20 Mortal Kombat Cosplays That Shouldn't Have Been Possible

With the new Mortal Kombat 11 game recently released, expect this Comic-Con season to be full of Mortal Kombat cosplays. And that’s not a bad thing, because most of the characters in the fighting game franchise are either a) sexy, b) tough, or c) both.

It’s hard to cosplay a video game character accurately, but the people pictured in this article put out all the stops and are seriously dressed to impress. For the well-known cosplayers on this list, these are more notches on their belt, while for the lesser-known cosplayers, these kinds of outfits are what makes them famous. Some are even gender-swapped and mashed-up from other franchises, and when pulled off right, they’re amazing.

Let’s take a look at 20 stunning Mortal Kombat cosplays… or Kosplays, if you will.

20 Kung Lao Gender Swap (Katta Ramos)

via Dorkly

Katta Ramos is a reasonably popular cosplayer with 35,000 Facebook followers who typically does scantily-clad cosplays that are NSFW. This cosplay of Kung Lao, a male character, is not only spot on, but it also displays Katta’s “assets” quite well. Kung Lao is the best friend of the series’ main protagonist, Liu Kang, and we can think of quite a few people who would want to befriend this version of the character.

19 Sub-Zero Elsa Mashup (Chibi Kitsune)

via Dorkly

This completely unique cosplay is equal parts frightening and sexy, somehow. Cosplayer Chibi Kitsune has managed to create the ultimate unorthodox mashup in this Sub-Zero Elsa costume. She has the pupil-less eyes of Sub-Zero, as well as the slightly zombified face, but the hair and body type of Elsa from Frozen. The end result is a stunning mix of Disney ice princess and Mortal Kombat ice ninja, which is legendary.

18 Jade (Zazie)

Jade originally showed up in Mortal Kombat II as an unplayable secret character—a green palette change of Kitana, before showing up in Ultimate Mortal Kombat III as a playable character. Zazie is an incredibly talented cosplayer, and together they’re a match made in heaven. Zazie really brought Jade to life in this showing, making her both hot and fierce, as the character was intended to be.

17 Shao Kahn Gender Swap (Nicole Marie Jean)

via Dorkly

The brutal warlord Shao Kahn, Emperor of the mysterious Outworld, first appeared as a villain in Mortal Kombat II. He is typically depicted in cosplay form as a bulky, muscled dude, so this gender-swapped version by Nicole Marie Jean is a fresh, unique take on the character. She certainly has the strong body for the part, the looks, and 108,000 Twitter followers and 369,000 Instagram followers of which to show her awesome cosplay!

16 Mileena (Tanya Korobova)

via Acid Cow

Mileena is the evil twin of Princess Kitana, a magenta-suited, dual sai-wielding assassin originally appearing in Mortal Kombat II as a boss. Underneath that jaw mask is an equally frightening pair of sharp face-biters, but Tanya Korobova opted to keep the mask on. Even so, she is beautiful and frightening and spot-on, and even though Tanya only has a small following right now, she has a bright future in the cosplay world.

15 Kitana (Sophie Valentine)

via Deviant Art

Sophie Valentine is a cosplayer with over 100,000 followers on both Instagram and Facebook. She is popular for good reason: she has the hourglass figure of a goddess, with thick thighs and a tiny waist and a large bust, and she does Kitana here some serious service. She’s cosplayed many hot video game characters, but this is definitely one of her best Kitana is one of the most popular female characters in the series, first appearing in MK 2, and most recently in MK 11.

14 Skarlet (Lauren Sanchez)

via Dorkly

It’s often difficult to pull off convincing Mortal Kombat characters because most people don’t have the figure for them. All of the men in the series are beefcakes, and all of the women are strikingly pretty (but also aggressively ferocious). Lauren Sanchez here manages to portray both of those qualities with ease. Skarlet is a newer addition to the series, first appearing in 2011’s Mortal Kombat, as the first downloadable character.

13 Cassie Cage (Narga-Lifestream)

via Deviant Art

Cassie Cage is either the daughter of two of the most popular character in the Mortal Kombat series: Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage. She debuted in 2015’s Mortal Kombat X. Narga-Lifestream is a hugely popular professional cosplayer who suits the character well, together with her figure and amazing looks. She has 108,000 Instagram followers and 75,000 Facebook peeps, and we’re sure every single fan loves this scorching cosplay of hers.

12 Sonya Blade (Okani)

via Scifi Fantasy Horror

Sonya Blade is not only the most popular female character in the Mortal Kombat series, but she’s also the first. She appeared in the original Mortal Kombat from 1992, following a last-minute decision that the game needed a female character. Oksana Orlova, or Okani Cosplay, is a very busty Russian cosplayer who brings a lot to the character. It also helps that this photo is stunning, taken by Alex Homin.

