15 Modded Jeeps We Wouldn’t Touch With A Ten-Foot Pole (And 5 We Would)

Ever since America's entry into WWII in the middle of the 20th century, the Jeep design has been popular among military personnel and civilians alike. Jeeps were initially designed to serve as a multipurpose vehicle, but quickly gained a reputation for being supreme off-roaders. In fact, since the Jeep went into full production in early 1941, it has been universally recognized as the first-ever mass-produced SUV.

The Jeep proved so useful, tough, and popular that General George Marshall, who commanded the forces was quoted as saying the Jeep was “America’s greatest contribution.” Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent Ernie Pyle called the Jeep, along with the Coleman G.I. Pocket Stove, "the two most important pieces of noncombat equipment ever developed. More recently, a modern historian has said of it, "The Spartan, cramped and [an] unstintingly functional Jeep, became the ubiquitous four-wheeled personification of Yankee ingenuity and can-do determination."

Its robust, no-nonsense personality is an extremely desirable trait in a car, making it perfect for those who want to modify them into purpose-built all-terrain vehicles. A properly modified Jeep can be one mean machine, and we'll certainly take a look at a few cars like that. But perhaps even more important; we're gonna take a look at Jeep owners who managed to mess up the modifications so bad that their cars are now best used as a warning of what we shouldn't do to our Jeeps.

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20 Wouldn't Touch: Wrangler Silverado

via Jeepz

Where do we even start? We guess the nicest thing to say about it is that whoever did the mods did a really nice job getting that front end together. Oh, and we guess the color scheme is okay? We still don't understand who would want to combine a Jeep Wrangler and a Chevy Silverado in the first place?

Seriously, is this thing even remotely road-legal? We really wish we had more space for pics in order to let you see the cabin of the Jeep turn into the extended bed of the truck; it’s even worse looking than you'd think it might be from this angle.

19 Wouldn't Touch: Donk Jeep

via Jeepz

It's really important to choose the right wheels for your car when you modify it. The right wheels can practically enhance and improve every aspect of your car, but get the wrong ones and you'll risk becoming the laughing stock of the internet.

This Jeep is not on the internet because it looks awesomely fantastic. Au contraire, we're all laughing in unison at the owner right now. The suspension lift isn't all that bad, it would actually be cool if the car was running off-road wheels and tires. Learn from other people's mistakes - don't be the owner of a car like this.

18 Wouldn't Touch: Overkill

via Jeepz

This is one scary-looking Jeep. The problem is that it's scary for all the wrong reasons - actually, the scariest thing is the owner's lack of taste and style. For whatever reason, there are a bunch of chrome skulls fitted all over the car. That's just tacky.

As you try to look away from the skulls, you'll notice the auxiliary lights that have been fitted in strange places and at weird angles - come on, if you need to light up the sky when driving, chances are that you're not a very good driver. And what's with all the metal bars poking out of the hood? Are those fitted to protect it from falling objects? We don't get it, and we certainly wouldn't touch it.

17 Wouldn't Touch: Truckified

via Wranglertjforum

What do you do when you have a Jeep, but you really want a truck? You start modifying your car, of course. You know it's going to be a pretty bad case of modifying when fitting massive smokestacks on either side aren't the worst part of it.

Dude, why on earth would you have a bright orange exhaust? And wheels and mirrors, for that matter. We're almost afraid to ask what's up with covering half the car in forest camo and painting the rest matte black... This whole creation is giving off some seriously bad vibes. Please stay away from us.

16 Wouldn't Touch: Bad Army Style

via Hiveminer

This owner of this Jeep was so close to getting it right when modifying it, then at the last minute, he managed to mess it all up while shopping for wheels. We have no idea what made him believe those wheels would be perfect for this ride. In fact, we can't think of any car that would look good with those fitted.

This should be a very easy fix though, just take off those wheels and dump them in a lake and it's all good. Extra bonus points for the shovel and ax mounted on the side, once those new off-road wheels and tires are fitted this Jeep will be the perfect car to bring on an adventure.

15 Wouldn't Touch: Metal Weirdness

via Jeepdealers Virginia

What is this? We really don't know if this thing actually has an engine and runs, or if it's just a piece of strange art. If this is art, then who is it meant for? Humans? Or perhaps giant dogs, considering the size of that bone.

