Mosaic Sushi Are A Thing, And They Are Absolutely Stunning And Delicious

Leave it to Instagram to have everyone salivating before 8 am with the craziest and most beautiful food trends ever seen. Seriously, how do people come up with stuff like this? The newest trend that will have you hating on your bland scrambled egg-whites is the insanely pretty mosaic sushi.

And what might mosaic sushi be, you ask? Well, curiously enough it is exactly what the name says. It's sushi pieces cut in squares forming a mosaic that will make you not want to eat them. Check out some of the most beautiful photos of this trend!

15 A Touch of Spring

Be honest; doesn't this photo remind you of spring? With the beautiful flower in the middle and those cute purple ones decorating in the most minimalistic yet inspiring way, this colorful and vibrant dish is everything you have ever dreamed of in a plate of sushi.

This Japanese plate was made by the owner of the account @ynsrk, who goes simply by the name Rika on Instagram. She mentions that while she is effectively copying another chef's idea, she tried to make it her own and give it a different spin by adding her favorite foods and colors. And, in my very humble opinion, this was nothing short of a success!

Hopefully, Rika will continue to amaze us with her clear cooking talents and skills, and with more amazingly beautiful and incredibly appetizing shots, like this one. Yum!

14 Bonito

This gorgeous plate of mosaic sushi was not the exception. You can clearly see a playful plate with beautiful colors, featuring black, yellow and a touch of bright green, which takes the phrase of "eating through your eyes" to a whole new level.

Interestingly enough, this mosaic sushi is made with bonito fish, which means "beautiful" in Spanish. Isn't that complete perfection? I absolutely love it. According to @oumblao, the rest of the ingredients include sticky rice, cucumber, egg, imitation crab meat and bonito.

Wouldn't you love to eat this? It's so pretty I would rather frame it and keep it as wall art. Of course, that could attract some unsolicited attention from all kinds of bugs, but having something so pretty hanging from my wall might just make it worth it.

13 Tiny Mosaic

This new mosaic sushi trend is not only for big eaters, it can also come in extremely small and delicate plates, like this one. Just six perfect little sushi squares on each dish are enough for an adorable meal.

Another day, another attempt at making mosaic sushi, and I must say this was a very successful attempt! Seriously, all of these dishes are definitely restaurant quality and they are only home cooks! Gordon Ramsay would be proud of this talented home cook.

Hitomi, whose Instagram username is @acqua12marina seems to be extremely fond of good-looking food, at least judging by her Instagram feed. She has everything from perfectly cut apple and pear slices to the most colorful and delicious-looking wraps. Because honestly, well-cooked food might be delicious, but it's one thousand times better when it also looks good.

12 Sushi Squared

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than when things simply just work. Without needed to make much arrangements and adjustments, things just fall into place in the exact way they should. This is what happens in this photo – or at least, it is what it looks like – effortless beauty.

I've mentioned before how important it is to be presented not only with a plate of delicious food, but with a plate of delicious food that looks too good to be true – although it shouldn't be – and this one was not the exception.

The photo comes from the feed of food, lifestyle, flower and antique aficionado Natsuki @natsuki_717. And it's definitely one that you should be following if you enjoy any of these topics, perfectly portrayed in the most gorgeous photographs. Just a piece of advice, though, make sure you don't check out the feed if you are even a little bit hungry; you'll regret it instantly.

11 Halloween-y Lunch

This adorable bento box combines everything that's trending right now in one single plate. From perfectly well-made mosaic sushi to bento boxes and Halloween, that is just around the corner.

Right now, long gone are the days on which it was perfectly acceptable to send your kid to school with a half-assed peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a brown paper bag with a Yoohoo, now more and more Pinterest mommies are taking their lunch game to the next level by sending their kids basically with works of art on their lunch boxes. This mom wasn't the exception, of course.

She also wanted to stay ahead of the bento box game by incorporating a mosaic sushi with a Halloween theme. The lunch is not only pretty, but it's also actually healthy. It includes salmon, sashimi, edamame and other ingredients that I have no idea what they are or what they mean, but it all looks delicious.

