Mountain Dew Is Giving Away Free Limited Edition ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cans


Game of Thrones fanatics, especially those obsessed with the Faceless Men of Braavos, will be thrilled to learn that Pepsico’s Mountain Dew will be turning into "no one" ahead of HBO's final season of the epic series.

Inspired by Arya Stark, her famous kill list and the Faceless Men – the religious society of assassins who worship the Many-Faced God – Mountain Dew's neon-green cans will turn nameless, brandless and faceless “For the Throne.” According to USA Today, the soda brand has introduced “A Can Has No Name,” a limited-edition vessel that appears completely white and logo free at room temperature but once chilled, the magic happens—the cans turn into yet another Game of Thrones reference.

Mountain Dew GOT
Via: USA Today

They reveal Arya Stark’s notorious “kill list,” made up of those against whom she plans to seek vengeance for wrongs done to her and her family. The cans use thermodynamic ink, which is temperature sensitive and allows for colours to change when chilled.

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The limited-edition cans will be available to fans of MTN Dew and Game of Thrones via a social media contest. Using the hashtags #ACanHasNoName, #ForTheThrone and #MTNDEWsweepstakes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, those hoping to nab one of these special faceless cans can tell Mountain Dew what they would sacrifice for the throne.

GOT diehards in New York City or Los Angeles can also hunt for the “Masters of Coin” around the city and tell said masters an “ancient password,” thereby receiving a mysterious coin which can be inserted into an “Iron Vending Machine” dispensing the Dew.

This chilled becerage idea is reminiscent of a previous Game of Thrones licensing tie-up with Johnnie Walker from last year, which featured bottles of scotch that revealed the message “Winter Is Here” when they reached freezing temperature. Many companies have gotten on the Game of Thrones promotional bandwagon in the lead up to its April 14 season premiere. There have recently been Game of Thrones beers, whiskey, chocolates and Oreo cookies proposed and released.

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