We do appreciate the amount of work that has gone into making this Jeep though. The entire body made from license plates is pretty cool, but that's nothing compared to the wheels and the seats. At the very least this Jeep has been created by passion, even if it is totally unusable as an actual car.

14 Wouldn't Touch: Pink Bubblegum

via Pinterest

Someone apparently decided they wanted a retro-styled, Barbie-inspired, candy-infused, Jeep-based golf kart. And let us tell you, the result certainly is unique... and odd looking. Forget touching it with a ten-foot pole, we don't even want to be seen anywhere near this pink lump of misery.

If we had to bet who the owner of this piece of automotive awfulness was, Valeria Lukyanova would definitely be high on our list of potential owners. She's a woman from Ukraine who's done everything to look like a Barbie doll - and what car could be more fitting than this?

13 Wouldn't Touch: Limo Jeep

via Merchant Circle

Here's a question for you; Have you ever seen a limo turned into a 4x4? No? There's probably a good reason for that... such as, it would be absolutely useless off-road with that long wheelbase.

So, why would someone think it's a good idea to turn a great off-roader into a limo? Granted, it does look a bit rugged and tough, but in reality, it's not capable of dealing with anything rougher than a gravel road. What a waste. The only thing this would be good for is transporting people to the paintball range for their team building events and bachelor parties.

12 Wouldn't Touch: Pimped Out Jeep

via Wranglertjforum

Looking at this utter pile of hideousness, we were hoping someone had been playing around with photoshop. We're still kinda hoping. This thing looks like Prince (the late artist) hired a pimp to build him a custom lowrider Jeep - and the end result leaves us speechless.

There is nothing good about this abomination. The wheels are awful, the body kit is bad, the chopped roof looks cheap, the rear wheel covers are out of place, the color is off, and don't even get us started on that giraffe pattern on the roof. If this thing is real it should be burned to the ground.

11 Wouldn't Touch: Off-Road Barbie

via Pinterest

This is an interesting one. It certainly looks like it was properly built and set up for some off-roading action... yet at the same time, it looks like it was built for some sorority girl who couldn't follow a map down a one-way street.

Seeing as the car has some decent parts on it and comes off as a quality build, it shouldn't be too hard to turn it into something that we would actually approve of though. Get rid of the pink stuff, or at least use it in a more tasteful manner, then give the car a cool vinyl wrap and it would be completely transformed.

10 Wouldn't Touch: Grandma's Wallpaper

via Pinterest

Anyone who has a grandmother who hasn't redecorated her house the last 4o+ years will have seen this floral pattern before - either as wallpaper, on some pillows, or perhaps that horrible couch that's still wrapped in plastic.

There really isn't an excuse for wrapping one's car like this. Even being a florist isn't a good enough explanation for doing it, there are so many cool designs that could be used instead. This Wrangler was actually for sale, and it would be interesting to know what it actually sold for - if it sold at all. Perhaps getting a massive discount would make it worth it?

9 Wouldn't Touch: Going Postal

via Gearheads

A postal service themed rat rod... somehow that's even less cool than one of those theme bikes that were so popular with the OCC crew at "American Chopper." The thing is though, this machine actually has a lot of potential to become cool, so all is not lost.

Ripping off that mailbox would be a great start to increase its cool factor. Next up, sort out the paint. Even using spray cans to paint it matte black would make it look cooler than it currently is. Yes, we know we've said that Jeeps are made for off-road use, but done properly it could actually be a cool rat rod as well - this just isn't the right way to do it.

8 Wouldn't Touch: Flamingo Cherokee

via Pinterest

How on earth did someone think this would be a cool look? If the car was ready for the junkyard and it was done just to have some fun before scrapping it, this would be great. Unfortunately, whoever did this has actually done a really good job at making the car look worse.

The saddest part is that the Cherokee has always been one of the sturdiest and dependable cars Jeep has ever made... which means this eyesore will be on the roads for years to come. As far as secondhand value goes, this whole creation is now probably worth less than one of those flamingos.

7 Wouldn't Touch: Completely Useless

via LXSite

This Jeep Wrangler in itself isn't all that bad. In fact, body-wise it looks quite stock. However, the owner decided to make one modification to his Jeep, and guess what, he messed it up royally.

