Monday Motivation: 15 Moments To Start Your Week Off Right

Can we be honest for a moment friends? Monday is no one's favorite day of the week. Often it signals the end to 48 straight hours of fun and relaxation and the beginning of yet another five-day gruel-a-thon. Monday pales in comparison to Taco Tuesday, Thirsty Thursday, Payday Friday, and Sunday Funday.

There is only one way to jazz up a Monday and that is with a little bit of weekly motivation, a small dose of happy if you will. Sure, you'll trudge through this day only by sheer willpower every week and the only prize Monday will ever give you is when it comes to an end. At least you have this.

We can't make Mondays disappear, but we can bring you the best of the net and put a smile on your face.

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15 Act Of Kindness

The subway gets a bad rap, but not everything that happens down in those city tunnels is cause for concern. This moment of pure humanity makes us believe that perhaps this isn't such a dog-eat-dog world. A perfect stranger took the clothes off of his back to give a small layer of shelter to a homeless man, who happened to be sharing his subway car. Why? Because he wanted to.

14 Prison Break

This little fluffball of a boss is how all of us are going to be looking at the end of this day as we make the mad dash to our cars. See ya fools later. Our sweatpants and Netflix are calling or name. When you hit those rough patches during the day, just think about this little kitten. from

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13 Move Over LeBron

We will bet the house that dad has been trying to perfect that move for the better part of his life, and it finally panned out. That is some serious basketball choreographing, like Janet Jackson level stuff. The moment will live in infamy for this family. It will be brought up at dinner at least three times a week and become the stuff that legends are made of.

12 Curious Monkey

Excuse me, but we're going to need an extra long lunch hour today. We just have to run out and purchase a baby monkey. Also, this cat is my spirit animal. They should show this video at birthing classes because This is precisely what mothering is: getting picked at endlessly by the cutest thing ever, with no escape in sight.

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11 This Cat Is A Little Stuck

This cat is every guy out there that had to put his necktie back on this morning. You are not alone. This cat feels your pain. Just five more days of constraining clothes before you can return to your Adidas shorts and ratty college tee shirt fellas. Hang in there.

10 Just Give Him A Second

Prairie dog sits on bed contemplating

(Wake me up) Wake me up inside! 😴😂

Posted by VT on Thursday, August 16, 2018

You all know this feeling. The one where you ate like crap all weekend long and never once got out of your sweatpants. Now you have to put on an outfit with buttons. It just seems so wrong and so impossible. Buttons are the devil's work.

9 He Loves His Dad

Little Boy Loves His Dad

Wow I was NOT prepared for this 😭😍😭

Posted by Kyoot on Thursday, August 2, 2018

Toddlers have it so good. They can run free in their undies and it's adorable. Adults go to jail for that kind of thing. Who wouldn't want to be a toddler and call everyone a fart machine? Hey, how about all of us go into work today and call our boss a fart machine? Then we can all hang out in our undie tomorrow when we are all fired from our jobs. Do you toddlers, do you?

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8 Looks Like The Tortoise Really Beat The Hare

Tortoise beats hare in race

"Slow and steady wins the race" 🐢🐇

Posted by VT on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Sometimes the nice guys don't finish last, and we need to celebrate them. Underdogs who slay give us all hope. Seriously, it's so refreshing with the hares get their fannies kicked. You win tortoise. Today is your day, so shine on big guy!

7 Burn Baby, Burn

This is what we all wish we could do when things get a little rough. Just shut the door and let things burn on its own. Sometimes you just have to close the BBQ on life, like when your alarm refuses to wake you on a Monday morning, and you miss an uber-important meeting. Forget it. Shut the BBQ. Just make sure you call your mom and dad for next month's rent, cause you'll lose your job.

6 A Dinosaur Welcome

This is why I don't let my family pick me up from the bus anymore

Posted by ViralHog on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

If you are on the fence about having children, then this video should do a nice job of putting everyone safely in the "let's be parents" camp. Honestly, if we could find a few of these suits, we would do this just to watch my middle school melt into a black hole of mortification. Hey kids, remember all those times you kept us up all night long, peed on us in public and screamed your heads off in church. You had this coming.

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5 Stop Squirreling Around

This is pretty much how we feel every day. The world is spinning at rapid speeds, and we're barely hanging on by a thread. At least you have a tail for extra support fella, us humans have nothing more than our sheer willpower to muster through days like this. We hate carousels, but probably not as much as this little guy does.

4 Hello Deer

Meet Dillie, the rescued deer the internet is fawning over

Dillie the deer was blind and rejected by her mother as a fawn, but is now loving life with her new family — they even let her live indoors! (via Yahoo Now)

Posted by Yahoo News on Thursday, August 23, 2018

Sweet Dillie here scored the jackpot of human parents when she was taken into the home and hearts of her veterinarian. We are so warm and fuzzy on the inside when we see this sweet woodland creature frolicking in her pool and snugging her doggie sister. Someone is living their best life.

3 Huggy-Huggy

Babies Can't Stop Hugging Each Other

If these babies don't brighten your day, we don't know what will. #tbt

Posted by Scary Mommy Time Out on Thursday, August 23, 2018

We won't lie, we're definitely a hugger after getting a few drinks with our good friends. What if grown-ups could take a page from these little sweeties' book and hug it out more. You can't be mad when you are being hugged. Hugs on Monday morning should be mandatory.

2  You'll Definitely Be A Little Hungry After Looking At This

How To Make Bloody Mary Grilled Cheese

Bloody Mary + Grilled Cheese = 😱 😱 😱 Full recipe: http://dlsh.it/Uf07k89

Posted by Delish on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Now you're speaking our language. Get in our belly, like yesterday. Whoever came up with this is now my favorite human being on the planet, and we will eat this before we die. It's a pretty genius way to enjoy a good drink, you must admit. Our mouths are definitely watering.

1 What A Wonderful Surprise

Dog Surprised With Puppy

My heart 😭❤️️

Posted by Pretty 52 on Thursday, July 12, 2018

This dog can't even deal with life right now. His joy and excitement are coming out of his tail. Golden retrievers are the best. We're not just saying that because we have a biased opinion. We're so glad this doggie received such an incredible gift. You know that puppy will be licked and adored for the rest of his days.

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