20 Fan-Designed Mortal Kombat Costumes Better Than The Games

Mortal Kombat is one of the most iconic fighting game franchise in gaming history. After all, what other game lets us turn our enemies into babies after their defeat? Aside from the brutal gameplay, hilarious references and epic martial arts choreography, there's also the star of the show, the Kombatants! These, shall we say, Kharacters, come in all shapes and sizes. There are lethal cyborgs, bold warriors, intrepid konqerors, and even indomitable sentient monsters. Of course, all of them have one thing in common, they can all kick major behind!

The best part is, they manage to do so while still making a fashion statement too. Sure, these characters might perish during a fight but they will still remain stylish, even to their last breath. One of the things that make them stand out is undoubtedly their signature costumes. Whether they're sporting their old-school colors or donning their revamped get-up, fans will always recognize them. That's because the personality of these characters are actually imbued in the very fabric of their costumes!

Why else would Goro be fighting wearing nothing but a loincloth? The costumes eventually evolved as the franchise progressed forward. However, the Kombatants still retained the very essence of their character, through costumes that fans can still associate them with. These costumes had such an impact on the fans that they started coming up with their own designs. Designs that could even rival, if not best, the real thing! Here are 25 fan-designed Mortal Kombat Kostumes that are so kool we could've sworn Sub Zero was involved in making them.

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20 Sektor

via Deviantart.com

Sektor's original costume was clearly inspired by the fearless alien hunters known as Predators. Not this fan-designed alternate costume though, it's got Ghost In The Shell written all over it! This hulking behemoth of a mech suit is anything but subtle.

This suit makes even Triborg feel insecure.

What makes this costume design even cooler is that it turned Sektor's signature elongated wire hair into a menacing scorpion tail! As if that's not lethal enough, just imagine the number of missiles he can launch with that gigantic frame.

Artwork by sharknob

19 Sindel

via Deviantart.com

Scream queen Sindel looks exceptionally daunting in this get-up. We know, just when we thought her default attire couldn't look any more ominous, right? Sure, her original costume made her look evil, but it didn't really define her royal stature.

On the other hand, this Gothic attire manages to capture her malevolent nature perfectly. It certainly befits an evil queen as lurid as Sindel! A costume this wicked deserves to be a part of Sindel's wardrobe, let's just hope her tailor is taking notes.

Artwork by GeorgeVostrikov

18 Johnny Cage

via Deviantart.com

Does this artist's rendition of Johnny Cage's signature apparel look familiar somehow? Perhaps it's because it has a Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist, vibe going on about it. We don't usually get to see Johnny covering his head underneath a hoodie like this, he is as narcissistic as an actor can get, after all.

However, something about this design just fits Johnny's fighting style. Who would've thought he could pass off as the next Iron Fist? That is, if his fighting skills were as good as his acting.

Artwork by Grapiqkad

17 Motaro

via Deviantart.com

Longtime Mortal Kombat fans would love to see the iconic sub-boss Motaro back in the game. The thing is, it's been a long time since his last appearance. His character design badly needs an update.

Motaro doesn't look like he's horsing around anymore.

Fortunately, this fan-made concept makes Motaro look more savage than ever! Finally, a monstrous makeover that makes him worthy of being called an MK boss once again. Now the only thing missing is actually seeing this equine villain back in the roster.

Artwork by GeorgeVostrikov

16 Jacqui Briggs

via Deviantart.com

Jacqueline Briggs is certainly as tough as she looks. While she's always been depicted as a disciplined soldier, it doesn't hurt for her to look a little bit more liberated, right? Good thing this costume shows fans the best of both worlds.

Jacqui gets to show her young, vibrant side while still sticking to her hard-nosed military roots. This stylish get-up makes her appear as if she's just taking a casual stroll at the park, until she starts hitting baddies in the face, that is.

Artwork by chloechibis

15 Ermac

via Deviantart.com

Ermac has come a long way from starting out as a glitch to becoming a telekinetic force of power. His design has undergone some major changes from being just a Scorpion lookalike. This fan-art just takes Ermac's costume design to the next level.

