Most Moms Are Guilty Of Making These 16 Mistakes When Dressing The Newborn

Before a baby comes, many moms stock the closet with adorable outfits. They might feel prepared with dozens of cute onesies and jammies, dresses for a girl and overalls or some other outfit for a boy. But shopping isn't the only way to prepare for dressing a new baby.

It's trickier than parents might think to get a handle on how to dress the baby, and mistakes are common. Putting clothes on a squirmy infant is difficult, and planning for the weather takes some doing, in the summer and in the winter. Moms need to read up to make sure that the baby is comfortable — it's even an issue that could affect the baby's health.

Most moms are guilty of making these 16 mistakes when dressing their newborn.

16 There Is Such A Thing As Too Much


Some moms might worry that their baby is too cold and bundle them up at all times. But the truth is that there is a huge danger that the baby could get too hot. It could give the baby a rash, but the worst part is that overheating has been linked to SIDS, according to Happiest Baby, so don't put on too many clothes.

15 Losing Socks


Keeping baby's toes warm can be important, but it can also be really difficult. Those little guys are worse than dryers about losing socks. According to Mom Trusted Choice, it's not necessary for the baby to wear socks at all times. In fact, it might be easier to just wear footie jammies on cold nights.

14 Undressing For Blow Outs


Undressing a baby covered in poop can be gross, and if mom does it wrong, she can make an even bigger mess. According to Mommy's Bundle, moms should take advantage of the shoulder tabs at the top of onesies and pull the garment down and off instead of trying to get the mess over the baby's head.

13 Don't Wear Coats In The Car


Moms want to keep their babies warm in the car, but they have to be really careful when they do it. According to Healthy Children, if the baby has a coat on, it's possible for them to slip out of the car seat in the event of an accident. It's safer to keep the car seat straps snug and just put a blanket over the baby once they are buckled up.

12 Beware Of Choking Hazards


Moms might love their accessories, but they need to be cautious about giving the baby any jewelry. Little ones might squirm and get tangled up in necklaces, and they can get choked by putting them in their mouths too. Even though they are really popular, the FDA has issued warnings that teething necklaces and such are dangerous for the baby, so don't make that mistake.

11 Mittens Are Important


It's easy for moms to remember socks for the baby's feet, but many make the mistake of skipping mittens. According to What To Expect, mittens are important when it's really cold out. But it's also a good idea to use mittens in the first month or two, when baby's long nails might accidentally scratch their face.

10 Add An Extra Layer


Newborns have an extra hard time maintaining their body temperature. So moms need to help keep them warm and cozy. It can be hard to figure out the perfect combination. According to What to Expect, moms should dress the baby like they are dressed and then add one layer of clothing.

9 Newborns Need Hats


The first item of clothing that a newborn receives in the hospital is a little hat. Before they wear onesies, they have a head covering, and that is because heat escapes from the head. According to What to Expect, newborns need hats in the winter or the summer until they are better able to maintain their body temperature.

8 Sun Protection Is Necessary


According to the American Association of Dermatology, the No. 1 thing that moms can do to help prevent their baby getting skin cancer later in life is to protect their skin from sunburn. The association recommends keeping the baby in the shade and using hats and sun-protective clothing until the baby is old enough for sunscreen at 6 months.

7 Getting Baby's Head Stuck


It's easy to get the baby all tangled up in their clothes, especially when putting their big head in clothes. According to Pregnancy Birth Baby, it's best to put the onesie over the back of the head first and then over the face, and then to take it off in reverse order.

6 Watch Those Sleeves


Pregnancy Birth Baby also had some tips for getting the sleeves on. Bunch them up and stretch to make a bigger hole, they say, adding that it's a good idea to reach through and then guide the baby's arm — but don't pull because they will pull back.

5 The Dangers Of Loose Threads


Loose threads can be annoying to mom, but for baby they can be dangerous. A loose thread can get wrapped around fingers, toes or boy parts. If they get tight enough, it can cut off the circulation and cause big problems. That can also happen with strands of hair, so be really careful and be sure to check for any problems.

4 Covering Baby's Belly


One thing that moms might not think about when buying baby clothes is how hard it is to keep the baby's belly covered. Shirts and pants or skirts are cute, but the shirt will ride up, it's a certainty. That's true of most dresses too. It's not a big deal to let the baby's belly show, although moms should be careful when the umbilical stump is still there, according to What to Expect. But onesies do the job much better.

3 Jammies Essentials


Dressing the baby for bed is important in helping avoid crib death, according to Pregnancy Birth Baby. Blankets can be a big suffocation danger, so moms should think about other options to keep the baby warm. Sleep sacks are a good alternative, since they act like swaddle on the body but don't have the danger of covering the baby's face.

2 The Changing Table Set Up Matters


Getting the baby dressed is a lot easier when the changing table is set up correctly. That's evident when men have to change their baby in public without a changing table in the restroom. But it's also essential at home, since it's dangerous to leave a baby on a table while going to get more supplies, as Pregnancy Birth Baby points out.

1 Wait On The Nice Clothes Until After They Eat


Our last key take away about getting baby dressed is timing. Moms need to remember that babies are messy at meal times. From newborns who spit up after a bottle to bigger babies who make a mess with solids, it's pretty likely that clothes will get dirty too. So save the nice clothes for after meals — oh, and watch out for blow outs.

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