Moms Are Often Guilty Of Making These 20 Mistakes With Their Newborns

Having and caring for a baby is no joke, it is hard. Especially if you are a first-time mom and have no idea what you are doing. They hand you this baby in the hospital, and then a day or two later they send you home and expect you to just care and nurture this little person.

That is why a lot of new moms rely on the guidance and advice of the Internet, friends, and family members. They look to those they trust for information on what they need to do. The problem is that this information is likely out-dated and not safe. Moms who are starting again on their second and third are also victims of this.

They did things with their first, and it worked, and their baby is fine, so they continue to do it with future children. These are the exceptions and not the rules. There are certain things that moms often do with their newborns that are not advised and, frankly, not safe. We are going to highlight 20 of them here in this article.

20 Installing The Car Seat Wrong


One of the biggest mistakes that new moms make can be the most dangerous of all. That is installing the car seat incorrectly. This means that there will not be any protection for the baby should there be a car accident.

Cnn.com recommends having a CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician) show you how to install the car seat correctly to ensure optimal safety.

19 Back To Sleep Exists For A Reason


According to cnn.com, another big thing that parents get wrong is placing their newborn to sleep anywhere but their back.

The “Back to Sleep” campaign started in the 1990s and it urged all parents to place their babies on their backs to sleep. In an empty crib with a firm mattress. This has radically reduced the number of SIDS incidents.

18 Timing Feedings


Everyone likes a sleeping baby, and no one wants to wake a sleeping baby. However, according to cnn.com, a newborn needs to be woken every 2-3 hours to eat.

This rule will usually only apply until the baby has reached their birth weight. After that, it is normally OK to let them sleep through feedings if they want too.

17 Burping Wrong (You’re Probably Doing It)


Burping a baby is so important, it can prevent reflux and it lets those gas bubbles escape. A newborn cannot burp and expel gas on their own, they need some help. If the gas is left there, it can cause an upset stomach and a grumpy baby.

Cnn.com states that a lot of parents are failing to burp their infants properly, and that it could be due to their fear of handling their new little fragile baby.

16 Not Pre-Burping (Yes, That’s A Thing)


This is something that a lot of moms don’t even know is a thing, which means they are not doing it. Cnn.com reports that not a lot of moms are pre-burping their babies.

They state that moms should be giving their baby a burp before they start a feeding session. This is to get rid of any air in the baby’s stomach so that they can feed better and more efficiently without spitting up so much.

15 Mixing Wrong


Feeding the baby is one of the most basic tasks when it comes to bringing home a newborn. Newborns don’t need much, but they need to be fed. It doesn’t matter whether you feed your baby breastmilk or formula, but how it is mixed and prepared is very important.

According to cnn.com, a lot of parents prepare their baby’s bottle wrong. They make the formula too concentrated or diluted. This means that the baby is not getting enough nutrients.

14 Neglecting Tummy Time


Cnn.com states that tummy time is another thing that new parents neglect when it comes to newborns. Tummy time is important to help build the muscles in their neck, and it also can prevent a flat spot from happening on their head from laying flat too long.

Newborns can still do tummy time, even if it is laying on mom or dad’s chest for a few minutes on their tummy.

13 Ignoring A Fever


We have always been told a fever when sick is a good thing. It is our body's way of fighting off infection and it lets us know that the immune system is working. According to cnn.com, too many parents are not reacting properly to a fever in their newborn.

Any fever of any degree in a newborn needs to be taken seriously. They should be seen by a doctor right away. Their immune system is not strong enough to fight off illnesses yet.

12 Watching The House Temperature


Parents have a hard time remembering that we feel things differently than a newborn, and according to cnn.com, this can be a big mistake. This especially happens when it comes to the temperature of a house.

One temperature may be fine for us, but it could be too hot or cold for the baby. They are just adjusting to this world outside the womb, and they need the environment to be a little warmer than we do.

11 Going Shopping


Bringing home a newborn can be very isolating, you feel like you are stuck inside for a while right at the beginning. However, according to cnn.com, that is not a bad thing. New moms may want to get out there, but they should stay inside for a little bit.

Newborns should not be around large crowds for the first little bit of their life. They are just getting used to the world around them and all the new germs floating around.

10 Panicking


This one is quite normal and quite common, but it should be avoided. New moms, especially first-time moms, tend to panic over everything. According to webmd.com, this is a big mistake.

Of course, this panic is all out of love and wanting to do the right thing, but it can have negative impacts. This panic is really anxiety and a small baby can pick up on mom's uneasiness and it can make them a little irritable.

9 No Teeth? No Problem!


This is a common mistake because moms don’t think to care for something that is not there. Very rarely are babies born with teeth, so mom assumes she doesn’t need to do much in that area.

Webmd.com states that even a mouth full of gums only needs some attention. New moms should take a piece of wet gauze and wipe down their baby’s gums to get rid of any bacteria left over from milk.

8 Heading To A Mommy Group For Advice


This is probably one of the biggest mistakes, and it leads to articles like this. That is when parents go to unreliable sources for help when it comes to their baby. Webmd.com urges new parents to make sure their advice is coming from reliable sources.

Mommy groups sure are great for socialization, but any health and well-being advice should come right from your baby’s doctor.

7 Bathing Too Much


There is such a thing as too clean when you are talking about a newborn. Newborn babies don’t need a bath too often, and they definitely don’t need one every day. Even once or twice a week is good enough, according to babygaga.com.

Their skin is so sensitive that bathing too much can cause it to dry out. They don’t often get too dirty anyways that they would require a daily bath.

6 Bed Sharing


There are many different opinions on where a newborn should sleep. There are a lot of moms out there who prefer to bedshare with their baby. This may be convenient when it comes to breastfeeding, but it may not be safe, according to babygaga.com.

Babies should have their own space to sleep that is free of any clutter or blankets that could potentially cause a tragedy.

5 Letting Them Cry


Sleep is something that a lot of parents miss when a baby comes along. It is one of the hardest transitions for a new parent to make, and sleep deprivation can cause mental and physical illnesses.

There are a lot of parents out there who prefer to sleep train their baby to try and get more sleep. According to babygaga.com, you can never sleep train a newborn. They are designed to wake frequently to eat and do not have the ability to self-soothe.

4 Using The Wrong Soap


Everything that has to do with babies is expensive, so it is no surprise that parents are trying to find any way to cut corners. Laundry soap for babies is more expensive than regular laundry soap, but it is a necessity, according to babygaga.com.

Laundry soap that has been specifically designed for babies is what should be used to wash all of their clothes and linen. It is made perfectly for their new and sensitive skin.

3 Kissing … All The Kissing


No one can resist kissing a newborn. They are so small, and their cheeks are so kissable. However, according to babygaga.com, no one other than mom and dad should be kissing a newborn on their face especially.

This is how illnesses can be spread to a newborn who lacks the immune system to fight off infections and illnesses.

2 Letting Older Siblings Help


If mom and dad have an older brother or sister at home, then they are likely going to have some adjusting to do. Older siblings can get a bit jealous, and one of the best ways to combat that is to let them help.

However, siblings should not be allowed to feed their new baby brother or sister. According to babygaga.com, this can be very dangerous as a child does not know how to properly pace a feeding or when to stop for burps.

1 Car Seat Crib


This last piece of advice is probably the most important and crucial piece of advice. According to babygaga.com, there are a lot of parents out there who let their babies sleep in their car seats.

We get that it can be tempting, they are finally asleep, and we want them to stay that way, so we are hesitant to take them out and wake the up. However, a car seat is not the proper place to sleep as babies have suffocated from having a restricted airway.

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