20 Weird Motorcycle Laws That Make No Sense

Whether you live in a major city or a small town, every area seems to have some quirky rules and laws that make no sense and are generally never followed or enforced. Many of them were written so far back in history that they are absolutely ridiculous and don’t reflect the world we live in today, so they just don’t make sense at all. It’s a wonder they don’t just do away with these wonky laws and make room for ones that actually make sense to our current society. Some of these laws are really funny though, and it would be a joke if anyone actually tried to enforce them.

Let’s take a trip around the globe to check out 20 weird motorcycle laws that make no sense.

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20 Honduras - No Boys On The Back!

via saryan.info

This is a weird one, and we can’t think of how this law was passed at any point in time; male motorcycle passengers are banned in Honduras. Really? If you’re a male and want to be a passenger on a motorcycle in this region, it looks like you’ll have to buy your own!

19 Tennessee - Don't Ride And Hunt...Unless You're Hunting Whales, Then It's OK

Via Motoquest

The residents of Tennessee are known to be a hunting community. At some point, law enforcement felt it necessary to create a law stating that it’s not acceptable to hunt on a moving motorcycle, with the caveat that says “except for whales”. Umm….shooting off a moving bike? Whales don’t count? This is truly bizarre!

18 Ohio - Thou Shalt Not Run Out Of Gas!

Via YouTube

We don’t know anyone that would ever want to run out of gas while riding their motorcycle, but just to be sure this doesn’t happen, Ohio has put a law in place letting residents know they’d be fined if that were to occur. This seems counter-productive! Talk about stating the obvious!

17 Iowa - Meh, Helmets Are Optional!

Via Imgur

It’s not clear why anyone would want to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. The potential for catastrophic injury is very real. Apparently in Iowa, the law stipulates that no helmets are needed. This makes no sense. Safety clearly isn’t at the top of their list.

16 Maryland - No Cursing!


For all the motorcycle enthusiasts in Maryland, our advice to you is, speak softly and keep your helmet on when cursing. Hopefully then your swear words will be muffled and you won’t be fined for Cursing While Riding, which is one of their current laws. We’d like to know if the same rules apply for motorists in cars and trucks too…

15 Connecticut - Headlights On At All Times

Via LowRider

This head-scratching law seems more dangerous than it is helpful. If you’re riding your bike in Connecticut, your headlights must ALWAYS be on. That’s right. Day or night alike – the headlights must always be on. This makes for an annoying day-ride and lots of headlight bulb replacement!

14 Alabama - No Riding With A Blindfold On

Via YouTube

As far as ridiculous rules go, this one is a definite winner! In Alabama, the law stipulates a stern message that motorcyclists cannot ride while blindfolded. Stating the obvious is an understatement here. What possessed them to create a law like this? Who in their right mind would ride blindfolded?

13 Minnesota - You Have To Wear Your Pants!

Via Wikipedia

In Minnesota, one of their laws stipulates that all students enrolled in courses to ride motorcycles must wear pants. We’d like to think nobody would show up in a skirt or shorts for a motorcycle course, but it must have happened at some point for them to come up with this weird regulation.

12 Maine - No Wheelies!

Via Quora

We’re not certain if anyone popping wheelies on a main road or highway has ever though this to be a legal action, but just in case you’re in doubt, the law in Maine clearly states this as being an illegal stunt. You know, just in case you were wondering.

11 Thailand - No Modifications Allowed!

Via Jalopnik

Thailand is a mecca for motorcycle transportation. It’s so common to see scooters and motorcycles zipping all through the towns there, but buyer beware; you can’t have plans to modify your bike – that’s against the law! Funny enough, the majority of bikes there are blatantly modified, so clearly nobody is enforcing this!

10 Thailand - Tunnel Riding Is Banned

Via WallPaperFlare

Speaking of Thailand and crazy motorcycle rules, they top the list once again. This time it’s for not allowing motorcyclists to travel in tunnels. This sucks! Every rider on every make and model of motorcycle ALWAYS revs it and lets it go when they go into a tunnel…oh wait….maybe that’s why….

9 Alberta - Religious Garb Makes You Exempt From Helmets

Via RideApart

While we respect everyone’s right to adorn their religious attire, we do still think safety comes first and that everyone on a motorcycle should be wearing a helmet. In Alberta, those wearing religious headgear are exempt from this rule. The law says so. We’re not sure that religious headgear is the safe way to go on this one…

8 Virginia - No Riding With Costumes On

Via Aprilia

In Virginia, motorcyclists cannot ride while wearing costumes or disguises. While we can understand why, we want to know how many people were riding with costumes on in the first place? Was this law established out of necessity? On the up-side, Halloween is exempted from this rule.

7 New York - Don't Ride If You Can't Reach!

Via Revzilla

Just in case you were wondering, you are not supposed to ride a bike if your feet don’t touch/reach the pedals. While this seems like an obvious and logical concept, New York makes it a finable offense if committed. How can you ride a motorcycle if you can’t reach the pedals, anyway?

6 Minnesota - Can't Ride With Dirty Tires


When in Minnesota, steer clear of all construction zones, and don’t ride a motorcycle unless it’s completely dry outside, without the slightest hint of rain or moisture. It’s actually against the law to ride with dirty tires there – riders beware! We’re not sure how riders are supposed to inspect tires while riding though…

5 California - Don't Jump Off At 65kmph!

Via YouTube

Have you ever dumped a bike? Dropping or bailing off a bike at even 15kmph is high-risk and is likely to result in injury. In California, the law states that a passenger can’t jump off a motorcycle at 65kmph. We’re not sure how this is acceptable at all, or, how this is strangely acceptable at 60kmph.

4 Idaho Falls - Day Rides Only

via steinberg injury lawyers

Some of the best motorcycle rides are in the evening and at night, when traffic is much lighter and the roads are wide open and ready for a 2-wheeled adventure. If you’re in agreement, and you love to ride at night, make sure not to live in, or ride through Idaho Falls, where night-rides are against the law.

3 West Virginia - No Riding Outside Of Your Capabilities

Via Videoblocks

Apparently the folks in West Virginia feel the need to really dumb things down for their residents. There’s a law that states that no resident “shall operate a motorcycle outside of their ability”. Well, yeah….that’s sort of a given! We sure hope most people would only operate a motorcycle that they were qualified to ride!

2 All of Canada - Maintain Proper Placement

Via IndustryTap

Oh Canada, we stand in awe at some of your crazy, redundant regulations. It’s important for all Canadians to know that it is against the law to ride a motorcycle if your hands and feet are not in “proper placement at all times”. It would be funny to watch someone try to enforce this.

1 All of Canada - Left Hand On The Bike!

Via Twgram

Lefties beware! When riding in Canada, you are not permitted to use your left hand to adjust your helmet, reset your ODO, etc. In fact, your left hand can’t come off the bike at any time, or you’ll be facing a charge. This is absolutely unenforceable, and we’d like to think the lawmakers have bigger things to focus on.

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