11 D’Vorah (Shana Mostella)

via Twitter

D’Vorah first appeared in Mortal Kombat X (2015) a female member of the Kytinn species and as Kotal Kahn’s first minister. The insectoid cosplay is incredibly hard to pull off, but Shana Mostella does a fantastic job here with the costume and the paint. She’s another cosplayer with a small following but a bright future if she continues to make outfits like this one!

10 Noob Saibot Gender Swap (Just Yeliz)

via GeekxGirls

Gender swap cosplays are always fantastic if they’re done right, and Just Yeliz has done a tremendous job portraying the shadowy Noob Saibot. The cosplay is detailed and masterfully put together. Noob first appeared in Mortal Kombat II as an unplayable hidden character, as a black silhouette of the other male ninjas. Just Yeliz has 43,000 Instagram followers, and that should reach six digits if she keeps putting out cosplays like this.

9 Scorpion (Melonicor)

via Pinterest

You can’t have a Mortal Kombat article without mentioning Scorpion, who is arguably the figurehead of the series. He’s come a long way since his humble beginnings as the yellow ninja screaming “Get over here!” as we can tell by Melonicor’s cosplay. We probably haven’t seen a more intricate, impressive display of Scorpion in cosplay form outside of this one, so props to this guy for putting out all the stops.

8 Raiden Gender Swap & Scorpion (Kayley Marie & Johnny B)

via Twitter

While Johnny B’s version of Scorpion might not be quite the same caliber as the one above, it’s still awesome, and Kayley Marie’s gender-swapped Raiden is out of this world. In this picture, titled “No, you get over here!” we see a silver-haired Kayley giving Scorpion a slightly risque taste of his own medicine. As far as gender-swapped characters, this one is hard to beat

7 Raiden (Brijcharan)

via Pinterest

This character, Scorpion above, and the one below are probably the three most well-known MK characters. Many people have tried to pull off Raiden’s mystic, lightning-eyed quality, but few have succeeded like Brijcharan here, who almost looks like a futuristic version of the iconic character. We’d love to see this immaculate Raiden cosplay pitted against the Scorpion above, or this guy below…

6 Sub-Zero (Reno Ben Photography)

via Nerd Geek Feelings

Along with his yellow-suited brother, Sub-Zero is the most popular Mortal Kombat character. The two rival twin ninjas are a yin and yang of sorts, and this cosplayer does an excellent job of portraying him. Unfortunately, we don’t know who is underneath the costume of the silent ice ninja, but we do know Reno Ben Photography took the shot, and it’s an epic one.

5 Ermac (Dracosiege)

via Twitter

Ermac, the magenta-suited ninja of the series, first appeared in Mortal Kombat III (1995), from unusual circumstances. He originated from rumors over a diagnostics menu glitch that displayed the text ERMACS, from the first game. As such, he has a glitchy vibe to him that Dracosiege here portrays well, especially with those green glowy hands. This cosplayer won 1st place in the novice category at the convention he attended while wearing this suit.

4 Kotal Kahn Gender Swap (Just Yeliz)

via Deviant Art

Another fabulous cosplay by Just Yeliz, this one is of Kotal Kahn, first introduced in 2015’s Mortal Kombat X. He reappeared in the most recent MK 11 game, too, as a former Emperor of Outworld. Yeliz’s cosplay here does a great job with the paintjob and the outfit, showing that Kotal could just as easily be an Empress as he is an Emperor.

3 The Whole Gang (Diamond Black Cosplay)

via Deviant Art

Here we have an awesome shot of the whole gang, geared up and ready for action (or a Comic-Con). While no one character stands out here individually, as a group this is quite a stunning shot, and one that’s so difficult to achieve. The cosplay was done by a group from Chile who call themselves Black Diamond Cosplay, and their Facebook fan page, Mortal Kombat Outstanding, has almost 4,000 members.

2 Jade, Mileena, Kitana, Skarlet

via Reddit

Finally, we’ll end with what makes the best cosplays the best: hot chicks in awesome outfits. Here we have the four ninja girls from the series, Jade, Mileena, Kitana, and Skarlet, and they all look equally fierce and beautiful. These ladies all have the perfect body types for the characters they’re portraying, and together they’re an unstoppable unit. The reddit page this showed up on couldn’t get enough of them…

1 Quan Chi (Nick Wolfe)

via Dorkly

Quan Chi is demon or oni from the Netherrealm who first appeared as a major villain in the animated series, Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm. His first video game appearance was Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. This cosplay of the character, by Nick Wolfe, is superb, and looks like it took hours of time to put together. From the bald cap and paint (helped by his brother Brian), to the six-pack abs, this one is stunning.

References: dorkly.com, deviantart.com, reddit.com

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