Mom Who Quit Counseling Job Makes $1000 A Week By Cuddling With Strangers

One married Australian mom of three has found a unique way to make over $1000 a week that involves making strangers feel good about themselves. She is all about good old-fashioned cuddling, and her clients love it.

35-year-old Jessica O'Neill started a professional cuddling company over six months ago, and she is now making bank with her very unusual job. She spent years working as a massage therapist, as well as a counselor before deciding to take her career in a new direction.

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O'Neill told The Sun that she has always been an affectionate, loving person, who wanted to make others feel loved. Although she was able to achieve success through her counseling, she wanted to do more for people and soon discovered cuddle therapy. After realizing her counseling clients would let their guard down after she hugged them, O'Neill thought it would be a good idea to add cuddling sessions to her list of treatments.

It turns out being a professional cuddler is a gratifying profession. The mother of three believes that she has helped more people by cuddling than with counseling therapy alone. There is nothing sexual about her sessions whatsoever. It is strict cuddling for those who are depressed, lonely or just in need of the human touch. Even though O'Neill has admitted to having a couple of awkward encounters she shared 99% of her experiences have been nothing but positive.

via The Mirror

Her prices are not crazy either. A straightforward cuddle session is $60, while a hugs and counseling session is $80. There is even what she refers to as her "friendship style session", which consists of coffee, and a cuddle session for $110. It sounds a little strange, but it is a very lucrative business with more rewards than financial ones. She is fulfilled by helping others feel loved and truly knows she has found her calling. Even O'Neill's husband fully supports his wife's unusual profession.

There are some pretty crazy jobs in the world and being a professional cuddler is definitely one of them. However, it also sounds kind of fun if you are into snuggling, but you have to make sure it is conducted in a safe environment like O'Neill created.

What do you think about cuddling therapy, would you ever do it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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