From being a sort of soul necromancer in the previous game, he now looks like a ruthless robotic ninja slash warrior knight in shining armor! This costume speaks volumes about Ermac's contrasting personality. One thing's for sure though, it's definitely ten times better than looking like a generic palette swapped Scorpion wannabe.

Artwork by GeorgeVostrikov

14 Jax Briggs

via Deviantart.com

Is this a Gears Of War character? Nope, it's just Jax looking like a savage even without his metallic arms. Jax didn't always have chunks of metal for arms anyway, so this artist rendition makes perfect sense.

This exo-suit costume feels so right that it would almost be criminal to not include it as Jax's alternate outfit. Let's face it, Marcus Fenix could only wish he'd look cooler than Jax in rocking that same look. Besides, it's cool seeing Jax's actual arms for a change.

Artwork by GeorgeVostrikov

13 Kabal

via Deviantart.com

This redesigned Kabal looks like he just got an upgrade from Ultron! Kabal's iconic mask is undoubtedly one of his most defining features. His new design in MK 11 was great but this fan-made costume just made his mask look even better.

Looks like the Terminator and Jason Voorhees had a baby.

Exposing Kabal's scars just made him look like a mercenary from hell. Add an expression that's more sinister than Shinnok, then we got ourselves a Kabal that's more menacing than the original.

Artwork by GeorgeVostrikov

12 Raiden

via Deviantart.com

Who would've thought that turning Raiden into a goddess of thunder would make the perfect storm? Well, the storm from X-Men, that is. This artist rendition of lady Raiden is downright electrifying!

It would be awesome if fans had the option to make Raiden look like this within the game. Despite being in the game for so long, Raiden's character design didn't really have many aesthetic improvements. Fortunately, this version gave Raiden's age-old design the spark that it desperately needed, quite literally.

Artwork by Brookestirr

11 Rain

via Deviantart.com

For those who forgot how Rain looks like, nope, he doesn't look like a cyborg ninja. Although this Cyber-Rain does look fantastic nonetheless. This glorious concept design shows exactly what it's like if Rain was turned into a Lin Kuei cyborg.

Forget wirehairs, this cyborg actual sports real hair!

Unlike Sektor and Cyrax, this cyber Rain is adorned with golden accents and regal clothing. The design is a clever nod to Rain's royal background. This only makes us want Rain to return as a cyborg even more!

Artwork by PyroDark

10 Skarlet

via Deviantart.com

We don't really get to see Skarlet's face much since she loves covering it up most often than not. Sure, she's an assassin who prefers to hide her identity, but then again, so is Black Widow. This alternate fan-made costume shows what it's like if Skarlet was a super spy who has no qualms in revealing her true nature.

It very much still highlights her defining attributes. Her sadistic expression, her love for dark colors and of course, her signature scarlet hair, this costume has Skarlet written all over it.

Artwork by Veradia

9 D'Vorah

via Deviantart.com

Making D'Vorah look visually pleasing is a gargantuan task given her imposing character design. After all, D'Vorah does appear as a vile-looking creature with spider-like appendages. Surprisingly, this re-designed version looks nothing like the scary creature that we're used to seeing.

Eye candy isn't usually something that fans associate with D'Vorah but she actually looks captivating in this color. In fact, making her look this graceful is an achievement on its own! Here's hoping that D'Vorah hibernates and metaphorically changes into something this enchanting.

Artwork by GeorgeVostrikov

8 Mileena

via Deviantart.com

Mileena might be Shao Kahn's daughter but she doesn't exactly have that same intimidating stature as her father. This re-designed Mileena fixed that by making her wear skeletal raiment that befits a Kahn warlord! Now she's truly deserving of being called Shao Kahn's next of kin.

Make no mistake, this beauty hides a beast.

If we look closer, we can even see Mileena's monstrous teeth hiding behind her semi-transparent veil. The devil is quite literally in the details! The accuracy of the costume isn't just aesthetic either since Mileena actually became Empress of Outworld for some time.

