15 Movie Cars People Tried To Recreate But Failed

When a blockbuster movie from Hollywood hits the screens it often sweeps the nation, especially if the hype has been generated around the movie. Soon enough everyone has seen it and is talking about it. Then the influence of the movie affects the very culture around it, creating fans and new kinds of trends. This also happens with cars in movies, and while almost every movie has a car in it of some kind or another, when it's part of the plot, or has a character of its own, then it becomes truly iconic.

There are countless Hollywood movies that have created vehicular icons. With plenty of major fans across the country of America and even across the globe, countless people venerate these cars to the point of wanting to replicate them. Let's take a look at 15 movie cars people tried to recreate but failed.

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15 Jurassic Replica

via Pinterest

This replica car comes to us from the great movie of Jurassic Park: The Lost World. This car is featured in the movie as the expedition cars they use to get around the island.

Which makes sense because the Mercedes ML320 is a great off-roader. This, though, is just a sad cut-rate knock-off.

14 Aztek = Big Time Fail

via pressofatlanticcity.com

This person seems to have spent more money on their ghost-busting costume than they did on their car setup.

Which, when you put the two together makes for a rather interesting contrast between the two, and a net result of extreme mediocrity. Especially because it is a Pontiac Aztek. We shudder every time.

13 Can Someone Tell Me What Is Happening?

via chickslovethecar.com

This is a very strange looking Batmobile if we've ever even seen one at all, and we're really not sure what's even going on or happening at all.

There are only three wheels, barely enough room for "Batman", and it seems like he's going really very fast. It can't be safe, right?

12 Doesn't Translate From The Screen

via freep.com

This car, the Mach 5, is featured in the legendary film Speed Racer, and for many adults and kids alike is a huge favorite.

Growing up it was one of my all-time favorite films, though I can say most assuredly that the CGI car does not translate from the screen well, so this replica looks like a very disproportionate Corvette.

11 Extra Homemade Robocop Replica

via fordauthority.com

The fact is that the original Ford Taurus cop car from the movie looks a lot like this one.

Let's just say the fail comes in choosing, of all the iconic cars out there, this one. The one that became one of the most iconic mid-range family sedan the world has seen.

10 Forget It, So Bad

via hashtagoo.com

When choosing to replicate a movie car, choosing whatever movie you love the most is perhaps the most important thing to do. Alas, it's also important to know the limits of what is sensible.

This person does not know those limits, and decking out a minivan with these graphics is just too far.

9 Giving Us Nightmares

via wdsu.com

Cartoon movies do not very often translate at all into the real world. Too often the end result is far from accurate, and all the things that made the car adorable in the cartoon world make it creepy in real life.

Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen are an extraordinarily disturbing example of this.

8 Here Lies The Worst Bat Replica Ever

via chickslovethecar.com

If there ever was a cut-rate sub-par Batmobile, this is the one that tops the list. The craftsmanship is about as much of a failure as the wheels are at spinning.

That and the fact that the chassis is made up of a modified shopping cart.

7 Just Too Sub-Par

via deviantart.com

Taking a Dodge Magnum station wagon and then adding a few decals and a couple of strange lights and gizmos to the top is hardly enough to call it a phenomenal replica car.

This one is just too sub-par, a shame to the Ghostbusters franchise.

6 Killing Time In This Saab Story

via carscoops.com

Recreating one of the most iconic cars in all of Hollywood movie history is no small task.

So, naturally, when someone takes an old Saab and puts strange piping, netting, and not at all accurate red rims on it, it becomes clear that this really is just one big fail.

5 Looks That Could Kill

via curbsideclassic.com

It's hard to disagree with the statement that this may be the most disturbing incarnation of Lightning McQueen that has come into existence. It's not even close to accurate, and not even a little bit of a race car.

Nevermind the terrible Ghostbusters car in the background.

4 More Tin Foil Than The Original

via boostcruising.com

There are many things wrong with this replica, first off that it's not a DeLorean. It's also pretty cut-rate quality with junky hardware store parts covering it in random, ill-placed ways.

That and the fact that the vanity plate paired with the bumper sticker doesn't make this a replica, just a fan car.

3 Not Even Recognizable

via io.wp.com

This entry also comes from the movie franchise of Cars, though it's distinctly less recognizable due to the sheer level of extreme fail that it embodies.

The blue Porsche from the movie, Sally Carrera, who dates Lightning McQueen, is who this sad replica car is supposed to be. Someone send help.

2 Okay, But It's Not Even An AMC Pacer

via reddit.com

This icon of a car may be less recognizable to some, but it comes from the truly classic movie Wayne's World. One of the most iconic movie scenes ever takes place in this car, where they sing an a cappella version of Bohemian Rhapsody. 

This beautiful car, called the Mirthmobile, is supposed to be an AMC Pacer.

1 Please, It's Not Even Close To Accurate

via oppositelock.kinja.com

Throwing a couple of decals onto a Jeep is hardly enough to qualify a car as being a good replica of the movie icon version of it.

This is a great example of what not to do, where the car is not accurate, the wrong model of Jeep, and really just a fanboy knockoff.

Sources: Car Scoops, Curbside Classic & Deviant Art

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