We're not entirely sure if this is an attempt to have the Jeep pimped up like it was the mid-2000s with those oversized wheels, or if they tried to create a Wrangler donk?

It honestly doesn't matter though. Whatever look they were going for, it's just bad! To make matters worse, these rims and tires will make the car completely useless. Every tiny bump and unevenness on the road will make this one uncomfortable ride.

6 Wouldn't Touch: Lowered Wrangler

via Hot Rod

Whoever styled this Wrangler seems to have picked up a few styling cues from watching the Fast and Furious movies. Unfortunately, the Wrangler isn't a particularly fast car, which makes this thing a bit like a fish out of water with its lowered suspension and street tires.

Jeeps are mostly known for being able to cross challenging off-road terrain, this one, however, looks like it's been built strictly for city driving - and judging by all the auxiliary lights, it's mostly driven on dark city streets. While not the worst modified Wrangler out there, it's definitely not modified to our taste, so we'd wouldn't touch this one.

5 We Want: Wrangler Bandit 7.0 Hemi Supercharged

via Equipment World

Supercharged Hemi’s are absolutely nuts on normal street cars, so what would happen if someone fitted this in a Jeep Wrangler? The guys over at Starwood Motors were wondering the same thing, so they decided to find out.

The Bandit is a crew-cab JK truck build which features a full 48 inches of frame and body extension, professionally crafted to be the ultimate modern Jeep conversion. The exterior is kevlar, and the interior features Lamborghini leather, but chief among the Bandit's many hi-spec mods is a 7-liter HEMI Stroker engine with Whipple supercharging - this monster produces upwards of 700 horsepower and is definitely not for the faint of heart!

4 We Want: Starwood Custom Kevlar Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sema Build

via Pinterest

This thing is absolutely loaded with features, it seems they crossed off every item on the options list and then decided to add a bunch of other stuff just to make sure you'd never lack anything while on an off-road adventure.

However, in order to have a chance to buy this Kevlar Wrangler, we would need to have some serious connections with people in the right places. This beast could probably cross the Sahara without any problems, in fact, it would most likely be quite a nice and comfortable way of blasting through the desert, not to mention being the most fun way of doing it - certainly better than riding a camel.

3 We Want: Retro Perfection

via Pin This Car

This thing of beauty almost certainly has to be a rehabbed, or extremely good “heritage” kit. The model looks like it might be from a mid-1960s Jeep Willys XM443, that's not important anyway, all we care about is the fact that this is one badass modified Jeep, right down to the perfectly rugged-looking tow points and cable and the mounted spotlights.

This entire Jeep is just a perfectly modified piece of retro machinery. This is how you do lift properly, this is how you do a wheel package properly, and this is how you do the rack properly. Yes, please!

2 We Want: Project Hope

via Carid

Most builds showcase a shop’s ability or depict a builder’s dream ride. But there are some cars that make us feel connected to the builder’s story. Tom Buchanan’s Project Hope is one such vehicle- built in honor of his late father.

Power House Custom Cycles painted a bold blue and black masterpiece, while Car Toys installed the mahoosive DUB Audio system. The Wild Boar Tanga Fastback gives it an aggressive edge, as well as a meaty set 37x13.50R22 Mark Ma Dakar M/T III tires wrapped around a color-matched set of TIS 535 wheels. Power was added via a Magnuson supercharger and there's a roof rack by RackWorks to fit the Wild Boar top - all masterfully put together by All Out Offroad Performance in Houston.

1 We Want: Project Kahn Black Hawk Edition

via Hi Consumption

The Project Kahn Black Hawk Edition is one of the meanest Jeep Wranglers around. It features aggressive, wide wheel arches, a redesigned grille, and new bumper assembly. Additionally, the exterior of the vehicle sports a fresh coat of smooth volcanic rock colored paint, smoked round headlights, a new set of Kahn wheels, and a quad-crosshair exhaust system that possibly signals some serious enhancements under the hood.

The interior of the Jeep was redone with new perforated honeycomb maroon leather with gold topstitching. The center console also received similar treatment as well. Now, with all these cosmetic modifications, let’s hope what’s powering this mean black beauty is just as jaw-dropping.

Sources: Hi Consumption, Powernation TV, DUB Magazine, Jeepz, Four Wheeler

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