Artwork by Jack-Kaiser

7 Sonya Blade

Via artstation.com

Sonya Blade has been around in the series long enough to warrant her a complete makeover. The thing is, her most recent character design does seem a bit uninspired. If only the developers took cues from this jaw-dropping re-imaging of Sonya.

Sonya's alternate costumes look bland compared to this stunningly revamped artist depiction. It would make sense for Sonya to wear an exo-suit since she's basically fighting creatures twice her size! It even gives a fresh new take on her aging Klassic bandana design.

Artwork by Henrique Naspolini

6 Kano

via Deviantart.com

How can Kano be the leader of the Black Dragons if he's not even wearing their iconic logo? Fortunately, this fan-designed costume fixed that by making him wear a Punisher-esque get-up while bearing the Black Dragon mark. Finally, Kano no longer looks like your average thug underling!

What's even cooler is that this concept design also features its very own unique Black Dragon logo. Looking the part of leader is essential for Kano. After all, he needs to remind more intimidating members, like Erron Black, Kabal, and Tremor, of who's really in charge.

Artwork by W-Orks

5 Reptile

via Deviantart.com

It's cool that Reptile made an appearance in MK X but his character design certainly leaves a lot to be desired. It's almost as if he was more human than monster. Not this fan-made rendition, however, this is exactly how Reptile should look like!

Let's see, monstrous reptilian face with protruding snout? This version definitely nailed that one. Animal-like non-upright posture? Check. Savage-looking tattered clothing? Check. Menacing elongated fingers that aren't just scaly-looking, humanoid hands like in the previous game? Yup, sounds like Reptile alright.

Artwork by Jack-Kaiser

4 Noob Saibot

via Deviantart.com

Noob Saibot wearing the iconic Assassin's Creed shroud? Not even Ed Boon saw this coming! This ominous fan design shows how MK's favorite Noob can effortlessly fit into the AC universe.

Well, that and the fact that he basically has the ability to alter his spectral form's shadow. While Noob's modern design already looks cool enough, he would look way more awesome wearing a hood. If fans thought Noob's voice sounds creepy, wait till they hear him speak in this sinister get-up!

Artwork by LetticiaMaer

3 Shao Kahn

via Deviantart.com

The notorious emperor of Outworld has a shiny new look! Nope, this isn't a case of the emperor's new clothes. This concept design re-imagines Shao Kahn in a foreboding mechanized suit, hungry for combat and devoid of emotions.

Don't make him laugh, seriously, you can't.

It's a design that certainly makes sense considering his future self did perish, and would now need an external vessel. What better way to bring him back than a wicked suit akin to cyborg warriors like Cyrax? Perhaps now it would make more sense for him to spew out a barrage of pre-recorded insults repeatedly.

Artwork by KJVallentin

2 Sub Zero

via Deviantart.com

Just when we thought Sub Zero couldn't get any cooler than he already is, this fan rendition proves us wrong. When he comes out looking like the Night King, we know it's gonna be awesome. Seriously, what's cooler than an undead leader, right? He's literally frozen!

The level of detail is so convincing, it could almost pass off as an official alternate costume. Maybe now is the time for Sub Zero to give up his ninja roots, become a dread knight and lead an army of undead Lin Kuei warriors. Because, you know, that's quite trending nowadays.

Artwork by GeorgeVostrikov

1 Scorpion

via Deviantart.com

Scorpion is undoubtedly one of the most popular and iconic characters in the series. That said, he deserves a costume that would truly make him stand out. Good thing this sweltering interpretation of Scorpion did just that!

We can almost hear Scorpion's wardrobe yelling “GET OVER HERE!”

For fans who dislike how Scorpion regained his human form, this costume's for you. It basically brings back the undead Scorpion we all know and love, only this time, he's looking fireier than ever. His grappling hook is now coming out of his palms again too, just like in the movies!

Artwork by Peter-Ortiz

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