10 An Orange Feel

おはようございます(๑^︶^๑)・.。:*・♬* * * 今日は、久々に、雨の心配がない1日に、でも、また夏日になるそうです( ̄(工) ̄)💦 * * 昨日、合宿から又一段と黒くなり、帰宅した娘っち👧かなり忙しく、大変だったようで、あまり話も聞かない間に、爆睡してました💦💦 今日は、秋休み唯一のオフになったらしく、お買い物に付き合う事になりましたσ^_^;💦 * * 土曜日に、やっと#君の名は、見てきました🎥息子っちに、ついてきて〜ってお願いしたら、「はぁ⁉️罰ゲームか⁉️」と、言われたんですが、自分も見たかったから、一緒に行ってくれました(⌒-⌒; )💦 実写かと思うくらい、背景の描写が美しくて、人物もストーリーも、素敵でした✨ いいタイミングで、入ってくる#radwimps の曲が流れたら、鳥肌がたちました🎵 * * #lin_stagrammer さんの、#モザイク寿司 の#おうちご飯動画を見て、モザイク寿司を作ってみました*(❤●ᗜ●❤)* * * 一週間始まりましたね✨ 今週も、よろしくお願いします(*˘︶˘*).。.:*❤️ * * #きみの名は #瀧くん#お寿司 #おうちごはん #夜ご飯 #夕飯 #モザイク #onthetable #幸せの食卓部 #和#japanesefood #和食 #和食ごはん #delistagrammer #instafood #foodpic

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Sea is a gorgeous Japanese woman who is known as @sea.sea1229 on Instagram. Her feed is a sea – see what I did there? – of deliciously-looking plates, from wraps to donuts. Of course she would jump on the mosaic sushi trend!

This plate in particular get a lot of its prettiness from the colorful food that Sea chose to use. With ingredients like salmon, shrimp and cucumber, this dish is not only beautiful, it's also super healthy and particularly yummy.

It's tiny size also makes it perfectly appropriate to take the office to have a very artsy and gourmet lunch. The only problem is making it! Right? It seems like a very peculiar challenge to make every single square the same size, and not only that, but being able to fit them perfectly inside that squared bento box seems like a hassle I'd like to avoid. But what do I know? I somehow manage to burn ramen, so I really shouldn't even be allowed in a kitchen.

9 Rainbow Rice

A slightly different take on mosaic sushi, but nonetheless adorable, is this play on colorful rice that makes every single sushi roll look like a gorgeous rainbow. This scrumptious dish was handmade by @cogitorium, a talented leatherworker and artist with a clear passion for pretty food.

The use of the colored rice – aka rainbow rice – gives each piece of sushi a mosaic look, kinda like it belongs on a colored glass window somewhere. Even though these rolls are made with only rice, nigiri and salmon, they sure look appetizing. They also look easy enough to make! Just make sure you cut the salmon pieces tiny enough for them to fit in each roll if you don't want to end up with a colorful mess.

Also, rainbow rice already exists, so you don't have to worry about coloring regular, boring white rice. What will they think of next?

8 The Little Box of Tile Sushi

Chinami is a home cook that has the most amazing Instagram feed. Her account, @chinamisakamoto, features restaurant-worthy dishes taken from the most impressive angles that would make even the ugliest dish look appetizing. Of course, this little box of tile sushi is not the exception.

According to Chinami, mosaic sushi is actually pressed sushi that looks like a cake thanks to all of the beautiful decorations, and I couldn't agree more with her statement. Just like when decorating a cake, you can easily personalize mosaic sushi by using your favorite ingredients as decorations. Doing that will make it more you and will let your personality show through a gorgeous plate.

Make sure you check out the rest of Chinami's Instagram feed. It's incredible what you can do with food, a camera and – possibly – a set of lights. No wonder she has almost 70,000 followers!

7 The Next Level

#mosaicsushi #sushi

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Yet another take on mosaic sushi is this type, which features square pieces of sushi made to look like mosaic tiles. While they are certainly adorable, they also look incredibly hard to make!

You can clearly see that they made the sushi squares using cucumber for the corners, rice to separate the cucumber from the rest of the filling – which also creates a beautiful pattern – and squares of seafood, I don't wanna make assumptions, but they seem to be salmon and tuna maybe. In any case, they look delicious.

It could use a little more color, though! May I suggest they try using rainbow rice next time? After realizing rice doesn't have to be white, I've been spoiled for life! Maybe next time I'll try an even more colorful plate of paella or a rainbow risotto, LOL.

6 Happy Friends

Another day, another bento miracle. I always wonder how much time it takes people to do these amazing creations and works of art on such small containers, like this mosaic sushi inspired by Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters. But then again, that's probably because I have a hard time spreading butter on a toast in an effective way.

