A Mood Worksheet Helped An Angry Overwatch Player

A mood worksheet helped an angry Overwatch player and it is all thanks to his therapist wife.

Male anger management has been a hot topic for years, especially when it comes to them playing video games. When playing video games men can get very upset and it literally does no one any good. It can be hard to have a conversation on how to change that action or know what can be done to even start talking about solutions.

However, one man is now revealing how he filled out a mood worksheet and he is sharing his story on Reddit. It is a heartwarming story about a couple working together to create something that will be beneficial to so many people.

After his wife noticed how angry he got when playing Overwatch, she decided to have him fill out a worksheet after he played. The worksheet is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the process of identifying and changing the distorted thoughts that make you feel bad.

Although he was reluctant at first, after giving in and filling out the worksheet he discovered a lot about his behavior. When he really analyzed what he was thinking after a bad loss, he was able to see that he was being hyperbolic - talking about the situation in absolutes and focusing on the negative parts of the match. Once he began working through the anger, his numbers on the worksheet were lower, showing the progress he had made.

Comments began pouring in once he posted the worksheet on Reddit. People were so supportive of what he was trying to do and other Overwatch players quickly gave him props for what he had done. Most people thought it was really cool the way he learned to handle his anger. There was a positive healthy vibe throughout the entire comments section, which was nice to see for once.

“Hey thanks for posting this OP reading those cognitive distortions really hit home for me, i do almost all of those in games, not sure how to fix it but i feel better knowing that its human problem, rather than my brain being a scrambled mess,” replied one user.

A simple mood worksheet helped one angry Overwatch player realize just how much of a problem he had when it came to gaming. The worksheet can be used for many different areas to help understand how one feels.

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