Moose Enters Alaskan Hospital For Routine Checkup

Moose Enters Alaskan Hospital For Checkup

A moose wandered into an Alaskan hospital on Monday for what we can only assume was a routine checkup appointment.

As much as we love the wild and crazy hijinx that Florida Man is always getting up to, there’s another US state that occasionally catches our interest. Alaska is farther north than any country save for Canada, and being that far out in the cold can bring some strange neighbors into contact with human civilization.

For example, a moose decided to wander down the main thoroughfare of Anchorage and enter an Alaska Regional Hospital building’s lobby.

Now, we’re pretty sure that the moose was really just looking for a nice place to eat, and the lobby of the hospital had some pretty tasty looking ferns for a moose to chew on. But at the same time, we can’t be sure that the moose didn’t have a prior appointment to see a physician about some sort of moose illness.


In an interview with the Associated Press, billing department worker Stephanie Hupton said that even though it’s Alaska, a moose isn’t an everyday sighting she’s quite used to. “It’s definitely different than small-town Iowa,” she said.

As soon as she heard from another patient that security was tracking a moose that had entered the building, Hupton immediately grabbed her phone and started recording. Apparently, the moose found a door that had become stuck open thanks to the extreme cold gripping Anchorage earlier this week. With the door wide open, the moose managed to sneak inside and start munching on plants in the lobby.

"Happy Monday," Stephanie can be heard saying to another staffer as they watch the bizarre sight of a moose calmly stripping leaves off bushes. Eventually the moose looks over and even seems to acknowledge that it’s being recorded before it tries to wander back outside.

The concept of glass seems to confuse it for a moment before it finds the open door. "Bye moose!" Stephanie can be heard shouting as it leaves.

The whole episode took roughly 10 minutes. We’ll be sure to report if the moose returns for a second checkup.

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