Mom Vs. Dad: 20 Must-See Parenting Style Comparisons

Mothers and fathers...men and women...what different creatures we are. And when it comes to parenting, the differences stand out even more. These pictures are evidence that moms and dads simply have varied parenting styles as similar to night and day.

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20 Entertainment Options

Via Unmotivating.com

Mom always has fun, educational entertainment ideas. Dad, on the other hand, just wants to be entertained himself!

19 Two Sides to the Zoo

Via TalkFunnyJokes.com

Both parents love enjoying the zoo with their children. They just take a different stance on animal safety...

18 Quality Time

Via ReckonTalk.com

While mom tries to involve the baby with everything she is doing, dad believes simply being in the same room is quality time.

17 Cooking Habits

Via Dumpaday.com

Teach a child to cook and she will grow up to make healthier choices. Mom has a carrot-chopping helper. Dad is actually grilling the baby.

16 All in Good Fun

Via TalkFunnyJokes.com

Mom enjoys good, clean fun. Dad, on the other hand, well, you can see what happens...

15 Baby Carrying

Via BuzzFlare.com

Mom wears the baby anywhere she goes, so the two are close at all times. When dad needs to use his hands, he disposes of the infant who is left to hang around 'till he gets back.

14 Dinner Date Night

Via EbaumsWorld.com

Going on a dinner date with mom means lots of giggles and plenty of good food. When dad takes the kid on an outing, it's a miracle if the child gets to eat at all.

13 Fun with Food

Via TalkFunnyJokes.com

Mom will turn the baby into a mini-chef when given the opportunity. Dad, well, he might just lose the baby within the ingredients.

12 Peaceful Sleeping

Via BuzzFlare.com

It's true that both mom and dad can get a baby to sleep. But mom's methods might be a bit more thorough and long-lasting.

11 A Walk in the Park

Via JustSomething.com

With diaper bags, snacks, and sunscreen in tow, mothers are always prepared for when they go on outings. Dad didn't even bring a stroller so he's taking the caveman approach to the walk.

10 Age-Appropriate Rides

Via: pinterest.com

Carnival rides are always fun, but mom will air on the safe side and pick something slow and age appropriate. Dad, however, will go for broke and put the kid on anything he's tall enough to ride.

9 Parent-Child Bonding

Via Unmotivating.com

In order to bond, mom enjoys a snuggle on the couch with a good book. Dad thinks bonding means teaching the children what he likes so they know him better.

8 Bike Lessons

Via BuzzFlare.com

A mother will never let go of the bike until her child is ready. A father will get bored fast and take over the bike.

7 Sweet Alone Time

Via Mom.Me.Com

Moms use alone time to make eye contact and study their children's expressions. Dads create new expressions.

6 Dress Up Days

Via Unmotivating.com

Mothers love to play make believe with their children. Fathers, on the other hand, take the game a little too far...

5 A Lovely Walk

Via Unmotivating.com

When mom goes for a walk with baby, it's all about baby. When dad goes, there are ulterior motives involved.

4 Bathtime

Via TalkFunnyJokes.com

Mama enjoys bath time with baby. They sing, giggle, and gaze lovingly at each other. Dad has fun too, but in a whole different way.

3 Close Times

Via: hubpages.com

Whenever mom is near her child, she wants a snuggle. Dad is perfectly happy staying at a distance.

2 Dating Difference

Via Frompo.com

Mom is welcoming to her children's friends and sometimes even the boyfriends. Those of the opposite sex are greeted differently by dad.

1 Fun & Games

Via BuzzFlare.com

Peek-a-boo is mom's choice game. Dad has a little fun of his own that will scar this child for life when this picture re-surfaces at graduation time.

Children need both mothers and fathers and their different parenting techniques are obvious. Many children bask under the glow of their mother's adoration...and survive their father's well-meant attention.

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