that very well. Here's Candice rocking a simple white one with some flipflops, while carrying her belongings in her hand. It's great to see these pregnant ladies on red carpets, but it's their street looks that give everyone the best inspiration.

8 And We Love Miranda's Striped Midi Dress

Via: pinterest.com

In case a bodysuit is too much of a hassle — which we totally understand, a pregnant lady can easily turn heads by wearing a statement midi dress as Miranda does in the photo above. The model paired a casual striped dress with a coat of the same length and some very funky sunglasses.

7 Obviously, A Summer Dress Can Be Worn All Year Around — If Styled Properly

Via: popsugar.com

As we already mentioned, when pregnant you can't go wrong with a flowy summer dress — as it will, most likely, fit the belly of any size. And Candice has shown us that a summer dress can easily be transitioned into colder weather by pairing it with some warm tights and a cozy scarf!

6 Miranda Had A Lot More Public Appearances When Pregnant Than Candice Did

Via: instyle.com

In case you didn't notice it by now, pregnant Candice decided to take things slowly and she would rarely show up at events, while Miranda enjoyed being in the eye of the public quite a lot. In fact, the model even went to Jimmy Kimmel Live! in this little black dress, and we most certainly approve!

5 But That Doesn't Mean Candice Didn't Wow Us With Her Maternity Street Fashion

Via: gettyimages.com

While we did say that Candice mostly wore casual look when pregnant, that does not mean she didn't serve fabulous looks. This maxi skirt and cropped top set might just be one of our favorites Candice maternity looks. She finished it off with some cool shades and a very edgy and dramatic black hat — because casual can be bold too!

4 Being A Topmodel, Miranda Always Knew How To Perfectly Pose With Her Bump

Via: instyle.com

Besides just knowing how to perfectly style their baby bump, Miranda and Candice also know how to pose with it. Above you can see Miranda strike the classic 'hand on baby bump' pose while wearing a breathtaking embellished black dress with a very cool cape. Of course, her signature red lips couldn't be missing!

3 Both Ladies Definitely Showed Us That Pregnancy Fashion Doesn't Have To Be Boring

Via: pinterest.com

If there's one thing Miranda and Candice taught us it's that maternity fashion can be comfy, fun, classy and edgy — and just because one is pregnant that doesn't mean their wardrobe needs to be boring all of a sudden. In contrary, pregnant women can get away with pretty much anything, so why not rock that bold and vibrant pattern!

2 And That Shopping In The Regular Section Is Still Manageable 

Via: pinterest.com

Besides making sure maternity fashion isn't boring, the two have also shown us a variety of looks made with regular clothes. Sure some pants, tops, and dresses might need to be bought in the maternity section, but there's plenty of regular clothing that can fit the belly aka pretty much any flowy dress!

1 Lastly, Here's Candice Wearing A Long Skirt That Perfectly Hugs Her Belly — Proving To All Of Us That Supermodels Are A Different Species

Via: pinterest.com

Okay, so while the ladies have served us plenty of fab maternity looks, at the end of the day we have to admit that even while they're pregnant — the two still look like models, which is certainly a thing most of us peasants will never achieve. And to prove our point, we're wrapping the list up with Candice rocking a super tight maxi skirt most of us wouldn't dare to put on even when not pregnant.

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