Mom Transforms Old Clothes Into Stylish Gems

Sarah Tyau, a mother of three, spends her time creating beautiful clothes either from scratch or refashioning old items. She dreamt of being a fashion designer when she was younger, but she didn’t begin to follow this dream until she became a mom. I mean, who needs to go out shopping when your mom makes you such unique and cute outfits?

Tyau’s pieces show her audience that old clothes don’t have to go to waste. Instead of throwing away all unwanted clothes, they can be given a new life as long as the fabric is still good and you get creative. Sewing can be intimidating, but the best way to improve is to practice!


With over 200,000 followers on Instagram, Tyau is constantly inspiring and amazing others with her creativity and artistry. Before she crafts a new piece, Tyau will look at the fabric of the old clothes—whether she’s refashioning clothes her family already has or she’s looking for some in the thrift shop. Since one cannot change the fabric, it’s the most important element in refashioning the clothing. If she likes the fabric but doesn’t like the color, Tyau will simply dye it. From there, it’s just a matter of having a vision in her head and committing to it. With time and practice, she was able to become a master of her craft.

In an interview with NowThis, Tyau revealed that it is her goal to use her talents to help orphans. Her love for her children inspires her every day, and she would like to help other children in the world who need a little motherly love. She aims to start a clothing line and find a way to use the proceeds to help children in need.

Other than helping and inspiring others, Tyau’s craft is important to her own identity. As a mom, it’s easy to lose one’s identity when one spends all their time for the family. She’s not only a mom, but a mom who creates gems of cloth that amaze everyone around. Armed with a sewing machine, some fabric, an amazing creative mind, and a loving heart, Tyau can certainly achieve her goals and so much more.

Follow her journey here: www.ourlifeisbeautiful.com

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