20 Modified Ferraris Enzo Would Hate (But We Love)

Before we move on to the cars further down this page, we think it's fair to say that there are some strong opinions on this subject - modified Ferraris that is. People either love them or they hate them with unrivaled passion. Depending on how people's brains are wired, the images below will either fill them with a warm fuzziness of intense joy or short-term paralysis from deep-seated anger. This is gonna be so much fun!

Ferrari themselves absolutely hate it when people modify their cars. They have been known to send cease and desist letters to owners of modified Ferraris - as they did with Deadmau5 when he turned his 458 Spyder into the Nyan Cat Purrari. But enough talk, let's check out some of these modified Ferraris.

20 Slammed Widebody 328

via Top Gear

Apparently, this 328 was built to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. It rides on air suspension to avoid bottoming out during some spirited driving. The 3.2-liter V8 has a new ECU and individual throttle body system, producing 400bhp at 9,200rpm. There’s also a custom-built exhaust for maximum aural pleasure. Carbon-Kevlar widebody panels, redesigned wheels, and 458 GT3 racecar mirrors all come together to annoy the purists.

19 Enzo ZXX

via Money Inc

You might've seen this car on Youtube, crashing into the Atlantic Ocean. Since then, it has received some touches and modifications. Prior to the accident, it already had 180 additional horses. ZR Auto owner Zahir Rana vowed to give it new life and added another 110 horsepower. The result was the ZXX - the fastest Enzo ever with 950 horsepower. It also has Edo Competition wheels and a bright paint job.

18 Bagged Testarossa

via Speedhunters

This Japanese Testarossa was built to be used and flaunted. By only addressing the suspension and wheels and letting the wedge profile of this iconic ’80 supercar to do the rest, he's ended up with something unique on his hands. The car sits on airbags, and the design of the wide, deep-dish five-spoke wheels in staggered 18 and 19-inch sizes are a nod to Maranello cars of the period.

17 Novitec Widebody 812 Superfast

via Motor1

Novitec produces the "N-Largo" widebody aftermarket kit for the 812 Superfast, making it 5.5 inches wider at the back and 2.8 inches up front. There’s an attention-grabbing wing at the back, the hood hosts restyled air vents, and Novitec also got rid of the stock alloys and replaced them with lightweight forged rims measuring 21-inches at the front and larger 22-inches at the back. Oh, and the V12 now has 829 prancing horses.

16 Ratarossa

via The Drive

Ferrari only made one official Testarossa Spider, and it was a special commission for then-Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli. This is not that car. Rather, this one had been converted to look like that Testarossa Spider at some point in its life, presumably with a hacksaw, which still makes it an extremely rare car to see on the roads.

15 Koenig Widebody 308

via Pinterest

Koenig-Specials was born in 1977 - outsourcing their modifications to more experienced companies and specialists. Engines were often tuned by Franz Albert and the widebody designs were done by Vittorio Strosek, who later started his own Porsche tuning-company. Koenig-Specials had as many enemies as fans back in the 1980s. The Maranello carmaker was not a fan of the modified Ferraris - Enzo Ferrari ordered all stallion badges removed from the Koenig cars.

14 Liberty Walk 458

via Revvolution

To some, cutting up a Ferrari 458 Italia is sacrilegious, but Wataru Kato, owner of Liberty Walk Performance, doesn't believe that a chopped-up 458 is a bad thing. Liberty Walk isn't afraid to cut up a Ferrari, designing their body kits to respect and harmonize the essence of the original body. Yes, it is widened, but it doesn’t look out of place.

13 Kean Low 308

via Stance Works

This ’79 GTB is probably enough to cause heart-failure for 90% of classic car owners out there and that’s why it belongs on this list. This amazing prancing horse belongs to Andy Neirinck who runs Kean Suspensions with his brother Kenny. They stripped, modernized, and rebuilt it to perfection! This is how resto-mods should be done - it has custom-built suspension and the 18” AL13 Heritage Collection S20 rims are automotive jewelry.

12 Novitec Rosso F12 Berlinetta

via Top Car Rating

This V12 Ferrari has a top speed of 211 mph and a 0-62 mph acceleration time of 3.1 seconds. Then Novitec got their hands on it... First, they improved the aerodynamics with an aggressive widebody kit. Next was the engine, which received upgraded engine management software and a new exhaust system. Finally, they took care of the suspension, along with the wheels and tires to ensure maximum grip while doing insane speeds.

