Mother Who Protected Her Baby From Tennis Ball-Sized Hail Stones Nominated For Bravery Award

WARNING: The following article contains images of severe bruising (despite a happy ending!).

Fiona Simpson is a 23-year-old mother from Australia, that was hit by giant hailstones during a storm because she was trying to protect her baby during the terrible south-east Queensland thunderstorms.

During the storm, she tried to protect her child with her body, after the hail which was as big as tennis balls, broke through the windshield of her car last week. In the aftermath of the storm, she was left with countless bruises and cuts, but the baby was safe.

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Right before the storm started, Simpson was going on the D’Aguilar Highway, which is located between Kingaroy and Gympie, along with her 4-month-old baby daughter named Clara, and her 78-year-old grandmother. When Simpson realized what was going on, she immediately pulled over and jumped from the front seat of the car to the back seat, to protect her daughter. However, due to the size of the hail, as well as the strength of the storm, another window was smashed in the front of Simpson’s car, and the hail started raining down on her grandmother as well. Then, Simpson tried moving to help her grandmother as well, but unfortunately, both of the women ended up being hit by the giant hailstones.

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Both of the women subsequently spent some time in the hospital, due to the cuts and the bruising, but both have since been released. The grandmother’s skin on the left arm had been shredded, while her right arm was practically black from all the bruising. Meanwhile, the mother herself ended up sharing some photos of her injuries to social media, which took the internet by storm.

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Australia’s Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk stated that what happened had been quite unbelievable, and she also promised to nominate Fiona Simpson for a bravery award. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison was also praising Simpson’s strength and courage. In Australia, these awards for bravery are administered via the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. They also have a wide range, going from the highest honors of the Cross of Valor, all the way to a commendation for Brave Conduct, and are usually announced around April and August of each year.

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