21 Modern Disney Characters Reimagined As College Students

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Disney characters would look like if they’d gone to college? Unfortunately, it’s not as though being locked in a tower or going on a brave adventure will get you a degree just because you do it often. It’s humorous to imagine these characters going through a regular life, trying to earn a higher education, when we haven’t seen them as anything else. Do they have bad hair days? What are their professors like? Are they living on campus or off? So many questions with little to no answers, but thankfully there’s fan art.

With the power of dedicated, and talented, artists, we may be able to catch a glimpse of what life as a Disney college student would possibly look like for some of our favorite characters. In fact, some of these artists have created full-on series out of this ongoing theme, beyond what our list has included, so we highly encourage you to go check them out! Adorable, and highly fashionable, it’s interesting to see the different kinds of styles that these artists felt would be a perfect fit for each individual character. Surprisingly, almost everyone we’ve seen so far is still highly fashionable, regardless of their personal tastes. Here are 30 amazing art pieces that showcase your favorite Disney characters as modern college students, just trying to get enough sleep and good grades. Let us know which ones were your favorites!

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21 Belle The Bookworm

It’s almost no surprise that Belle would be an incredibly studious student. With all the reading she did in her Disney retelling, we couldn’t see her being much for parties or a lot of club time; unless it was related to her academics or took place in a library. This artist also gave her a fandom look by including a tardis print skirt and Sailor Moon lunch bag! With a copy of Phantom of the Opera tucked under her arm, she looks like she’s on her way to pick up a new series to get involved in.

20 The Cutest Couple

Everyone ships Anna and Kristoff; at the very least Anna waited a few days before deciding she loved this one, right? But it looks like this version of them has them on spring break in a place befitting their company! Who wouldn’t go to Disneyland for vacation? Especially after all the exams college puts you through, there’s no better place to be! One of the best aspects about this piece is that it clearly shows the dynamic between the two; poor Kristoff!

19 Merida Is Always A Rebel

Merida going to school sounds incredibly fitting. In her original tale, she had no interest in doing what her parents said by refusing to marry anyone. She fought for herself and continued to be quite the rebel. We’re sure she’d go to school and make them equally as proud by keeping that bright spirit of hers! Of course, we also can’t totally see her sitting in class lectures. Maybe she misses a few sessions? But then again, who hasn’t done that once or twice; maybe more.

18 Elsa Is Always A Queen

Elsa going to class and looking amazing is what we’re here for! As a simple edit that takes the original character’s look but gives them a total makeover from the head down, we’re really digging the style she was given. It’s always weird to see someone who typically wears extravagant ball gowns suddenly wear shorts and a tank top. Especially when you’re talking about Elsa, who’s literally the queen of snow. With her bag slung over her shoulder, it looks like she’s ready for summer!

17 Flynn, Is That You?

There are plenty of edits where characters are given a different body while keeping their original face in order to change up their entire look. What’s really surprising is just how different it makes them appear. Just a simple outfit change, and Flynn is ready for the real world! After all, it’s not as though his hair was ever really outdated, to begin with. He could easily slip into a college class and blend in with the other students. Just look at that smolder!

16 Mikey And Minnie Couldn't Get Any Cuter!

We can’t have a list about Disney characters and not include Mickey and Minnie; that’s just completely absurd and unheard of! While we’re not entirely sure they’re going to class in this image, it’s certainly cute to think of them as college sweethearts. This artist held nothing back by making sure they remained in their iconic outfits while also keeping some of the more mousey features; for example, their ears were just turned into adorable hairstyles. Talk about cute!

15 Maybe A Little More Punk?

We know Flynn Rider is already on this list, but this additional photo of him with Rapunzel is just too cute to ignore. With a darker, more punk, look, they seem like the perfect couple! Even little Pascal is in on it with a tiny black T-shirt; we have to wonder what band he’s into? We’re almost certain with this look that these two would be on their way to getting some kind of music degree. They’re definitely some of the coolest renditions of these two iconic characters that we’ve seen!

14 A Beautiful College Student, Jasmine!

With how determined Jasmine always is, it wouldn’t be surprising to see her as a studious young woman, attending all of her classes and getting the highest marks. After all, she’s always been able to shape her future to her design, regardless of the obstacles that confine her. We love that her modern look included stayed true to her heritage and also gave her a few references, such as her adorable lamp shirt! Her pants even remind us of her look in the movie.

13 A Group Selfie!

We’ve seen a lot of fan art that solely focuses on one or two characters but having a whole team of princesses in modern clothing taking a group selfie is the perfect college experience to make memories. Honestly, look how adorable everyone is! Despite being put in something anyone could leave the house in tomorrow, you can still see where their original Disney dresses played a huge factor in the design. Poor Merida seems to be a little stuck in the back!