11 Novitec Rosso 488 GTB

via Motor1

Novitec got a hold a 488 GTB and of it and decided it wasn't powerful enough, wide enough, loud enough, nor fast enough. Clearly, something had to be done. This car produces 772 prancing horses, it knocks 0.2 seconds off the 0-62 mph time, bringing it down to just 2.8 seconds, the top speed is increased from 205 to 212 mph, and the whole body is now a few inches wider.

10 Koenig 348

via Car Throttle

1 of 2 right-hand-drive versions made, and 1 of an estimated 5-7 worldwide. Even though Enzo hated Koenig, this car was delivered new from Ferrari UK to Koenig Specials in Germany in 1991 and has the majority of parts that the tuner offered - totaling well over £100k back in 1991! Mods include modified ECU, twin turbos, intercooler, uprated clutch, brakes, widebody conversion, OZ racing wheels, Koni suspension... It also has a dyno-confirmed 520 hp.

9 Slammed 348

via Speedhunters

Ginpei-san, the owner of this 348, had no interest in newer Ferraris – to him, they’ve just lost too much of their driving purity to an overabundance electronic driver aids. However, he soon became bored with the stock car and decided to go nuts. The custom exhaust is insanely loud, the hydraulic suspension is stupid low, and the Work Wheels VS-XXs are crazy big - 19×12.5-inches to be exact.

8 Misha Designs 488 GTB

via Motor1

Misha Designs have pumped a total of 20 Ferrari 488 GTBs full of tuner-prescribed steroids to beef up its looks. Compared to the regular model, the new carbon fiber body has added three inches on either side. The front splitter, side skirts, and the large rear diffuser have been left unpainted to showcase the exposed carbon fiber. Do we even need to mention it has received a massive rear wing?

7 A Tamer Misha Designs 488 GTB

via Motor1

If the previous Misha Ferrari was too much for you, they made a tamer version you might like. The kit adds an array of carbon fiber components. A new front bumper with a more prominent splitter, the hood features a revised center section, the side skirts gain vertical fins at the rear, and at the back, the deck lid now has a pair of upward sweeping fixed spoilers.

6 Evoluto Automobili 348

via Car Throttle

For now, this car is just a render, seeing as Evoluto are still working on their first prototype. Basically, they have grand plans to do for the slightly unloved 348 what Singer does for a Porsche 911. The donor 348 can barely be recognized beneath the extensive bodywork changes, the engine will be swapped for the V8 that used to live in the Ferrari 360, and then tuned up to 500+ horses.

5 Mansory 4XX Siracusa

via Top Gear

This is none other than Mansory’s wild take on the Ferrari 488 GTB. Because what the 488 GTB really needed was more power and aero, right?! Basically, it's an 800 horsepower bumblebee, capable of accelerating from 0-62 mph in 2.9secs and with a top speed of 212mph. The springs are 20mm lower, and you’ve no doubt spotted the new aero dotted across its body. Because grip. And downforce.

4 Gas Monkey F40

via Pinterest

This F40 was picked up as a write-off for $400,000 by Richard Rowlings. The car featured on the Fast ‘n’ Loud show where it was restored by Gas Monkey Garage with their own distinct mark and flavor added. The black F40 with its Penske Racing adjustable shocks, Tubi exhaust system, and a pair of bigger turbochargers angered purists from all corners of the world. What’s not to like?

3 Liberty Walk 308

via Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk gave the classic Ferrari a front spoiler with air intakes, massive fender flares with exposed fastening bolts, a ducktail-shaped rear spoiler, black forged rims wrapped in Yokohama Advan tires, AirRex suspension, and an FI Exhaust system for an appropriately thunderous soundtrack. They also tinted the windows - including the windshield.

2 David Lee's Dino

via Pinterest

David Lee owns more than $50 million worth of the world’s rarest cars. One of them is a Dino, but not just any Dino - Lee has spent $1 million on modifying this one. It took more than 3,000 hours to build, it looks slightly more modern than the original, with flared fenders, new rims, covered headlights, and a see-through engine cover showing off the V8 engine from a 360 Modena.

1 XXX Performance 488 GTB

via Auto Evolution

This Ferrari was modified and tuned by German aftermarket company xXx Performance. There's a whole new aero kit, massive new Vossen VPS-315T wheels, some suspension modifications, but the biggest changes are to the engine. The Stage 1 kit boosts performance from 660 hp to 750, Stage 2 produces 850 horses, and Stage 3 a whopping 1000 horses - from a 3.9-liter engine!!

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