Still, do people who know how to cook just do this kind of stuff in seconds? Are they really miracle workers? Because they pretty much look like it. I'm sure their kids are very popular at school because they have the cute bento box for lunch. Me, on the other hand, just throw a few carrots, frozen chicken nuggets, some goldfish crackers and a cup of applesauce and call it a day. My kid seems happy enough, so hopefully he'll never come across any of these masterpieces.

5 Restaurant Masterpiece

Khon's on Palafox, a Southeast Asian restaurant in Pensacola, Fla., is behind this adorable and intrinsic plate of mosaic sushi, as featured on @alyxadkins feed on Instagram. She was actually the talented chef that created this beauty.

The dish, which is certainly nothing short of Instagramable, is colorful and scrumptious. It is exactly what you've been dreaming about your entire life – food-related, that is. If you are into good-looking food – that also probably tastes amazing – definitely follow @khonsonpalafox for a mouth-watering experience that will keep your Instagram feed looking pretty and delicious!

If you thought that was pretty, though, check out this wonderful creation, also by @alyxadkins. It's incredibly beautiful!

This beautiful flower of sushi is made of seaweed, masago (fish eggs), asparagus and sriracha, so not only is it pretty, it is also super appetizing! All in all, a win for this talented woman.

4 From my Heart to Yours

You don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to have a romantic lunch or dinner with your loved one. Turns out, mosaic sushi can be the perfect meal for any occasion!

This plate, in particular, is not only romantic-looking – with the adorable shape of a heart – but it's also healthy, delicious and the perfect food to share.

Made with cucumber, rice and perfectly symmetrical pieces of tuna and salmon, this scrumptious mosaic sushi would also make a great lunch. It was handmade by Instagram's sushi-loving chef @perhotsky, who also has a great variety of other types of sushi for you to enjoy and delight yourself, even if you're only looking at them!

The talented young chef is also behind this lovely plate

#sooosh #sushi #salmon #tuna #tobiko #maguro #sake

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Although it is not necessarily mosaic sushi, it definitely is romantic!

3 Mosaic Carps

The only thing more adorable and cute than mosaic sushi is mosaic sushi that is made in the form of pretty little fish. This particular plate was made to celebrate the 5th of May, which in Japan has actually nothing to do with the Mexican battle and everything to do with children (National Children's Day).

A little bit of green and a little bit of red can go a long way to make your mosaic sushi pop, but do no try this at home unless you are a professional because it looks insanely complicated!

@hitsuzy is the Instagram account behind this marvel. They do cooking workshops at home, where they teach you not only how to do these wonderful mosaic sushi plates, but also how to excel at bento boxing. Bad news is they are in Japan *sad face*, good news is you can see every one of their great creations if you follow them on Instagram!

2 Symmetric Perfection

Czech chef Janek Šobr, who goes by @janekcz on Instagram is one of those talented individuals that actually knows how to handmade the most amazing pieces of sushi, and this one isn't the exception.

These little pieces of square perfection are only one of the many things that Chef Šobr knows how to cook. His masterpieces include other types of sushi rolls, nigiri and delicate designs like this one below:

Yes, that is a crab. And yes, that is absolute perfection. I don't think I'll ever understand how can someone be so talented at cooking not only good, yummy and healthy food, but also insanely pretty food. Seriously, if there were ever a beauty contest for food, his work would win it hands down. Hey! There's a new venture opportunity for Donald Trump to invest in once he loses the presidential election. At least no one would care if he tries to harass the sushi – but hopefully he won't, nobody wants to eat sushi that has been unnecessarily touched.

1 Masterchef

If you want to learn to cook beautiful stuff just like this, Chef Aaron Ballard – whose Instagram handle is @a.ballard – is more than happy to help at Harmon's Cooking School.

He is the brains and brawn behind this wonderfully crafted plate of mosaic sushi, which features vibrant colors, courtesy of fresh tuna, asparagus and masago. The mosaic sushi is perfectly plated on a grid made out of different sauces, which I'm sure give the sushi an even better taste.

Good news is, there's not only a sushi class at Harmon's Cooking School, so you can learn how to do mosaic sushi as well as gnocchi, burgers, and deep fried chicken.

If you're not near the cooking school, you can still get inspired by Chef Ballard's Instagram feed, which obviously is insanely appetizing. Good luck making it to lunch without drooling, though!

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