12 We Could Definitely See These Two Being Friends

For a while after Frozen’s release, there were a lot of theories roaming around the net about its connection to Tangled; in part, because we do see Rapunzel visit in a flash shot at one point! With that in mind, it almost makes this picture even more adorable. These two have such vibrant personalities, it’s hard not to see them as friends. Especially for Rapunzel, this look is very unique because there are very few modern fan art pieces that like to include her short hair from later in the film.

11 Getting Ready To Go To College

In this particular fan art, Mulan is actually in high school; we know, this list is supposed to be about college student versions. However, this artist does such amazing work, it would be a shame not to include this amazing interpretation of her! Getting ready for college is just as important as actually going, after all. She looks adorable and we love that they gave her short hair; something that showed the Mulan from later after her character development and story.

10 Or Maybe Mulan After College?

Since we have an entry on Mulan as a high schooler, it’s only fair we show you her potential as a college student. In this rendition fan art, she’s looking absolutely gorgeous! Not only is the detail amazing from her hair and face, but the artist didn’t feel the need to add a lot of small details; something that really worked for this piece in the end. We like that she has a simple, elegant look that really speaks volumes.

9 Getting Ready For Class

These three totally look like they’re on their way to class, don’t they? As three of the strongest women to come out of the various Disney princess franchises, it only makes sense that they’d be good friends in college; birds of a feather. The real selling point here, however, is Tiana’s cute frog shirt! While the other two are wearing normal clothing, hers seems to be more attributed to her actual story from the movies, and it’s just too adorable to ignore.

8 Pretty In Pink

On Wednesdays they wear pink, so don’t expect to sit with them unless you’re wearing anything else. Of course, it’s hard to see the three of these characters being anything other than nice. Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel are incredibly sweet in their respective stories. Yet again, we see the sisters paired with the Tangled lead, which is probably due to popular fan theories about their stories interlocking. We hope it’s not nearly dramatic as their lives would have been in the real world!

These modern versions of Jasmine and Ariel are just too beautiful. Both of them are wearing incredibly trendy clothes, but what’s really refreshing is that it doesn’t really have much to do with their original designs. Whereas other fan artists seem to keep certain elements in their renditions, this one seemed to have gone a different route; they should have other clothes after all. It looks like Jasmine’s top color and Ariel’s bottoms would be the only thing that really match their original designs.

7 Moana Looks So Fierce

No Disney list could ever be completed without Moana; she’s been a huge icon since her movie’s release and it’s no surprise why! She’s incredibly brave and this fanart is doing her some serious justice. Just like with this artist’s Mulan piece, they kept the overall look simple with not a lot of flashy looks, keeping the detail more in the face and other features. Her eyes are what really pops in this look though; she looks like she’s about to go on another adventure! Or maybe just to ace an exam.

6 A Diligent Art Student

It’s no question that if Rapunzel were to pick a major it would be the arts, right? After all, in her Disney version, all she ever did was paint. Her talents would probably get her a scholarship and she could move out of her mother’s place ASAP! It sounds like even in the real world, she’d be all set to go on her own adventures. Of course, in this particular piece, she looks like she’s very lost in thought on a project.

5 Will Their Relationship Make It To College?

Romance is always in the air at college right? Well, at least that’s what the movies are always trying to push on you. In reality, it can be kind of difficult to build lasting bonds when you don’t have a steady schedule with people. We have to imagine that, if characters like Jasmine and Aladdin, were to go to school, there might be some complications. The way this artist portrayed them, it doesn’t look like things are going well.

4 She Looks A Little Blue

Of course, not everyone’s college experience is exactly the best. It looks like Aurora’s been having a tough time beating the post-exam blues. Or maybe she’s just tired from all of the studying she had to cram in the night before. One thing’s for sure; when you’re in college, there’s no way you’re going to get nearly as much beauty sleep as you used to. We’re not sure the famous sleeping beauty would handle that very well, and if this piece indicates anything, she certainly isn’t.

3 She Makes Her Sister Proud

It’s almost strange to see Lilo all grown up. In her original movie, she was so young we can’t even imagine her a couple of years older, let alone in college. If anything, with her long hair and current outfit, she looks a lot like her older sister! It makes sense, considering you can always count on your siblings for great fashion advice. The only thing wrong with this picture is the lack of a certain alien companion; would he go to classes with her?

2 Peter Looks Way Too Adorable

It looks like Peter finally grew up! That seems like a huge stretch, but people’s nostalgia for their childhood crush, it’s fun to see how the boy who swore to never grow up would look like as an adult. He’s certainly a cutie in this small illustration! What kind of major would Peter even be involved with? Childcare seems like a little bit of a stretch, if his time with the Lost Boys is any indication. Either way, he better not be ditching out on his classes!

1 Kida Looks Totally Different

Kida can never get enough love as an underrated Disney princess. Atlantis: The Lost Empire is an excellent movie but doesn’t always get a lot of recognition. What’s nice about seeing Kida as a college student isn’t just the modern clothing she’s put in, but rather that the artist stayed relatively true to the original art style. While you can clearly tell that they put their own spin on it, there’s something about it that’s very familiar and makes it look amazing.

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