16 Moments In WWE History That Vince McMahon Wishes Never Happened

WWE has changed a lot over the decades of its existence. Times have definitely changed as well, as some of the stuff that Vince and the team used to come up with years ago are just in poor taste nowadays. While some miss the outrageous storylines that were prominent in the '80s and '90s, it's probably better off this way considering the way the WWE has tried to cater to all ages.

How some of these moments ended up on TVs in front of millions is still surprising, as it feels as though we have seen it all in the wrestling world to this point. Even though Vince had his hand directly in most of these bits, he would tell you to today that he wishes these ideas never came to fruition, as some were just plain ridiculous while others are offensive.

Here are moments Vince McMahon wishes never happened.


16 Vince Interviews Melanie Pillman

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Vince would cringe if he saw this picture above, as the way the WWE handled the death of wrestler Brian Pillman was ridiculous. Brian tragically died in 1997 of a heart condition that went undetected, as it sadly cut his wrestling career short.

This interview was hard to watch, as Vince asked nosy questions about Brian to the widow just one day after the death. Yikes!

15 The Undertaker Hangs The Big Boss Man

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This moment of The Undertaker hanging The Big Boss Man during WrestleMania XV looks like it came straight out of a horror movie, which is pretty cool. However, faking the passing of The Big Boss Man in this manner is a little much considering young kids are watching, which is why this is a moment Vince would like to forget about.

14 Choppy Your Pee Pee

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While this angle may have entertained some people, a lot of us were shaking our heads with this one. Val Venis was having relations with Yamaguchi-San's wife, and for his actions, San promised he would "choppy-choppy your pee-pee!" Venis was eventually saved by John Wayne Bobbitt thankfully. Even though this was obviously staged, it still didn't project the best image of what wrestling is about.

13  CM Punk Disrespects Paul Bearer's Ashes

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This segment was so wrong in so many ways, as Paul Bearer died just three weeks before the WWE thought it would be a good idea to have CM Punk pour out and even bathe in his "ashes." In hindsight, this topic is one the WWE should have steered clear of, as it is one of the worst moments in company history.

12 Al Snow Eats His Dog

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We have seen feuds make wrestlers do some pretty despicable acts, but this one could take the cake for the worst. Big Boss Man took things up a notch in their dispute, as an angle was made about him stealing and killing Snow's dog Pepper. Not only did he end the dog, but he also served him up the owner which is just messed up.

11 Vince Makes Trish Bark Like A Dog

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One of the most deplorable acts in the history of the WWE, seeing Vince McMahon make Trish strip and bark like a dog was hard to watch. Not only did Vince and his daughter pour sewage on the poor Trish the week before, but she was also made to apologize for whatever reason in such a degrading way.

10 The Anonymous Raw General Manager

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While this segment wasn't offensive or in poor taste like a lot of these other moments, the payoff to this long storyline was a complete dud which is why it finds it's way on this list.

For over a year, an anonymous person was running RAW through Michael Cole. Many people were disappointed to find out that it was just Hornswoggle the whole time, just having some fun at the expense of his fellow wrestlers.

9 Vince Says The "N" Word

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Another one of Vince's head-shaking moments, this is certainly a bit that Vince wishes he never took part in. Backstage at the 2005 Survivor Series, Mr. McMahon approached John Cena and awkwardly said "what's up my n****!?" on live television.

The fact this was a planned conversation makes it even worse, considering a WWE team thought this was a good idea for whatever reason.

8 The DX National Anthem

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Like all other WrestleManias, the grand event is started off with a rendition of America the Beautiful. Vince definitely wishes he picked someone else for this job, as Chris Warren and the DX band absolutely butchered the performance. Screaming the words of the song, fans booed almost immediately as this ended up being a disrespectful moment to our country.

7 Snitsky Punts Lita's Baby

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Snitsky was already considered a brutal heel before these actions, so what he did regarding Lita and her baby was an all-time low for him. During his feud with Kane, Snitsky pushed Kane into his "pregnant" wife Lita, causing her to miscarriage which is already very dark. He also brought a baby onto the stage, with older viewers immediately realizing it was a fake when he punted it into the crowd.

6 Vince Vs. "God"

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Shawn Michaels found religion in the early 2000s, so Vince said his win at WrestleMania was an "act of God." This prompted a tag-team match between Vince and his son Shane, versus Shawn Michaels and "God." The match was drowned out by boos from the crowd due to the offensiveness of it all, and to make matters worse, Vince got the win as he defeated Michaels and "God" in the process.

5 The Blindfold Match

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This match was supposedly meant to spice things up at WrestleMania VII which it did not do at all, as it was actually a complete bore-fest. Why the WWE thought this was a good idea is up for debate, as the fight consisted of Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Rick Martel wandering around aimlessly for almost 10-minutes.

4 Mae Young Births A Hand

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Another storyline that got fans invested before ending up as a complete disappointment, the Mae Young having a child with Mark Henry angle was one of the worst we have seen in the WWE. Instead of birthing a child, a bloody hand was unveiled which completely confused fans. The adult hand came back to visit 10 years later, which was just a slap in the face to us fans who finally forgot this terrible idea.

3 Vince Fakes His Own Death

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Another example of WWE using death as a way to entertain, this one even had fans calling 911 because they thought this was all real. On Vince's appreciation night on RAW, a video was shown of his limo exploding to the horror of everyone. This was a ridiculous idea that should have been left alone.

2 Gobbledy Gooker

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The 1990 Survivor Series included a serious high and low of WWE history, as it included the debut of both The Undertaker and the Gobbledy Gooker. Eggs were being left on WWE stages for months before the debut, and when Hector Guerrero came out in a giant bird costume, not even the commentators could try and pull off this ending to the angle. Gobbledy Gooker was never seen again thankfully.

1 Katie Vick

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Who would have thought that this would be the focus of a WWE storyline? Even after what we have read on this list, this may be the biggest moment Vince wished never happened. The clip that was played showed Kane getting involved with a deceased Katie Vick in her coffin, and of course, the moment was incredibly uncomfortable and should have never aired.

Sources: uproxx.com, denofgeek.com

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